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  1. Thanks Steve - that worked. first it made all the other windows functional but only from their own switches (and not on auto). so I did the reset on each window and eventually control came back to the driver door switch (I think I had to do another 5 second push though to complete it). And I have no little lights illuminated on any of the switches (tried putting the headlights on but no luck) Thanks anyway - very useable now. Is this documented in the manual and I just missed it? Mike
  2. Hmmmm .... I have the same problem as the OP but it's not the lock switch - or rather it may be that the lock switch is faulty, but whether in or out I can't get any reaction on the passnger windows either from their own switches or the drivers door switch. This happened after I did a battery change. Is there a fuse that might have blown somewhere (user manual is very unhelpful about fuses) Thanks Mike
  3. I had the same experience a couple of weeks ago when I was watching my mirror for too long and found my wife grabbing my arm because someone had pulled out in front of us. I anticipated doing a rear end shunt but the brakes on the RX400H turned the whole thing into a non-drama - except for the mini driver behind me who got quite a shock. Mike
  4. It does bake off in no time from hot surfaces yes it does leave a very slightly sticky coating when the carrier evaporates and this collects dust and dirt - just like WD40 does IMHO unless you apply it to a new or nearly new vehicle you are probably wasting your time. Motorcyclists' frame and engine are on constant display so most of us work hard from the outset to stop layers of rust getting a hold. But underneath a car nobody really sees it unless they look, and the layer of rust is probably as good as a layer of ACF50 at preventing further corrosion. Don't get it on your brake pads in any quantity as you will have no brakes for quite a while until it burns off (and you might need new pads). Mike
  5. Even though I had terrible reliability problems with my LS430 I have been idly considering swapping my current RX400H for another big Lexus saloon. Imagine my surprise therefore to discover that Lexus don't seem to sell them anymore. At least I cannot find one on their website. (Not that I would have bought a new one mind you) Mike (hmmm ... strike that - the main lexus site does list the 600 as being available but strangely lexusteesside does not. I wonder if any other dealers have dropped the 600 from their promotions) Even more weird - Lexus' official used car site does not list any LS cars for sale anywhere and the whole LS category is missing.
  6. I use it on my bikes and it works but you do have to reapply if you have been using the machine in prolonged wet salty conditions. It's very expensive if you only buy the spray cans but you can buy it in 2 litre (or maybe it's one litre) bottles and this lasts forever if you paint it on thinly with a brush (I use a radiator brush). It needs only the thinnest of coats and according to the manufacturer it will 'creep' into the crevices. Mike
  7. interesting idea Chris. I did notice that the sound seemed to be coming from only one channel (right hand side) so probably wouldn't work very well. But it is irritating that there is this incompatibility between the bluetooth implementations. I wonder if there is an iphone app that can fool the somewhat older car bt implementations into playing music? Mike
  8. .... But its not really I discovered by accident today that if i run a video clip that has been sent to me in a text message then the sound plays through the car's audio system via bluetooth It thinks a call is being made, interrupts the radio and when the video finishes it ends the 'call' Mike
  9. hmmmm .... when I bought my 400H the dealer told me there is no way the car can be driven on battery power alone - which I would have thought would have been very useful in the situation you describe (running out of fuel). Mike
  10. :D I think that's a bit like saying 'I could have taken out life insurance 10 years ago but since I didn't die I think the saving was worthwhile' Mike
  11. Roger - I could have written that first post myself today. Mine too has recently had a 100k service and there's now this tinkling metallic sort of rattle. Don't think it was there though immediately after the 100k. Mike
  12. ...... nor is there an ect snow button (on my 2009 RX 400H). The only element of control over what the engines and gearbox are doing to the drive is a position on the gearbox called 'B' which is for holding the car in a lower gear when for instance towing a caravan downhill. Mike
  13. Not likely with mine Colin as all 4 have gone the yucky green underneath. Also Mine are much more evenly coloured green than the pics above. Mike
  14. can you disable traction control/vsc on the 400H - I can't remember seeing a button for it Mike
  15. I assumed the awd of my rx400H would get me out of most situations when pulling my caravan - which is why I bought it. But that wasn't true last year when the field was only a bit slippery, and one front wheel lost traction. It didn't look to me like any power was applied to the rear wheels once one front wheel was slipping. The only solution was to pack lots of gravel under the slipping front wheel. Mike