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  1. F with bike

    The 180 FXR has passed me by, but looks like a lot of fun, really miss the two stroke thing after growing up on LC125, LC350s etc. Would be a fun commuter by the look of it😀
  2. Post your Pics

    Ooh that looks very clean, I did look at a low mileage one in your colour, before I got my first white one, I do like the Mesa red, quite rare, but looks really classy, I was blown away by how it looked when I saw it in the flesh
  3. F with bike

    Yes spot on, got it Feb 2017 to replace a series of fantastic Fireblades thinking it would be better for my aging and aching knees and hips. It's a lovely bike but I still get aches riding it and it's obviously not quite as exciting as the Blade, so the plan is to go back to the Blade and just take a couple of paracetamol when I go out for a ride!
  4. Post your Pics

    Both mine, now sadly departed.
  5. F with bike

    No longer got the F but still got this, and this. Still miss the F though.
  6. Road Noise

    Please disregard that road, it was built for longevity and the road noise is a well known issue in any car, even my LS400 can't conceal it on that particular stretch!
  7. The ISF has gone

    Agree - I was thinking more the £45k mark which may come a bit sooner.
  8. The ISF has gone

    Funny that, only yesterday I was thinking the same thing, will be interesting to see how the LC depreciation curve works out against the 911 and at what point the values meet, would definitely be a great motor to switch to from a 911, that said I will not feel short changed switching back into an ISF either.
  9. No worries, you too, not sure if you have my first one, white one GX09 FKK, may still be owned by a forum member (Wrocki) looks like it is still going strong with the last MOT in June with 126k on the clock.
  10. Big Rat the one I have just sold was on DF08 FNN, silver with 95k on the clock, not sure if you have it on record or not.
  11. The ISF has gone

    Agree, the dealers are notoriously picky re the warranty, and as you say even if it needs a new battery then it has to be a Porsche one and apparently Bosch make especially weak ones just for Porsche 😀. The upside being that you get great peace of mind and come resale time, it's a big selling point, they cover now up to 15 years of age so I'm less than halfway there. The next service is due Dec 18 as they are on two year intervals as you will know and at the same time the warranty will be up so I will need to have the 111 point check and the beauty of it being under warranty is that they replace anything that needs doing (under warranty) before renewing again, warranty is c£1000 pa and you can do two years at once so I suspect it will be a hefty bill combining the cost of the 111 point check, the cost of the service plus the renewal of the warranty but I knew all this before I bought the car and I have 12 months to save some pennies and if I want or need to sell on at a good price then it's definitely a necessary evil. And yes, I know that on a sunny day on a good road, with the roof down and the sports exhaust doing its thing then it will all be worth it - roll on summer! Happy New Year
  12. The ISF has gone

    Thanks Big Rat, yes I will be sticking around for sure, I have owned Lexus cars for much longer than any other brand and have real affiliation with the cars and the people that own and appreciate them. Spec is not over the top on the 911, it has the active suspension management (PASM), the sports chrono which is the little stopwatch thing atop the dash which I am not sure if I will ever use it but it seems important to the Porsche lovers, it has the turbo alloys which again seem to curry favour but I like all the different alloys to be honest, plus the extended leather pack, the Bose (which sounds weak in comparison to Lexus sound) and it has the PDK gearbox - the chap who took my car was really pleased with the 'box in the ISF. I'll post some pictures once it has been given a clean, it was immaculate on collection and then a 120 mile trip home from Chester soon changed things. Again, black would not be by my first choice, I like the GT silver and also the white but a bit like when I bought my ISFs, I just had to go with the condition, spec etc and largely forget about the colour as they all look pretty good and sticking with the prospect of resale, black seems to do it for a lot of people. If things do go horribly wrong on the reliability front, the warranty will take care of things and the dealers seem very generous with the courtesy cars so on the upside I might get to drive a few other Porsche models should things start to go wrong.
  13. The ISF has gone

    Thanks guys, yes agree the designers have definitely been engaging in some lengthy lunches over the years and it hasn't evolved much and it certainly has its flaws. That said, I think if you have an interest in cars then it's definitely an itch that is nice to scratch. You don't the bulletproof reassurance that you have with the ISF and whilst the 911 is more attention grabbing, that's not really my motivation, although these days I have noticed more pedestrians, passengers and even some drivers have their heads buried in their smart phones to be able to pay much attention to the cars around them. Big Rat, yes it's a Gen 2 and it has always been under the Porsche warranty and will remain so under my ownership. The sports exhaust was a must for me along with a few other nice bits that I wanted to have primarily to make sure it would be easy to resell and hopefully with very little depreciation. So here I am one day into the 911 experience and already looking forward to coming back to an 'F' 😀
  14. Lost the silver bullet today, my second ISF, only had this one for around 11 months and aside from some small cosmetic stuff I had done , nothing was spent on it and it has been faultless, pretty much as my previous 09 that went with 120k on the clock. This was 08 with 95k on the clock, still driving superbly. I finally scratched the 911 itch and now have a lovely black 60 plate 997 S convertible sat on the drive, had a good drive to Chester very early this morning in the ISF and then a nice drive back in the 911 which I was somewhat familiar with after a work colleague kindly let me borrow hers last summer. Not the ideal time for a soft top, that said it was 12c and sunny on the way back but I did resist the temptation to lower the roof, I guess I will have to take the short term pain for the payback in the spring and summer. The car is under Porsche warranty and has been so from day one and has only done about 38k so I am not expecting any major issues. Not sure how long I will keep it for but am certain I will be back in another ISF or RCF/GSF at some point in the not too distant future. Lovely chap I did the deal with, he had never driven an ISF before and has access to all sorts of nice vehicles but he is now talking about keeping the ISF as his personal runaround! I'll still be keeping an eye on the forum and still have the LS400 and the RX450h in my Lexus stable. Will be interesting to see how the 911 compares over time.
  15. First ISF ran for 16 months , one minor service was around £300 then a leaking rear shock discovered at MOT cost £330 - all done at the Lexus dealer. Took out the warranty £795, this the paid for a new waterpump £400. Big 60k service done at 120k miles was £900 done just prior before I sold it so I reckon net of £1925 or around £120'per month which doesn't sound so bad. Current ISF - owned for 9 months. - zero cost bar £180 for some minor cosmetic repairs and the roof wrap being removed so £20 per month which sounds great!