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  1. Airbag recall

    Deffo not supermarket fuel. They use the shell that's across the road from them
  2. Airbag recall

    Just had mine done and all that comes out is the glove box. Nothing else is touched. Just had mine done, no issues, no marks and no damage at all. Plus some added fuel. Can't fault them!
  3. Calipers painted

    Now they look spot on!
  4. Battery Talk

    Yes but tbh I think the Optifit batteries are not great!
  5. question!

    I thought Gap can only be bought at the time of purchase of the car, you can't take it out later. Am I wrong? Who are others using for their Gap insurance?
  6. Battery Talk

    Thanks mate. This is for the Optimat battery which I have already. I was after the one for the factory fitted Panasonic battery.
  7. question!

    Do Admiral do agreed value policy?
  8. Battery Talk

    I've got the Toyota one now and it's the the second time I have had these with two cars. Just really not happy with its performance come winter. Hence wanting to go for another brand
  9. Battery Talk

    so my battery spec is as follows: 70Ah 620V. So its higher than factory spec.... Hmmmm do i go back to a factory spec battery from Bosch something else. Any advice?
  10. Battery Talk

    thanks mate. yes it helps!
  11. Battery Talk

    Hello peeps. So my replacement battery i had was a Toyota Optifit which tbh im not happy with. Been 18months and its struggling as the days get colder. I bought a Ctek charger which charged it and it was ok for a day and then when i measured it across the terminals i was only getting 11.8v Can someone who has the original factory fitted battery take a pic for me and if they can find out the spec and part number from the battery please? Cheers
  12. Auto Lights not turning Off

    My auto lights stay on after engine is shut down but then go out as soon as I open the drivers door to get out.
  13. Tyres

    I found the OEM being £1 cheaper than the upsize total for 4 tyres. No brainer really!!
  14. Tyres

    Thats what i have gone for, 275/30 on rears and 245/35 fronts. Went for Michelin PS4s as they are the replacement for the Pilot Super Sports. Just need to get some time to go and have them fitted.
  15. My exhaust vids

    Sounds sweeeeet matt