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  1. RC-F Tyres

    Pilot Super Sports are discontinued now. The PS4s have replaced them. I have just fitted them to my ISF and they are so much better than the OEM Bridgestones in everyway. Grip, noise and performance in the wet. I would never go back to Bridgestones.
  2. We don't have AGM batteries in the ISF
  3. I only use recon once a year before winter kicks in.
  4. I've been using the ctek 5.0 for a very long time on my ISF. No issues at all.
  5. All sorted!!! The factory LED has a slight angle hence why it needs to be in a certain way.
  6. Hello peoples. After a favour. Can someone please put a pic up of the passenger side footwell led pls. Need to know if it's in the correct position as it seems only to light up the right side of the footwell towards the centre of the car. Driver side is spot on lighting the whole footwell up. Pictures of your footwell with the light in so I can see if it's just me would be a great help too!
  7. Isofix?

    Yes it does but before you fit a kid seat put a towel down and then the seat on top. Will stop the easily marked leather marking.
  8. LOL. Just want to make sure it was installed back properly after airbag recall....
  9. Oh ok. So it correct for it to very dim in comparison to the driver side and only really light up that one corner?
  10. Centre console? Which LED do you mean?
  11. Thanks mate. Just need to get it to see which way the led is facing. Bit hard to tell at night. Of you can do during the day that would be brill.
  12. Thanks. What I'm trying to.wotk out if of the led has been moved post my airbag work as it's only lighting up the right corner and not the full footwell
  13. Cheers Big Rat. Is it brighter towards the right of the passenger footwell near the centre off The car? Do you mind take a pic of the actual LED underneath?
  14. I had the channel ones before I got the Lexus ones. Still have them in the garage if you want them? They are the Climair ones.
  15. Hi mate, under the terms and conditions of the Lexus warranty you are entitled to a car if the warranty AA recover you. Don't let the dealership fob you off. Speak to the warranty line and say you need a car.
  16. NEW ISF!!

    Look the right way round to me.....
  17. Anyone got one they don't need anymore?
  18. I've looked online, on Lexus Brums eBay store and can only see the mk3 ones. Will ring dealer tomorrow for a price but I have a feeling they have been discontinued
  19. Airbag recall

    Deffo not supermarket fuel. They use the shell that's across the road from them
  20. Airbag recall

    Just had mine done and all that comes out is the glove box. Nothing else is touched. Just had mine done, no issues, no marks and no damage at all. Plus some added fuel. Can't fault them!
  21. Now they look spot on!
  22. Yes but tbh I think the Optifit batteries are not great!
  23. Hello peeps. So my replacement battery i had was a Toyota Optifit which tbh im not happy with. Been 18months and its struggling as the days get colder. I bought a Ctek charger which charged it and it was ok for a day and then when i measured it across the terminals i was only getting 11.8v Can someone who has the original factory fitted battery take a pic for me and if they can find out the spec and part number from the battery please? Cheers