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Found 138 results

  1. IS200's rein!!
  2. Hey all, new Lexus owner here and first thread. Recently acquired an '03 Lexus IS200 Sport (named Viper) and thinking about dropping her a little bit, around 25-30mm, but 40mm is an option. I have been shopping around and have been looking at lowering springs from Eibach, Spax, and Tein but I don't know if any are better or sit better or ride better etc. Don't know if anyone has any personal experience with these brands or just general knowledge on the matter. She sits on 225/40R18 Aero rims and I don't want them to rub as they have been refurbished. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey all, new lexi owner here and first thread. Recently acquired an '03 Lexus IS200 Sport (named Viper) and thinking about dropping her a little bit, around 25-30mm, but 40mm is an option. I have been shopping around and have been looking at lowering springs from Eibach, Spax, and Tein but I don't know if any are better or sit better etc. Don't know if anyone has any personal experience with these brands or just general knowledge on the matter. She sits on 225/40R18 Aero rims and I don't want them to rub as they have been refurbished. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. New Tailights

    Hi guys. First post. Proud owner of a Lexus IS200 1999 in black. I was looking at these headlights fitted on an is300 and loved them. Wondered if you can still get them and if it's possible to fit them on an is200? Think they are MMSport. If not any other suggestions? Cheers
  5. Hi guys, Bought myself an '02 Lexus IS200 a few weeks a go and though i'd start up a build thread of my progress with it. I'd planned to set up a thread for my old Mazda 3 but never got round to it, so here goes. Here's the car the day I picked it up. I couldn't believe the condition of the thing when I first saw it in person, 1 owner from new and only 44,000 miles on the clock.. not bad for a 14 year old car! Ive read a lot about the reliability of these cars, infact it seems that the only negatives this car carries is its poor fuel economy (ironic considering the first photo I take of the car is during a fill up) and the tendency for the stock stereo to break and swallow CDs (again, ironic as during the journey home, this happened to me..) Ah well, nothing a touchscreen head unit swap won't solve later down the line. The car is completely bone stock currently, I made sure to wait until an example came up that was completely unmolested and in the best condition possible. I think the only thing different on mine is the chrome mesh grill underneath the number plate, which I can only assume was a replacement for the normal black one. Anyways, on to the fun stuff! I actually bought these wheels a good few months before buying the IS, they're 5x114.3 18x8.5 ET35 Schmidt Space Lines. I'd have a look around for some Jap style wheels for a while, but after seeing a lot of IS builds with euro wheel setups I was tempted to do the same. Having them sat in my garage for ages not doing anything was bothering me, so a week or so before collecting the Lexus I decided to give them a proper clean. I used auto gym wheel cleaner for the whole wheel (apart from the chrome lip) and they came out looking quite good. The only downside with the wheels is admittedly they could do with a refurb, but I probably won't be prioritising that anytime soon. So now with the car home, it was time for a makeshift test fit. Pretty happy with how they suit the car. Thats about where I'm up to at the minute, plenty planned for March/April including buying some tyres (still unsure whether to go for 205/40s or 215/40s), some BC Racing coilovers and a rear arch roll. Ive also bought a TRD rear valance which will have to get sprayed and fitted at some point, but I want the wheels and coilovers on before I think about that. In terms of future plans after March/April i'll mainly be focusing on aesthetics, however we'll see where it goes.. I'll make sure to post again in the next month or so when more develops with the Lex anyway, thanks for reading :)
  6. My car started to make a whirring noise when moving along and the sound gets louder when turning left. So this means I need to change the hub bearing on the front right side? I ordered a new bearing off ebay for £30. Does anyone know if you need a press to change the hub bearing? Thanks
  7. Hey guys I am new to this forum. In fact this is my first post!. I wanted to find out if anyone has a is200 mesh grill for sale, preferably a sport one but any alternative would be great. I have tried all the scrap/breaker yards in my area and no one has one. Thankyou. Remember to reply to this thread offering anything for sale you need to be a Gold Member otherwise it is against the terms and conditions of the LOC. It also applies to private messages offering articles/car for sale.
  8. Bought a 2003 IS200 and love it. I did have to change the battery and now only the indicator lights come on and it won't turn over. Dead. No other lights in or out and no flashing lights. Can anyone help?
  9. So am planning to install an aftermarket satnav on mine (i have a non-satnav 2002 lexus) I do have someone whos breaking a lexus and has the complete original sat nav in it but by reading most of this seems like it'll be really hard to install that? does anyone have a step by step on how to do it? i think i'm gna go for the sony one! and i still need to buy the housnig from somewhere. Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks
  10. My wife' IS200 Sport is brilliant but the paintwork on both sills has started to bubble with one area rusty and perforated. Lexus suggest that it has been jacked up incorrectly but are looking into it as the car is just within the corrosion warranty period. I have seen something similar on a couple of other IS200s. Is this a common issue and something that Lexus are likely to address?
  11. Hello all, I'm Alex, 28 from Darlington. Just sold my JDM hawkeye impreza and its time for a new project. I found the forum whilst researching a supercharged Lexus IS200. Looks like i'll be going the custom route as the chances of finding a TTE kit for decent money is looking unlikely. Anyways thought i'd post a few photos of my cars past and present below including my IS200 sport which I've had since Saturday must say I'm loving the car so far so nice to drive. My dad bought a new IS200 SE in 1999 and a Sport a few years after and always wanted one since then so great to finally see why he liked them so much. My first car - Yaris SR MR2 Rev 3 Turbo Yaris T Sport Civic Type R Bugeye Impreza WRX JDM Hawkeye Impreza Mazda Euno JDM J Limited As for the IS200 here it is below sorry there not the best photos only have the pictures from the advert as i haven't had time to get some good snaps! Anyways looking forward to meeting you all and getting some posts going on the forum when i start tinkering with the car!
  12. My exhaust is blowing really badly at the front. Also the join from the manifold to the center pipe is rotten away. So I'm going to cut behind the flange so I can remove the manifold and then remove the center pipe/cat. I found a used catalytic converter centre part on ebay and ordered a SS decat exhaust manifold. I'm assuming that the 2 cats on the header are pre-cats for emissions when cold and the center cat is the main one. In theory my car will still pass mot emissions as long as the center cat is warmed up? Anyone done this on their is200 and still pass emissions without cats on the manifold? Thanks
  13. Earlier today my car came up with the engine check light so I plugged in a obd2 reader and got: Error Code P0325: Knock Sensor 1 – Circuit Bank 1 I've never changed a knock sensor before and not sure where it is located on the car. Anyone got any pics or a guide to change the sensor? Many thanks!
  14. Hi, I sprayed my grill earlier today with plastidip and just wanted to show how it turned out I think it looks a lot smarter now it's black instead of grey. Sorry about last pic was dark by time I put it back on the car.
  15. Hello, I've got a bulb out on my speedo so between 20 and 80mph its not lit up at night. I've seen people have posted swapping over to SMDs for a better spread of light and that you can use T5s but I want to know will these bulbs "T5 Neo Wedge Socket Type" fit? I can't find any specific ebay listing advertised for IS200 SMD bulbs. Anyone know if these will fit? : Thanks
  16. Hello! Im new here I own a is200... but its left side drive, I'm from Venezuela, and had it imported straight from Italy. Buy now I have encountered a problem... The clutch is fried... so I need a new one asap... I know they can be bought in Japan but it will take too long and it's much more expensive than the other aftermarket ones. I have seen the Aisin KT-259D (the one used by toyota) and the Blue Print ADT330146 clutch kit, now... before I goy buying something that wont fit I wanted to ask you gentlemen if indeed the Blue Print Clutch Kit would work on my left hand drive is200... everything checks out fine on amazon but I wanted another opinion! I would very much apreciate you feedback! Thanks guys!
  17. Newbie and Know Nothingbie......any help greatly appreciated. My check engine light has appeared for the very first time since I owned the car (6 years and 40,000 miles) so I'm unsure if I need to take it to an official dealer or a regular mechanic to diagnose the fault. The car appears to run ok for the very journey I did to get it home.
  18. Hello everyone, currently my car requires two oxygen sensor's both of them does not give a resistance anymore and make the foult to appear. I have another 2 two that i used before but the voltage they give me when heated is too low and their are bad aswell! I have 4 another sensors and they good, but all them 4 are for the very back of the engine, and i don't know if i can to shorten them and put on the closer to cyl 1 bank 1? Are they give the same voltage and has same resistance? I am also looking where could i buy them new is there any good location to get them? Toyota wants 600 Euro its a bit not in my price range. Other part shop's looking 300euro but don't know if they are any good. Thank you for any info provided.
  19. As the titles suggests. I'd like to either run a sports cat or decat the entire exhaust on my IS200 (52 plate) To be honest i really don't want to be messing around each year swapping the decat and original exhaust over. What would be the better option? £150+ on getting a sports cat manifold? £0+ Elbow grease bashing out the cat's internals? Would the O2 sensor start throwing problems at me if i remove the internals of the cat? Would it develop a nasty raspy sound from the engine due to the flow bouncing around the now hollow cat? My exhaust is already nice and shiny from lots of grinding and polishing so no need for looks etc... Anyone ran their IS200 decat or bashed out the internals etc..? Also how likely will it fail on emissions without a cat? Would i be looking at a good service before hand or adding a more restrictive muffler at the end for the mot? Thanks in advance.
  20. Lexus Sept 15

    From the album New Build

    New Rota Gravels
  21. Hi. I joined this forum last week, prob good manners for me to at least say hi! I have just become the owner of an 04 plate is 200 Sport, see photo....... The last time i owned a lexus was 12 years ago and that was an is 200 se auto. This is a sport manual. When i had it serviced the mechanic said this car was quite rare, is that correct? I have 2 questions really and I hope some members could help answering them. 1. How many of these were sold in the UK? This particular version. 2. Can anyone point me to a list of the differences between this car and the "normal" model? Thanks in advance PS, Ref "differences", i dont mean the obvious ones (LOL) like the lower ride and bigger wheels. Thanks
  22. Posted up in the IS200 buyers guide bit too: Chance of getting an IS200 that someone is scrapping because of ignition coil problems. Looking at just over £300. Possible lower arm issues from what I read on the guide. Worth a punt?
  23. Good evening all, my first post (but not my first visit) to this fine forum. I have recently bought myself an '03 IS200 Sport and am loving it....however, after a couple of weeks of no faults, Saturday the alarm started sounding about 15 seconds after I lock the car with the key fob and has done it since. I searched around on the forum and found that this could be caused by a number of things, one of which is due to low battery voltage. This leads me to speculate that my battery is slightly discharged. long story short, I've put footwell lights in and have been doing other minor modifications to the interior and have been leaving my door open for several hours at a time , I really should know better! Also, this morning I noticed my alternator fuse had been blown by the previous and they had bodge it back together with a picture hook! I replaced the fuse today after my internal electrics went dead but everything on the constant 12V feed was working. Everything is back to usual and I assumed that the battery would charge back up to its previous level on my way home from work, about a half hour drive. When I got home I reluctantly locked the car with the fob and about a minute later the alarm went off. I have also read that there could be a fault with the internal motion sensor in the dome light but, as I said, the alarm only started going off on Saturday and hadn't given me any trouble which leads me to my first theory. Basically, is there anything else that could be causing my alarm to go off when I lock the car? I checked the voltage and current draw on the (new) battery and it's all normal so could it just need a quick top up of juice? Sorry for the length of this novel! Any help or insight into this would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks J
  24. Hi everybody, I have a 2002, 2.0L Lexus IS200 and I noticed oil leakage on the outside of the engine and I think it is the timing belt set. I will post some pictures (click on the thumbnails to see full image) and if anybody knows what could the problem be, please, please let me know. Thank you in advance.