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Found 37 results

  1. I am looking for some advice on replacing the front brake pads on my 2013 IS 300h. I am in the Liverpool area so I was looking for some-one who sells ceramic brake pads, but the only items that I could find in the UK are EBC items and these are coming with poor reports by users. It seems that we in the UK are way behind the States, where there appear to be a number of different manufacturers. I don't understand the reluctance of British manufacturers to produce good quality ceramic brake pads, and I find it really annoying that I have to shop online to find a set of ceramic brake pads to fit the car. I would like to ask whether anyone can recommend somewhere online, whether UK or in the States, who will supply a set of front, ceramic brake pads that will work well on the car. I have read that items like Akebono or Centric are well suited to the IS 300h, have good wear properties, quiet operation, and are "dust free" [ if any brake pads can be described as dust free]. The only problem is, is that neither of these makes are available in the UK. I see that Mintex don't make ceramic pads, and EBC are rather too often criticized to make them an option. So I would be grateful if some-one has actual experience of using ceramic brake pads, what make they used, where they bought them, and finally, a part number if possible. Many thanks in advance, Parkman.
  2. Hi, this is my first post. I've recently bought a 2006 is 220d and I need to replace the rear n/s caliper and carrier. The caliper that is currently fitted has the number: 43 L 10, on it, I've found a replacement for the same model of car which has the number: 45 L 10 on it. Does anyone know if this will be a compatible replacement? I've attached an image of the new part.
  3. Hi All, I have a problem with my 2013 GS 250 Sport. I have warped three sets of front discs in the last 7 Months, and 5,000 , and 5,000 miles. When I have a new set fitted they are fine and brake smoothly. However, when turning right at speeds above 50mph there is a grinding/rubbing sound, and some vibration in the steering. It is as though the tyres are rubbing on the body work, although this is not the case. Over a period of 4 to 6 weeks this brakes become juddery when breaking, eventually quite violently. The garage who have replaced my discs and pads (Halfords) have done so three times and now given up, without actually finding what the fault is that causes the discs to warp. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Morning Team LOC. Plenty of threads on this but I just came across something that excited me a little and thought it may help our small community. I replaced my brakes all round some time ago and recall the trauma of finding original Brambo front discs (or discs at all for that matter) for the ISF. Well I just ordered another two sets of discs for my race car for the upcoming season and randomly thought i would take a punt and see if they made discs for the ISF. Result result they do! I can recommend these chaps and endorse the quality of their discs having proven them in racing for at least 3 seasons. For info my race discs exceed 800 deg C, never had a warp, crack or any concern with them so for the relatively sedate road puposes you cant go wrong. Anyway link and screen shot. When the time comes I know where I'll be heading.
  5. I'm taking my RX into Japex ( ) next week to get a few small jobs done, including getting the rear calliper pins re-greased. Would anyone suggest anything else while it's there; MAF clean, check air filter etc? ( I get it serviced with Lexus to maintain my Warranty ) Piers.
  6. I have a two week year old brand new 2017 Lexus 450h. When when I brake and just before stopping there is a very audible creaking sound and thud as vehicle stops. I have not experienced this on any other 450h. The dealer says it is normal but I am skeptical. Has anybody else had experience of this please? Thanks.
  7. So dropped the ISF in to the local main dealer for it's (early) 70k service. Got a visual healthcheck back a couple of hours later indicating the following: Puncture OSF - £18 to fix, no problem, I'll authorise that Front pads down to 2mm - £540.66 fitted Front discs down to 28.74mm n/s and 28.71mm o/s (28mm limit) - £455.18 fitted So I phoned a local tyre / brake place (not KwikFit) who said they'd source the discs and pads from Lexus, then fit - £369.75 for the discs and pads (Brembos all round). Wow!! So £626.09 in their back pocket just like that. Just waiting on one more quote, and I'll get them sorted.
  8. Gave my IS250 a good wash and clean today, little bit too sunny but there we go However, when cleaning the wheels (I know they are in serious need of a refurb) I noticed that my front disc rotors looked quite rusty - not quite how I expected and certainly more rusty looking than the rears. When my IS went in for the recall, the brakes on the loan car were noticeably better, now this has me wondering if my front calipers are not working properly. Any thoughts welcome
  9. Noise on Braking?

    Ive got a '03 IS200 Sport and its only my second day driving her but ive got a previously un-noticed noise when I brake. From pretty much any speed as I slow down and it drops past 25-20mph theres a banging noise from the drivers side front wheel (or that's where it sounds like anyway). Its always at that speed and it does it 9/10 times when slowing down. harsh braking or soft braking makes no difference. ive replaced both front bottom ball joints and track rod ends and theres no play in the top ball joints. Anyone with any experience of this or any pointers of where I can look? Thanks in advance.
  10. Dear All, I just did a 3000 mile charity drive around Europe in my LS400. It was excellent and incredibly fast. I wont do any 'willy waving' but we were all startled. Anyway, going really fast means some serious stopping at times. Unsurprisingly, we warped the discs (3rd set) and cooked the fluid needed changing. With pals, it was jacked, and bled (furthest from master cylinder first) like any other car. Pedal felt rock solid. Engine turned on and the pedal goes straight to the floor. So I consulted the interned and found that there is an 'ignition on/ignition off' protocol. Did it this way, pedal felt rock solid, straight to the floor. tried activating abs on gravel. no real improvement. When discs and pads were changed, they were very very clean and the pistons in the calipers all pushed back in with moderate thumb pressure. It has had over 1.5l of fluid, some air has come out and fluid expelled on each corner is now crystal clear. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it? Usualy a competent DIY mechanic but this has me (and the lexus dealership in bristol stumped.
  11. I'll be needing to change my brakes soon as I get a wobble in the steering wheel when braking at speed, must be warped front discs. Was wondering if the IS300 front calipers take a larger disc than the is200? It would make sense for a 3L to have larger brakes than the 2L but on ebay I see discs for is200/is300 on the one size 296mm for both cars? I'll have a spare set of front brakes off my Subaru Legacy soon which use 316mm discs, I know I'll need adaptor brackets made to fit them. Although I'm not sure if I will need is200 brake lines or the same ones on the subaru for their calipers?
  12. Hello! new to the forum and to Lexus so hoping some of you wiser owners might have some insight into this issue. Basically a few weeks ago my 2006 Lexus IS220D was crashed (hit & run) into with some force whilst parked up for the night. The driver struck the n/s wheel so hard that it forced the whole car half way up the pavement. So far Ive had to replace the wheel, tyre, complete wishbone set up, the steering rack & steering arms. The car now steers and drives again so thats that side of things sorted, however now when I drive the car its like the brakes are coming on and off by themselves, im thinking that it might be the wheel speed sensor inside the wheel hub? Would really appreciate any feedback from someone whos experienced something like this. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. I wonder if anyone can shed some light on a right pain in the ***** problem with my is 200 sport (2004) I have a rattle. A right nuisance. Not loud but loud enough to notice. It seems to come from the front of the car. I had one shock changed just after i got the car. Still rattles I had new discs and pads on the front A garage told me it was the anti roll bar bushes, so had them changed at £130. Didn't work Took it elsewhere, and THEY said also the anti roll bar, looked at the previous garages work, said was poor quality and replaced them. so i paid TWICE for the same damn job but this time they replaced 2 other bushes or dampers, in the middle of the bar. £150. Still bloody rattles They are now saying it is the lower ball joints, to replace, another £155. Am i being taken for a ride here if you pardon the pun? I was ripped off by a car dealer, one who didn't honour his warranty (Plympton car centre, Devon, avoid them like the plague) and have spent a small fortune on this damn car. Does anyone think replacing the ball joints would fix it or is there something else it could be?
  14. Hi so recently my IS200 has started to have a slight knock at the rear. It only seems to happen when i accelerate or brake from the rear drivers side. I can only assume its the bushes gone. I had a quick google and i cant seem to find just a bush kit. anyone know if i can just buy bushes or do i really need the entire read hub section? Also under braking i have a vibration... Rather violent sometimes that shakes the steering wheel. I know the front passenger side disc is warped but what gets me is when i turn the car left the vibrations stop. Could their be any other underlying issue for this or just a common disc fault? For the love of god please help me with finding bushes as i assume they're cheaper than a £100 rear hub assembly that keeps showing up on google. Thanks, James
  15. Dear experts, Any thoughts would be appreciated... When breaking at low speed, I can sometimes hear a pulsating, grinding noise, which slows as I slow - when breaking. About 3 months ago I had a seized rear calliper replaced (under warranty) on one side. I'm wondering if it might be the case on the other side, or something else? i'll have to take it into Lexus I think, but am still wondering what it could be. Has anyone else heard similar grinding (on,off,on,off ... ) type brake related noises? Regards.
  16. Brake Pads

    can anyone please recommend some good updated brake pads. I have standard discs and pads at present, the discs are fine but would like to go a bit better when I change the pads, Thanks for your help
  17. Brake Information

    Hi, I'm new here. Just need some info. I recently changed the rear discs on my is200 due to high pitch squeaking. I got the hand brake shoes changed as well just in case. Now every time I turn left/ right or go over a speed bump a little bit aggressively, I hear the discs rubbing against something. Metal on metal sound. Which I don't understand as the front discs were changed a few months ago (they were changed a few months before the rear discs were changed) And me turning the wheel never caused this rubbing sound. I have grooved discs on all four wheels New pads New shoes The sound comes from all four when going over a bump. But only on one half of the car when turning round a corner.
  18. Hi all Just replaced the discs and pads on the rear of the RX, this car has a full service history and passed its MOT in January. I found three of the four sliding pins were siezed so how were they working! One was so bad I had to call on the assistance of my local garage who managet ot free it off. It's all back together now but they will need replacing VERY soon. How come now one tells you that there is an adjuster foe the hand brake, I tried all sorts of things to look through the small hole to find it but not being a keyhole surgeon fail on the first side so it took a long time to remove the drum/disc. The second one was a breeze. Someone on here mentioned a star adjuster but failed to point out that you need to set the hole just past the 6 o'clock position to the rear of the car to be in line. We'll se what happens when I change the fronts tomorrow!!!! Cheers every one.
  19. Hi, I have a GS300 2006 with 80k miles on the clock. Recently, I have experienced acceleration problems and was advised by a Lexus dealer that the rear brake callipers had seized. I have got the problem fixed by an independent garage (JEM). This is resolved the problem to some extent but the car still does not accelerate as fast as it used to. I feel as if the car takes a while to go beyond the second gear. Any suggestions to remedy the issue? Many thanks !
  20. Seems a rather article on different brake pad material. OK, I'm going OEM or Ferodo for mine - But for any performance types or for general info :)
  21. Hi everyone, I put my 2005 Rx400 in for an m.o.t. last week and it failed on o/s park brake cable & shoe's, shoe's were cheap enough at £22 but Lexus wanted £95 for the cable, I searched for a cheaper Uk alternative & as usual no one in the Uk wants to supply Rx400 parts ... anyway I got one from Rockauto for £17.67 (£50.06 inc delivery) takes a couple of days but is about the only source I've found for Rx 400 parts without being fleeced by the main dealer, Just a heads up if anyone is looking for brake parts on this site most are listed under Rx 400h 2007 not 2005 ...
  22. So I have the 200 with Gunmetal alloys. It's an Fsport model. I wanted it to stand out a little more and asked the dealer if they did red brake calipers. Alas, no! So after some research and chatting to a mechanic friend of mine. I purchased some Hammerite smooth in red along with a 1 inch brush. Dropped it off at the garage and after taking the brakes off and painting the calipers with 2 coats. Only cost £60 here is the end result. I think it looks great.
  23. Hello all 2001-is-300-sports cross- 70kmiles Thank you to all those with help with the above topic. During post purchase inspection it turns out that my warning lights came on because the brake fluid was low, but near the phisical minimum level. As soon as I topped it up the lights went out. It also turned out that I have a leaking front n/s break caliper. further inspection revealed that the rear os inboard brake pad had rusted itself to the caliper body and that side of the disk had heavy rust deposits. I suspect the above problems have come about because the car spent some time in storage hence the year and low mileage. I very much the above is of help to fellow members.
  24. Hi guys have 2003 RX 300 with 47000 on clock extended warranty ran out one month ago Vsc, ABS, and Brake ligth have come took it to lexus dealer code CO274 came up stating Junction block relay cost £406.76 inl vat may also require replacement ABS unit cost £2079.35inc vat HELP has anyone come against this error at this cost not a happy chappy
  25. Sorry if this has been covered by previous posts, but I couldn't find exactly what I was experiencing. When I first brake, I feel the pedal travel is a bit far, after further use the pedal travel is what I call normal and the brakes feel sharp. I have replaced the front pads, which whilst I was doing that job I made sure the sliders were free. I have bled the brakes but, I am not sure if I have bled enough fluid through and still may have air in the system. I bled the brakes the old fashioned way, with someone pumping the brake pedal for me whilst I opened each bleed nipple starting with near side rear. What I was wondering is one did I bleed the fluid enough or two should I of used a different method ie pressure bleeding the brakes, or three have I got another problem?