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Found 138 results

  1. New Grille

    Swapped my grille today for an Altezza Z-Edition one. I like the LE grille but I've always liked this one too and fancied a change. I wasn't very keen on the idea of my Lexus wearing an Altezza emblem though so I modded an "L" badge off a standard grille to replace it. (BTW, the badge is now properly centered) :) The OEM grille with it's black mesh probably looked a bit "sportier", but overall, I like how classy this one looks.
  2. Hi everyone, i'm new on here and this is my first time posting. this is my is200. Could anyone here Photoshop it so that the same wheels are either gunmetal grey or white please? i'm considering powder coating them and i just want to see how they would look on the car, thanks.
  3. Fully Valeted My Car

    It was hard work, but very satisfying. :) Whilst I normally give my car a quick wash every week to keep it "clean", I hadn't made the effort to clean it properly for probably around a year, and it was really showing. The paintwork was pretty lifeless and rough to the touch, and the bottom half was especially bad since it was saturated with hundreds of tar spots and other bits of embedded grime. The interior also hadn't been touched in ages, but wasn't too bad compared to the exterior. So, this weekend, and last, I took advantage of the nice weather to try and get my car spotless again and finally use some of the AutoGlym products I had been amassing thanks to Halfords' 3 for 2 offers. Last weekend was when most of the hard work was done. The car was washed and vacuumed, then dried before I set about removing all the tar deposits. The car was then clayed, and treated to a course of Super Resin Polish. I also done the alloys and dressed the tyres. That was where I left things though as it looked like it might start raining. Plus, I was getting pretty tired of all that rubbing and polishing. Fast-forward to this weekend, and the car was washed and dried once more. At this point I noticed how dull and faded the black paint on my door frames were, so I rejuvenated those with AG Paint Renovator then treated the car to another layer of SRP, before finishing the job with High Definition Wax to seal in the shine. Rubbers, plastics and glass were also done to complete the look, plus the wheels and tyres once again. A quick pass of the interior and engine bay followed, with the main task being to clean and condition the leather seats. No pics of this I'm afraid, or before, or during shots of any of the work I done. Just these few snaps taken in early morning sunshine which doesn't really show the deep shine very well. In person, the car looks tremendous and I'll be trying to keep it that way. Maybe even use this topic as a cleaning log of sorts...I'll make sure I take better pictures next time though. Products Used: AG Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner AG High-Tech Microfibre Drying Towel AG Intensive Tar Remover AG Rapid Detailer AG Clay Bar AG Super Resin Polish AG Clean Wheels AG Instant Tyre Dressing AG Paint Renovator AG High Definition Wax AG Fast Glass AG Vinyl & Rubber Care AG Bumper & Trim Gel AG Autofresh AG Engine & Machine Cleaner AG Leather Cleaner AG Leather Care Balm AG Interior Shampoo
  4. Looking For Is200 Supercharger

    Hello! I've been driving my IS200 for a while now, and I would like to boost its performance a bit. I've read about the TTE Supercharger and I know it is quite rare, but if anyone's got one for sale, or know somebody who wants to sell his/hers, let me know! If it's for the right price I am really interested! Best regards!
  5. Creeper Story

    Ok I am just starting this thread to show the life of 'Creeper' my cars name (yeh i'm a bit sad but who cares lol). I have no pictures of the way I bought it, but lets just say it seemed someone had been using it for banga racing. The smell inside wasn't great either. I didn't have a windscreen so i took the opportunity to change the colour of the centre console from black to silver, just wanted it to look like it had more life and it fitted in line with the grey piping on the seats. To I chopped off the old handbrake for a Momo one To.. and as you can see I changed the gear Knob to something a bit more classy in my opinion. I got addicted to spraying things so I darkened the fog lights, and headlights, and also bought some darker tail lights from a member on here I believe. For the tail lights i used tint spray, you can buy different colours, blue, smoke, red and green (e-tech range) To
  6. Work Cr-Kai Is200

    A few months ago I had a chat with a few people here about after market wheels and every one was very helpful. I've decided to start a new thread on this rather than dig up an old one just to keep it fresh. Any ways the reason its taken 3 moths to get back on this is because I fell in love with a picture I saw of a graphite IS250 with a set of WORK Emotion CR-Kai rims. Those would look saweeet on my IS200 I thought so started to search for a retailer who stocked them. Turns out they're kind of a special order thing and I had to get them imported from the USA who in turn would have to import them from Japan. This took almost 3 months, but they're here now and finally got them fitted this morning. I went for the 18" x 7.5" et 42 in matte gunmetal and had Continental Sport Contact 5's 225 40 R18 fitted. This combo seems to fit perfectly on a stock IS200. I don't get any rubbing when going over bumps or at full lock. There may be a bit of room to lower the suspension but I don't intend on doing that. The down side to these rims is they don't come with any centre caps. The centre cap bore for the Cr-Kai is 70mm and I could not find any universals that would fit. So I bought some 75mm piping end caps that would fit this 70mm bore of ebay for a few quid. I cut off 2 ridges so they would fit properly as the full length hit against the spigots. I found a paint code for these rims off another site and had a spray can made up. But after all that effort I decided I preferred the uncapped look better. I got some blue Rays lugs and blue caliper paint to finish off the look. I found some Lexus calliper stickers off ebay too. So all in all quite pleased with how my IS200 looks with the CR-Kai Rims
  7. Lexus IS200

    Led light styling Have been driving like this for a while now. And I've got to say I love it :)
  8. Display Errors

    Help required please. My old is200 sport has random display errors. I have searched for the answer on the internet without success. This is an intermittent error as sometime there is no error initially but then after a minute or so it happens. The outside temperature display now reads E instead of the current temperature. The fuel gauge does not move and the fuel light flashes. The engine temperature gauge does not move. The MPG gauge does not move. Any input on this would been gratefully received.
  9. >2000 Is Sport Wanted

    Hi, I'm looking for a pre 2001 IS200 Sport, preferably in Black or Red (Not Green, Silver or Blue) and it would be nice to have the sat nav etc although not imperative. Black interior is a must. Must be clean body wise and have good service history (Cambelt change etc with proof) I'm located in Burnley/Lancashire and will travel a little for the right car as long as it's within my budget. Would be great to see plenty of pictures/details of anything you have. Thanks, Neil. Edit: If a mod could edit my title to say 'IS200' that would be great thanks.
  10. Hello all. After 135k miles it looks like my radiator has given up. Having had a look at it, it doesn't look the most difficult job in the world. I've been having a look and I know I need the type with the extra ports as it's an Auto gearbox model. However, there seems to be 16 and 25mm core models available. Do they differ in physical dimensions, or is one just a cheaper version than another? Also, if anyone has any experience of changing these, particularly on an auto, any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  11. Jurc

    Hi fellow LOC members :) Been on the forums for sometime, but wasn't a owner so i kept quiet :) 'till now My name is Jure, I come from Slovenia and I'm an addict. %&$%#$! can't stop driving my Lex around... :) So I bought a 2000 Lexus IS200 with 160.000 km (around 100.000 miles). Had some problems to get one since in Slovenia they were never officialy sold. They started sales with the newer model here. Still I managed to find one imported by a local Toyota dealer and it has the whole service history :) But all those hustles disappeared when I drove a newly bought home :D Since I'm a previous owner of two Honda Del Sols maybe you can imagine what a leap in comfort it was for me. Woooow :D So here are the pics: Sorry for the got dirty on the way from carwash to the shoot...hate snow and salt on roads...well forget the snow, snow is fun with rwd :D So my short-term plans are: polish trunk lip from Sport edition refurbing aloys or maybe buying some 18" lowering for about 30 mm hid and halos changing the colour of the lighting on dashboard and interior lamps other things will pop in my head while I go :) The concept is to make it look clean with some detailing or in other words as stock as it can be, with my personal style :)
  12. morning all! I want to try get hold of a wheel bearing hub assembly to rule out where this noise is coming from, There was a comment to a post which i now cant locate, saying that someone did the same thing to solve a similar sound which worked also reducing the sound from his wife. im going to locate a used part to try and swap them over. Even if it works and starts up again six months down the least id know the cause and action required. im not up for ringing lexus as the banks not permitting a great deal so i am saving any embarrassment for now lol i have seen used parts between 40 and 70 notes,which is a loss i can handle if it does not silence the mrs...i mean.....the car Anyone ever bought a complete hub assembly for the front of there IS200? if so do you mind sharing how much for?
  13. hi ive got a 2001 lexus is 200 with a auto box , ive got 2 problems with it and dont know what it could be , first question is when i come to a junction on a steep hill in drive if i take my foot off the accelerator when standing still the car rolls back , if its in drive shouldnt it hold? same happens if facing down hill in reverse , the second question is every now and then when im driving the lexus in drive when it changes up it does a little vibration , its defenatly when changing up , it might do it twice a week depending how much i drive it , it almost feels like im driving over the hard shoulder anti bump strips. ive checked the oil in the box but only when stood level with the engine off , i know on some cars i have to have it running , also would it be hard to change to oil in the box? thanks in advance.
  14. Hi all, I had an advisory on my last MOT that the near side front shock was weeping slightly. I plan to replace the front shocks before the next MOT in Jan, but now seem to have other issues, which I suspect may be caused by a sticking calliper (but thought I'd seek some advice before taking it to a garage), as I can see a lot of very knowledgeable people use these forums. Issues as follows: * Creaky brakes (especially at low speeds when parking etc). * Creaky near side suspension (when pushing down on the car). * Intermittent slight judder when holding speed at 30. * Intermittent vibration through the brake pedal when braking at motorway speeds, accompanied by a humming noise. Seems ok at low speeds, but when braking from 70 for a roundabout, it's very common and highly noticeable. * Intermittent vibration through the steering wheel (it felt quite bad after braking for a roundabout today, enough to make me pull off the road through fear I had a puncture or a loose wheel!. The car seemed ok so, I turned around and drove home and it was fine on the way back!) * Car sometimes feels a bit sluggish to accelerate, as though its fully loaded (when it's not). I've visually inspected the brakes without taking the wheels off. The discs are noticeably worn (ie have a slight lip) but they don't look in horrendous shape. The discs and pads were replaced about 4 years ago and I only cover about 4k a year. I'm not experienced mechanically, so before I start pulling things apart myself with the help of the Internet or a Haynes manual, or before I start shelling out cash at a garage, I though I'd seek some opinions as to what to look for/likely causes! From browsing other posts, sticking callipers seem quite common and can lead to warped discs. I've also noted the issue could be with the hub and the disc not sitting flush?? But could the worn shock absorber have caused other components in the suspension to wear? I'm thinking the issues may be separate, but I guess there is a chance they could be linked. I've owned my IS200 Sport for the past 7 years with no issues. It came from a main dealer and has the 18" Lexus alloys. Many thanks in advance!
  15. Hello guys! I'm new to the forums and to modding. So I really just wanted to get some good advice before I do anything with my lexus and screw it up. XD I've got a 2001 Lexus is200 Luxury Sports and I'm planning on installing some angel eyes. I've found some threads with people that have installed them but I cant find anything that has proper instructions. I read that 200red installed some angel eyes and he said he posted some instructions but I cant find them. So is there anything I should know about before buying angel eyes kit? I heard that you put the whole headlights in the oven for a short time to soften up the glue or whatever. Is this true? If it softens up the glue so that I can take it apart easier do I need to buy any glue to apply to it when putting it all back together? If so what kind? Whats better CCFL or LED angel eyes? I heard that CCFL wear out quicker. Is this true or just a rumour? What intensity of light should I get? 5000k, 6000k or 8000k (whats legal or what looks better)? I dont want it to be too bright for oncoming traffic. Thanks for the help in advance and I'm sorry to bring up another topic about angel eyes but I just need the help. Maybe if I can get the tips from you guys then I'll make a proper instructional thread about installing them for people who are newbs like me. :)
  16. Is200Sport Headlight Problems

    Can anyone help further? We have the headlight problems as others have after having had a new windscreen fitted a while ago. This is what we have had done by an auto electrician and we still have the problem, he has been tearing his hair out, and has not charged us a penny as it has beaten him!. we are selling the car and need it fixed. Changed relay, changed mother board (from a breakers yard), cabin filter checked, all wiring checked on drivers and passenger side. Taken note of all comments on this forum. Has anyone got any further ideas on this? As we would appreciate all comments. Has anyone got the headlights on a separate switch to the sidelights and bypassing the auto switch? Thanks for any help
  17. hey, everyone, not too sure how to use this just yet, here's my pride and joy!
  18. Whenever I listen to bass music on my stock stereo at around 40% volume or above I get a rattling from the back...after snooping around with the volume up the other day it appears to actually be the rear windscreen itself (or something rattling against it perhaps) that is the culprit, as when I press firmly against the glass from the inside it greatly reduces the rattle to almost nothing. Anybody else had this problem? And is there a known easy fix? It's slowly grown worse over the last few weeks and is starting to really get on my tits as I'm a little bit of an audiophile and like my music to sound crisp and clear. I Never had this issue with my last IS which was actually a good few years older than the current one and I used to push the stereo harder when I had that car. Both the same spec IS200 SE with stock soundsystem...
  19. 99 Is200 Hid?

    Hi All, It seems I've found myself at a bit of a stale mate. I purchased a 1999 is200(barely 70,000 miles on it) since January and have decided I would like to change my Fog(100W whitish 9006 Xenon(non-HID) ) bulbs to Yellow (3000K HID's?). Now at the cost($300 USD) of what the guy wanted to charge me(for ballast & bulbs that I didnt even know the quality of...nor does he apparently... ), I've considered doing this myself. With the above taken into consideration I am versed with taking my bumper off & changing the lights(lows, highs & fogs are all on this 100w "Xenon bulb" that ISNT HID :megaangry: ). Can anyone provide a valid link to a plug & play quality ballast w/ relay/harness/etc at a relatively decent price? I'd rather pay for quality that lasts over the ebay junk I keep running into. Along with any help on installing it to my fog lights(wire by wire). Mind you, even if the website[or supplier] doesn't ship directly to Antigua[West Indies/Caribbean], I have a shipping address in the US as well if all else fails. <-For some reason WE dont carry HID ballasts here... just the bulbs... and I feel like im shooting myself in the foot every time I ask "Soooo, how did you get HID's" to hear -> "I have an IS300, all I did was change my bulbs" :tsktsk: :eerrrmm: God, if I realized it was all this trouble I'd have gotten me an IS300 with the HID's from stock.
  20. Coilovers

    i was wondering if any body knws if coilovers from a altezza sxe10 will fit a 03 is200
  21. Griers Is200

    I thought it was about time i added some pictures of my IS200 On coilovers (pretty low not sure how much of a drop though) , front strut brace, full stainless steel exhaust system with de-cat manifold and downpipe, front lights slight tint, yellow tented fogs, red tinted rear lights, light washers deleted and square front plated. First job was the lights Back before Back after Fogs one side yellow'd And subtle tint on the headlights Chowing some grass.. De-cat 6 branch :) Strut brace and some pink detailing Needed to sort those stone chips so it got the light washers and the old long plate brackets smoothed out while the front end was resprayed Really pleased with it so far, great car to drive, handles superb. Not sure about future plans might ease up on the spending (for now at least) Let me know what you think
  22. hi all i have just bought a 52 is200 and have spent a lot of money getting it repaired to the dream car she is, total respray and and little engine work, as got as a cat d. I did all the work knowing that the central locking didnt work but was told that was because the battery was low so the receiver wouldnt work i got a new key cut and put the buttons from old(broken) key which i can manually locked/unlocked doors and starts engine so im pretty sure no issue with key. although i can not unlock using fob. that only leave the receiver if this a common problem or do any one of you seasoned owners know better and could help me complete my dream car Many thanks toby
  23. Purchased a set of new front shocks for my IS200 Sport (53 model). Local garage has quoted me £75+VAT per side to fit (£180 in total). Does this seem like a fair price? Sounds expensive to me but I'm not a mechanic!
  24. Hi Guys, I am hoping to have my horrible looking rusty calipers painted this weekend and was wandering what type of paint you guys used and if it had to be high temperature paint. I am awaiting the delivery of my caliper decals which I ordered from Amazon on sunday. The thing with the caliper decals is that I am getting very nervous that they are not going to arrive in time as they have not been dispatched yet so was wandering for a back up if there was a stencil that I could download from here or a link to somewhere else on the internet as I am very excited to have these browned off calipers looking good. My next and final question lays with how many coats of paint do you think I would need and if I need to finish the job off with lacquer or not bearing in mind if the sticker decals do arrive in time I am only using these as a stencil. But all suggestion and help is very very much appreciated, as me being me, I am very inexperienced when it comes to doing minor tweaks on my beloved Lex (it's also easier just to pay someone to do it ). I am hoping someone can give me some advice on this, Many Thanks Simon