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Found 9 results

  1. Is there anyone here who has remapped or chipped the IS 220D for over a year and would like to share their experience? Considering getting a remap to 215hk including EGR delete. How is this engine going to handle it for longer periods of time?
  2. Just wanted to share one subtle "enhancement" I have recently installed on my IS250. This is purely cosmetic and really depends on personal taste. Some might like it, others hate it... So my front rotors were up for changing - probably still more than 25mm, but dealer would mark them as amber (or even red) due to the pronounced lip. The decent update would have been getting IS350/GS350 brake calipers and rotors (which I still planning to do in my dreams), but for time being I wanted to upgrade that dull and rusty part with something more suitable looking. I wanted for brakes to look more "performance" oriented so I was considering "drilled" design. Never liked Slotted/Dimpled brakes too much (again personal taste). The only rotors I have found for reasonable price were MTEC made p/n: MTEC1576 Front 296mm and MTEC1621 Rear 291mm (check if you rear ones are vented or not as vented ones are 310mm - p/n: MTEC1614). Additionally, I added protective coating "gold edition" ... anyway that comes to the taste... I knew that the face going to wear out when quickly, so it is really just nice detail around it... essentially replacing rust with some "gold" coating (other options were silver/grey and black). Parts: I throw some Brembo low dust OE-equivalent pads on front and some Mintex cheap stuff on rear (in fact Mintex front pads were more expensive than Brembo). The end result (as expected) is very minimal difference and in my opinion subtle.... I know I know ... I need to refurb my rims before taking any more pictures .. they are really poor right now. Generally, I am happy with this tweak, but I would not recommend MTEC coatings. This is because I expected the coating to be more like "metal plating" - essentially some hard wearing coating which protects from rust, but does allow heat dissipation etc. In reality is some kind of heat resistant paint, which can be easily damaged when installing, secondly only outside of the discs is covered i.e. face and the back, but not inside vents. I do understand that covering vents in this coating would prevent rotors from cooling and therefore they are left naked, BUT the surface which rusts the most is exactly the inside of the vents... so protection vise this is not great design. P.S. Dealer was not impressed with this and gave amber. In fact they might have been missed them but the re**rd who installed them threw away anti-squeal shims. I have noticed that some time after I have left the garage, but it was little too late. Next time when installing the pads I will make sure these are not missing. So lesson learnt - don't allow id**ts near your car or watch them carefully. I must admit I had no space to upgrade myself and I was foolish enough to allow the mechanic to fiddle with my car unsupervised. The replacement part is: 04945-30140 and it is £30-70. The relief ... so far there are at least no squeal. P.P.S. Obviously, I wanted to spray calipers and dust shield (on the rear) matching colour. But I only have 2 options: either pay fortune to do them properly ~£150 per caliper (removed, prepared and professionally sprayed with heat resistant caliper paint) or do them for reasonable price ~£20 by same person who lost my anti-squeal shims (using spray can... which will bubble-up and burn after 100 miles). The third option - doing myself properly, unfortunately unavailable for now.
  3. Well... I've had the car a week, and this morning on the way to work, I stalled it at the lights, and everything died! Cant operate windows, doors, start the engine, nothing! Its unfortunate because I haven't even signed up to the AA yet, still on my list of things to do and they wont do recover within 24 hours unless you splash out 100 quid. Luckily enough i manage to park it on the side of the road, 2 mins from work, where I am now.... and there it lies.... abandoned. Last night I was also reading the book/manual so I've left it by the side of my bed, so I cant even look up what the problem could be?!!? grrr Ive search the forums and the internet to no avail. I'm thinking that it could be a fuse problem, as there is no power whatsoever! Often when the battery is drained on a car there's even enough power to use the Hazard lights. Not on mine, which makes me think its got to be a fuse issue. It was running fine until this morning. Any help would be super appreciated!!!! thanks Jon
  4. Hello folks, Been lurking on these forums for some time now, since about a month before getting a '08 plate IS 220d SE with 39k on the clock. :) First month and a half have been excellent, took it to Lexus Edinburgh to get all the filters/oils changed etc as the garage only changed the oil - So all up to date in terms of servicing and has done about 1k miles since the service. So today, have driven to work then home (short trip), then sat outside for 1 hour. Made a 2 mile trip to supermarket but when I came out, the attached image showed on the car. Handbrake / ABS / Power Steering all lit and speedo not working. Stopped engine / restarted - Same. So drove 2 miles to friend... During which time the power steering felt heavy, brakes OK, maybe performance slightly less. Stayed there for about 10 minutes, got back into car... Dreading it turning on - No warning lights, driving pefectly. This worries me though, only had the car a couple of months. Looking in Lexus Manual - Only advises on which light means what. Online I can't seem to find someone else who's had the handbrake / ABS and P/S light lit at the same time and the speedo not working. (Staying at 0) EDIT - After some more testing, seems to happen 50% of the time now. :'( Sometimes it'll be OK, leave off for 2 mins, lights on, leave off for 2 mins, try again, no warning lights... Anyone come across this? Thanks for any help :) Will call Lexus Edn tomorrow. (250 miles away though) EDIT - Pic didn't host, so popped it on mine:
  5. Hi guys! Having looked at the competition - C-Class, 3 Series etc I'm seriously considering an IS as an alternative based on the fact it seems to represent excellent value for money. I'm currently in an Abarth 500 which is a horror to live with on a daily basis, particularly now my main mileage is motorway - around 10k a year - with a long 320 mile round trip once a fortnight. So basically I need something bigger, comfy and reasonably economical - the Abarth will do about 50mpg on the motorway - where it really matters about MPG. Done a lot of reading, read a lot of reviews and am now torn between the 220D and 250. What should I go for given the above? If I'll see 40+ on the Motorway from the 250 - it's a serious, and preferable option, I'm no fan of Diesels, but needs must with that fortnightly trip. What other things should I look out for. I want leather, that's non negotiable and have a budget of around £8500-10k. Due to the miles I'll be putting on, I want a car with no more than 40k and no older than a 2008 really and I know that's easily achievable with that budget. If I get on with it I will probably run it for another 30k before changing. But what about the other stuff like Satnav - is it worth it? There are plenty out there I know but where to start? Thank you in advance!
  6. I have a 2010 Lexus 220D SE. On some occasions when I press the Start/Stop button to turn the car off, the heater fan keeps running continuously, unless I turn the fan off before turning the car off. This has caused the battery to run flat a few times. Previously when I pressed the Stop button, everything shut off normally. But now, on some occasions the heater fan keeps running if not turned off first, but lights and all other electrics turn off as normal. Could this be caused by a sticking relay? Or could something else be the cause?
  7. Hi guys, I need to change my rear shocks absorber from my Lexus IS 220D (ALE20L-AEFLYW) - more info about orignal part. I was at Lexus Service and one shock absorber cost 320euro x 2 pieces left/right = 640euro without installation, expensive... I checked in service the number of my shock is Tokico Japan 48530-53141 or 4853080416 - ALE20..RHD..ATM MARK 48530-53141,MALAYSIA SPEC,MALAYSIA SPEC&TIRE & DISC WHEEL-225/45R17+245/45R17,SUMMER TIRE,ALUMI And I find alternative in Japan: Tokico 4853080413 - GSE20 MARK 48530-53121,TIRE & DISC WHEEL-225/45R17+245/45R17,SUMMER TIRE,ALUMI - cost 66euro/piece = 132euro + 70euro shipping, huge difference! Who knows, what difference between ALE20 & GSE20? I think I can use GSE20(IS250) shock absorber on my ALE20(IS220D)... Please help! thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all, First post here! And im now a very proud member of the Lexus Owners Club....Wahhooooo :-) anyway..... I have recently purchased my first Lexus, an IS 220d (2007) with approx 44k miles on the clock. I bought as needed a 4 door car due to a new arrival and absolutely fell in love with the shape and looks of the car, plus the fact i shall own a Lexus! I part ex'ed a new shape fiesta tdci zetec S, and the difference in comfort, power, and equipment is phenomenal! Although, NEVER BUY FROM EVENS HALSHAW!!!! Worst buying experience EVER!!! Anyway, im here to ask a few questions............. After reading here about poor MPG and the EGR valve, i took it upon myself to have a run around and see what mpg i was getting. in a mixture of dual carriageways, and town driving it was averaging 27-36 (it really couldn't make up its mind). I then took it upon myself to disconnect the battery in hope of resetting the ecu to learn my style of driving and clean the EGR valve. By the looks of how gunked up it was with carbon, it had never been done....Pictures to after a hour or so with a screwdriver and some carb cleaner it was looking alot healthier so i bolted it all back together. I then removed the MAF sensor and gave this a clean with the carb cleaner as well to get rid of the crap on the platinum resistance wires.....Battery connected, I started her up and with a cough and a splutter she came to life. I took it for a spin and it appears that the MPG has dropped and if im honest i cant really feel any gain in power, torque or smoothness etc......But at least i know that i have a clean EGR for the next few thousand miles.......To this i am miffed and if you could shed any light i would be appreciative! :-) Also in the engine bay there is a sticker over the ECU housing stating that in 2010 it had an eCU update by lexus dealer code 599.....does anyone know why this would be? I know that the Head Gaskets on this car are renowned for going pop, but at 44k miles im hoping i am the moment! I rang lexus to enquire about it being covered and they have told me that it should be but each case is individual and it depends on service history. It has 4 Lexus service stamps, 1 unipart independent and then one from Evens Halshaw (where i purchased from). Lexus then tried to offer me a warranty for 2 years @ £40pm....i was tempted but i have explained to them that i have a years warranty from Evens Halshaw already. They then told me that after it ends, im still able to have there extended warranty.........Is this something worth doing? Drive wise the car drives as every 220d does. When in gear fine, getting there a bit notchy and long winded due to the ratio......However.....When i depress the clutch i hear a spinning rattly noise.... It does not effect anything and you cant hear with the radio on but with it off you can, and as i only have this to compare with the fiesta diesel i had (as ive only owned these 2 diesels) this normal? The fiesta changed just like a petrol if im honest......? Also the wheels are BRAND NEW not a mark on them, i cant imagine anyone payin]g for a new set so im assuming this must be a warranty thing, and if it is how long are the wheels warranted for? I know i could ring lexus and find out some of the answers but its a right ball ache and makes me feel a bit stupid, plus i believe that people who own the cars can give more insight and better answers!! thank you for your time Liam P.S....heres the pics of the mucky EGR.
  9. 220D Alloys - Need Advice

    Hi Experienced Ones I have a 2007 lexus 220d, with the following Alloys with Tyres as indicated below Front - 225/40 R18 Rear - 255/40 R18 What i would like to do is replace the alloys so that i dont have to have such large wheels or the low profiles, i currently do over 30k miles per year and i seem to feel every bump and pot hole If i do replace, what size can i go to, and do i need to have bigger wheels at the back compared to the front Also if i replace them, what sort of cost could i get if i was to sell them, they are a bit scratched, front two have more damage than the rear due to kerbing Im hoping someone can help and giuve some advice Thanks in advance