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Found 57 results

  1. Hello. My 2007 gs450h makes a metallic knocking sound from the front brakes. It is more prominent when I move forward slowly, then brake, then reverse slowly, then brake, etc, as opposed to during general driving at speed. It doesn't sound like worn bushes. It has a higher metallic pitch. Front pads and discs are new. But the sound was there before I changed them anyway. Please see attached video and have a listen. It's driving me nuts. Cheers 20170904_133321.mp4
  2. I have followed all the other suggestions on this sight and others regarding disabling the annoying seatbelt warning gong, but no luck. I have a Gs450h and most of the suggestions are for iS and earlier GS models. Does anyone know how to disable the gong for a GS450h 2012 model?
  3. Rather than keep updating my New Members thread I figured a build thread would be a more appropriate place to keep track of my changes. Especially as Robb/Mod's went to the trouble of opening up this new section for us. January 24th'17 - GS 450H purchased This is my first Lexus, my first hybrid and it's such a joy to drive with plenty of power and it's very slick CVT gearbox. For a big car it goes/stops and handles surprisingly well. The rear boot space was the only concern but with just me and mrsF it's worked out just fine and 6 months down the line we've made a couple of trips over to Belgium without any issues. So lets have a brief recap of the initial 6 months of ownership. The car came with a spare key but it wasn't working, thankfully a new CR 1632 brought it back to life #phew January 31st - Lexus Full+100 service @Lincoln, including a Hybrid health check - was successful and warrantied for another 12 months The Lexus health check listed these items... both front tyre valves leaking - the OSF definitely is, around the base of the TPMS sensor. I can't see any leaks on the NSF rear brake pipe corroded - all I can see is a small rub on each side, looks like the inner arch has rubbed the pipes slightly front shocks leaking from body - all four dampers are bone dry tho! - I look forward to hearing what Lexus have to say about this exhaust blowing at 'Y' section - agreed, discussing this with the dealer that sold the vehicle exhaust also has a slight leak from the mid section - I couldn't get underneath sufficiently today to check this Not the best of starts but I was prepared for some work to get an older car 'straight'. February 7th new wiper blades Feb 11th, lowered bonnet bump stops that were preventing the bonnet from closing without a really good slam. Updated the OEM satnag, using - now the local roads appear. This supplier has the UK/Belgium/etc countries all on a single disk unlike other providers or OEM (over several disks) I needed to disconnect the 12v battery to get the replacement DVD to load. Feb 14th, Dashcam fitted, a Thinkware F770 dual channel that I'd been using in my previous steed. Hardwired into the AUX circuit via a piggy back fuse on the drivers fuse board. Earthed to the forward fuse board bolt. As the fuse board is well recessed, I've left the cover off for the moment but I may cut a slot in later and then refit the cover. Routing the cable was quite easy and only needed the drivers side end of the dash un-clipping. The cable was then tucked in the drivers A pillar and roof lining, up and over to the camera. Excess cable was looped up, cabled tied and tucked under the carpet well out of the way. As the rear sun shade doesn't run parallel to the rear screen (it starts further forward in front of the 3rd brake light) I managed to fit the camera just above the 3rd brake light, higher would have given a better image but that would have interfered with the sun shade. The rear camera cable was run around the parcel shelf, up and over the rear door but I couldn't get a neat run around the top of the b-pillar. So I dipped the cable halfway down the passenger b-pillar, popped off the lower section to loop up the excess cable (out of the way of the seat belt). The cable then went up and over the passenger door and around the top of the screen to the camera. All neat and tidy (ignore the mirror that was just pushed out of the way to show the camera install). Test views, front rear Feb 15th, gave the headlights a quick polish to see how they'd come up. Quite pleased how they came our after just a few mins work. Cargo net fitted, under the parcel shelf so I still have easy access to the boot (like this sample pic) Feb 17th, the car has been up on the ramps today with my trusted local mechanic who gave it the once over with me. All of the shocks are bone dry with no signs of any leaks or misting ANYWHERE. So for now I'm going to ignore the Lexus recommendation LOL The exhaust is definitely blowing at the rear Y (see earlier pic). We also saw that the OSR box has a few issues... Pretty obvious huh. Neither Lexus nor the last MOT flagged it. It can't just have appeared in the last 3 weeks since I've owned it. I despair. The rear section is beyond repair so I bunged my indi some beer money for using him ramps. Looks like I'll be getting a new rear section made up in the not to distant future Feb 19th, new mats fitted, this Luxury version fits a treat Gave her a good scrub Including the engine bay, no treatment applied yet Turns out the passenger footwell has only been blowing cold, giving mrsF cold feet and making her unhappy. Before you ask...yes, we tried all options of Dual/modes/temps/etc. So after surfing for solutions I dived in to check the servos; Drastic eh. I eventually tracked down the passenger temp control (passenger side) but with the fixing screws out, I couldn't get the servo out :( With fading light I decided to button it all back up and went for a quick test drive. What'd'ya know, the passenger footwell is now working! The only difference is that I taped up the ducting, both sides, to get a good seal from the heater core. Result. The sceptic in me reckons it can't be that easy and that I'll be back under the dash before too long. Which is just as well as I have a few screws left over Never finish up a job in the dark! I didn't get anywhere with the heater on Saturday afternoon, so buttoned it all back up and thought the mode control was roughly working. Nah, on a 5am commute the other morning clear screen setting kicked in (I didn't test that earlier) and the heater did zip all except vent to the rear seats! For the entire 4hr round trip At lunchtime I went back to basics and figured out what lever on the heater does what. I also removed the 2 servo's/mounting plate and let them do their thing. Once I had a grasp of ALL the settings (temp, modes) I set all levers in roughly the right setting, lined the mounting plate to the heater arms (no easy feat), restarted the vehicle and the first test failed I have noticed that when you turn off the ignition, the servo's sit for a while and then revert to some standby setting. I think this has been throwing me off so I removed the servo plate, set all levers in roughly the right setting again, fired up the ignition and let the servo plate settle. With the ignition still ON, I aligned the mounting plate to the arms for the umpteenth time and gingerly pressed a different mode button... The first test worked and the servo's didn't bind. So I tried another mode setting and that worked. Trying not to freak out, I carefully went through all the possible combinations and to my delight they all work The passenger side footwell output is still hopeless tho I think I may know which control needs a slight tweak but then it may just be the way the airflows. So rather than dismantle it all again I reckon I'll buy the mrs a heated blanket/mat or fan to keep her feet warm. To help align the 7? heater control arms to the servo plate I found one of these cheap endoscope camera's quite helpful to help see around corners Oh and this time there are NO spare fixings left over March 9th Yesterday I had the...pleasure? of exploring Leeds city center whilst my car was left at Tony Banks for a new exhaust. To recap the rear section had the usual split and a gaping hole in the OS muffler, so we definitely needed a new rear section. I knew the middle section had a slight blow and when Tony removed the rear...the middle section decided to snap in two! He spent around 6 hours (elapsed) crafting both sections from stainless. The cost of a new center section (with cats) was so tempting that I was already half tempted to get the whole lot done and then I'd never need consider the exhaust again. I didn't want any fancy or annoying noise so chose a standard set-up and driving around town you'd struggle to tell this system from OEM. Under hard acceleration or at dual carriageway/motorway speeds there is a slight increase in noise, which is no bad thing at OEM is really quiet. The system should quieten down a notch once it's coked up a bit. I didn't get back to the work shop before the car came off the ramps so I haven't had a close look at the system but from what I can see it looks dandy. The chaps were helpful and have plenty of varied work coming through the workshop, including a steady number of Lexus. Overall I'm impressed and wouldn't hesitate to recommend March 17th OSR tyre flat - punctured, replaced with an Avon ZZ5, managed saved the TPMS and fitted a new valve. OSF leaking needed which on investigation then a new TPMS sensor. April 2nd, cleaned/lubed rear calipers. OSR stone guard is badly corroded April 21st, paint correction/protection; July 6th, fitted 3M tape and a roof rack before the heavens opened. It'll allow me to get back on the bike and hit some nice trails, once I source a carrier. Found a great heavy duty bag to store the rack, If you want any more details about anything above, then check out my opening thread;
  4. Lexus GS450h Mats - Swap

    I have some proper genuine Lexus mats in excellent, very clean condition in light brown/beige that were fitted my 2008 GS450H. These were replaced by Lexus as a condition of sale as beige doesn't match the interior of my car - I got black instead. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm sure they will fit any other GS from 2005 to 2011. I would like to swap for some similarly clean and tidy Lexus mats for a GS, but in light grey (my interior is Sussex Grey). Thanks!
  5. Evening, I've got a 2012 GS450h F-Sport and I have to pull the boot lid pretty hard to close it, should it have a soft close boot like my 2008 GS450h did?
  6. Hi all, please don't be calling me cheap or tight here, but my right hand wing mirror glass is smashed, i tried the self adhesive 'universal' stuff that you cut to size, but it totally distorts the view. I don't want to pay £120 for the glass, or £200 for an entire second hand mirror in the wrong colour (electric, heated, folding), so my question is: What similar mirror glass can i pick up for £10-£20, even if its slightly too small and not heated? Anything will do, thr rx400h mirror looks close, but even a mondeo or astra miror glass is fine, provided its not too big, and will fit inside the recess? cheers guys/girls!
  7. New owner - GS450h 2008

    I'm now the very proud owner of a 2008 Lexus GS450h with around 59,000 miles on the clock. I've been hankering after one of these for quite a while (see this post in January) The one I've bought is in velvet black with ivory leather, and all the SE-L toys including ACC/PCS and a sunroof. I bought it from Lexus Edgware Road, so have a full warranty which hopefully I won't need to use, but is nice peace of mind. Admittedly I've driven less than 100 miles so far but I was highly impressed with the 36.8 mpg I achieved driving back up the A1 to Cambridgeshire. I have some immediate questions concerning how to switch the clock to 24 hours format and why on earth it doesn't have a sunglasses holder which I assume are better addressed in the proper forum, but I wanted to say hello all the same. Pictures of the car here... Looking forward to contributing here, thanks for looking.
  8. 3 hours into a 5 hour drive I noticed the animations i.e. The power paths disappeared ? Car seemed to drive fine ? Also noticed that it switched the the hybrid page by itself occasionally.
  9. Hello all... I've been a lexus lover for quite a while and on my first Hybrid. My target is the RX hybrids but I thought I should try the old GS hybrid first. Was working perfectly well until recently that I had to park it at home without use for about 2 weeks initially and then another 2 week. Check Hybrid system came up and I took it down to my nearest dealership. I was told that the batteries needs replacing and it will cost £2600 and absolutely no guarantee will be given even after the battery is replaced at that cost. Its almost like a great heartbreak for me as I have convinced a number of friend to go Lexus already. I bought a RX400h for a friend and the warning lights came up. I had to dispose it off at the auction and ended up losing around 3gs. I so much believe in Lexus and the last time just before I bought my GS, a dealership told me that the hybrid system is supposed to last a lifetime. The report I got where I took my GS was that there isn't any warrantee on the hybrid system after 10 years. funny enough, the error message came up after the car reached 10 years. Sorry I'm writing an apostle. I am hoping for a word or two to restore my faith in the Lexus Hybrid brand or perhaps an advice.
  10. Quite a few people ask me how to best look after their hybrid battery packs during hot weather. All Lexus / Toyota Hybrids are equipped with at least 4 thermal sensors, in most cases more, so theoretically if all those & their associated cooling fans / ECU's / wiring / ducting / grills etc are all in good clean working order then the vehicles should 'look after themselves' so to speak so no real great cause for alarm or worry - however - issues arise when any of these fail or become broken or clogged. Also we are all human so when it's hot we want our AC Air Conditioning on, it is not generally known by hybrid owners, however, that our Air Conditioning compressor motors are not driven by a belt & pulley from the engine as the vast majority of other vehicles are. No! ours are driven by quite a heavy three phase electrical motor directly fed via a converter from our Hybrid Battery. If our Hybrid Battery &/or system is not in good condition & we are sat in traffic, for instance, the engine not running & the air-con working to cool us - the hybrid battery will quickly drain & be topped up by our hybrid system resulting in a bit of a see-saw effect (discharge/charge) which in itself is not very good (whatever anyone else says) for the health of our Hybrid Battery in effect it eats away at the capacity of the battery. What can we do about it ? Some simple steps like setting our A/C's at a specific normal temperature say 20 degrees & placing it in automatic mode, this will ensure the compressor runs only when absolutely needed, not having windows open while A/C is on as we are then trying to cool the entire planet, other simple things like parking in the shade where possible, keeping all vents & air intake grills clear of detritus. If you know your Hybrid Battery is a bit weak you are probably better off not using the AC at all. Hope this helps
  11. So have had my GS450H for a few month, I'm enjoying it very much and can really hustle it round some undulating back roads. I have one frustration that is the manual shift up and down. I would like to have the gearbox shift to a higher gear by pulling back and push forward to change down. To me this seems like it should be really simple, anyone done this via hardware or software
  12. Hello Guys: I had a series of Hybrid Battery errors in my GS450H (New to me) 2006 Model. Basically issues with Cells in Bank 13 and 19/20 according to a code scanner. I've removed the Hybrid Battery as per the Instructions available at various locations, and replaced 2 x Cells which had Low Voltage (6.7V Compared to 8.35V on the rest of my Pack). Re-Assembled the Battery and connected back in car. However now when I try and start the car I get nothing... pressing the start button does nothing... the Key Remote doesn't respond and lock/unlock the doors at all (even though I can see the light flashing on the Remote). My Mechanic and I have trawelled various forums and completed the following - Place Remote close to the Start Button (No Change) - Disconnected Battery for an Hour or Longer (We had it off for 15 Hours and still no change once reconnected) - Checked Engine Bay Fuses (All Seem Ok/Working on Test Light etc) The Car does have 12V Power running through it, the Headlights work through the stalk, and the Interior Lights come on when you open/close doors. Central Locking appears to work with the Key (obviously not remote). Does anyone have any ideas at all? Should the Dash come on/Light up even if the Hybrid Battery Pack was disconnected/not working?
  13. A little back story first. My '06 GS450h first displayed the Check Hybrid System lights along with the P0A80 fault around six months ago. I replaced a faulty module in the hybrid battery pack which resolved the issue. Today while driving I heard a chime, and looked down to see the dreaded return of the Check Hybrid System lights. Interestingly, I've noticed that the hybrid battery appears to be charging and discharging as per normal. The car drives fine and I've probably driven the car for about 100kms since the light appeared. I hooked up my OBD2 scanner to retrieve any fault codes, which returned the below: U0293 - Lost Communication with HV ECU P0a7f - Hybrid Battery Pack Deterioration U0100 - Lost Communication With Engine Control Module Has anybody here seen the above codes appearing together or have any idea where to begin in trying to rectify the issue? Sadly starting to think the time has come to finally get rid of the old girl - however would like to clear this issue so I can get a decent trade on it.
  14. Since acquiring my GS earlier this year one issue I've been wanting to tackle is the paintwork. The paint looked a bit tired and generally needed a lift, there were some scratches on the doors/etc that I hoped could be...removed/reduced. The bonnet has it's fair share of stone chips. I wasn't looking for perfection but thought it should be spruced up to look more respectable. Earlier this week, the car spent 2 days at CustomCreationsUK (Notts area) where Chris/Andy got stuck in to an overall paint correction. The job turned into a bit of mare for poor Chris as most panels had seen some previous touch ups, blow overs or previous corrections. But he kept at it and I was amazed when I picked up the car. The paint is now devoid of all swirls, you now have to search for the scratches and it's so, so shiny. Overnight the weather obliged to allow a compulsory beading shot You'll find further info and a few more pic's on the CCUK FB album; Here's an extract of the work completed; This luxury Lexus came to us to have the paintwork looked at. After many of the body panels had been touched up or resprayed, it was starting to look a little tired. - Snow foam & wash - Full decontamination followed by claying - Wheel cleaned & decontaminated - Scholl S17 & S30 used to cut & refine the paintwork - KKD Purity X sealant applied - Definitive Wax Synthetic Edition applied - Definitive Wax QD Pro used to finish off - Exhaust tips polished. Their prices are very competitive, their work and customer focus is great. I'm well chuffed and would definitely recommend them. What do you think?
  15. New owner in Norfolk

    Morning all, Wanted to say hi, as just got a GS450h yesterday, 2006 year, but in fairly good nick despite fairly leggy mileage of 144k. It's my first Lexus, so fingers crossed. Only drive it home, but already like it. Hopefully I'll soon come to love it. Any how's, off to read the manuals and sure will be back with plenty of questions for you gurus, first likely being the blooming TPMS 'check system' error, that red exclamation and flashing flat tyre symbol already getting on my nerves. But I'll have a search before asking away Cheers all, Upex
  16. Hi - newie here, recently purchased a lovely GS450h. Trying to fit a Bluetooth adapter kit and having a problem. Looked on forum, but couldn't find solution. I purchased this unit to play Bluetooth. Although I am not bothered by CD changer (don't have CDs) or SatNav (I use google maps) I also got a Y splitter as well, I looked at all the install videos, seemed straightforward, I took the unit out, plugged in the adapter and ... nothing. No power to Bluetooth, Sat Nav stopped working, as did most of the audio functions. Using splitter or plugging straight in gave same results It seemed odd to me that the 6+6 adapter in my unit only had 2 wires, all the install videos I saw had more. Am I missing something? any help gratefully appreciated Before adding adapter, 2 wires only into the 6+6 plug (and after connecting splitter)
  17. Hi All I have a 2007 GS450h. Unfortunately someone has bumped my driver side wing mirror and the casing is cracked slightly on the rim. Any idea where I can get a replacement. Can anyone recommend any good lexus breakers? Many thanks!
  18. Hi Everyone, I've just signed up as I'm on the hunt for a GS. Hopefully you knowledgeable lot can steer me to make the right choice ;) I've a hankering for a comfortable V6 that's reliable. I'm still trawling the tinterweb, absorbing model info, specs and seeing what cars are available. I've yet to compare boot sizes between the 300 and 450H but don't think the smaller boot will be a stumbling block. The hybrid power and economy is very tempting. I'll be checking insurance quotes tomorrow, so wish me luck! As I occasionally travel with bikes I wondered if anyone has fitted a towbar? Or maybe roof racks the norm? Spec isn't a big concern as they come with plenty of toys anyway. I've seen a few 08 models around with Dealers don't appear to have many older cars listed, is this normal? Surely they get trade in's as folks upgrade, so where do the cars go? I've just read thru a few vehicle MOT histories and shocks appear to be a common fault. Pricey too by the look of it. I wondered if lots of faults over the years might be a better long term option, as parts had been replaced? Or maybe they haven't been cared for as much and faults only crop up come MOT time? Any thoughts? If you know any decent cars for sale in the Midlands, then let me know.
  19. Hi I have a 2010 GS450h and wondering what break pads should I use?. I bought the car with delphi break pads and discs and they are not good at all. They make a high pitch squeal when it is hot and only during slow speed break. It bothers me and embarrassing for such a silent car. So i have decided to change the breakpads (leaving the discs) So any one recently changed the break pads ? Please suggest a good product which is silent and safe. Do you know the brand of OEM break pads? Many thanks Harry
  20. Would it not be better to have a separate FORUM for GS Hybrid owners?? At present the GS300h does not even get a mention and its been out since December 2013????
  21. Hi Gutted ! Just this evening I finished work and started mys car. Oops the ready symbol flashed few times and the car wont start at all. The ready sign kept flashing no warnigs. After few seconds the engine kicked in and got the Check Hybrid System warning along with red triangle and Check Engine Light. (No other warning lights ) The car has done 65k miles and a 2010 se-l model. Well serviced and recently did the Hybrid Health Check. I only bought it two months back so only have a basic 6month warranty. was waiting for it to finish before i can put lexus warranty. So I called lexus and the asked me to bring it. The car was running as normal on both electric and engine even the energy monitor showing like it is running fine. The battery was charging properly infact it went to a high charge state on the way to lexus. Nothing odd happened over last two days just a lot of driving on country roads. One thing i noticed is a slight sulfur like smell in the morning in side the cabin. I thought this might be the brand of petrol I used. Other thing is i have been having a break squeal issue since i bought the car but that i think due to the dealer did not shim the break pads properly when i bought the car. I left to lexus but they will only get it diagnosed tomorrow morning. Any one had similar issue please share I am in a bit of a bad situation here. Also any advise please shout out. Many thanks
  22. Hi After owning a 2010 60kmiles GS450 for three months started to notice the engine sound and Electric motor whining. I actually thought the car is dead silent and cannot hear a thing from inside but it is not at all true (at lease in my case). On a cold morning the Engine fires up to a rattles louder than normal noise. Like a Diesel engine. And i also clearly notice the whining noise of the electric motor. Is it just me or am i used to the silence that i hear such noises? Do you notice similar noises? Do you think I having a problem? Looks like i cant really show of to my mates how silent the car is. Thanks Hari
  23. My GS450h

    Hello Some of you may know me from Lexus related Facebook groups and to the rest - hi will introduce my currently owned GS450h. Bought it 100% stock in January Just like my previous Lexuses - i wanted a little bit more of sportier and lower ride so i got these Right after i put them on car looked like this Some time later i have put spacers on the back Not long after i also have put another pair of 15mm spacers on to the front aswell Right after i came back from my 3 week holiday abroad i was welcomed by this. So i have done this... Traction battery out, bad cell replaced, copper connectors cleaned. She was back on the road again. Even managed to make some low budget clip with Go Pro cameras :) Not long after i have decided to change my wheels. Got 19" 9.5j ET27 allround At the moment she looks like this Little comparison vs my ex GS430 :) A few pics from the last weekend That's it for now. I have got some updates planned and will post them as soon as i have them done ;)
  24. Hi All I bought the lexus gs450h gen 3 recently and the dealer had fitted brand new discs for me. Ever since i got the car i had this odd squeaking noice on low speed and reversing. It is such an embarrassing noise especially for the car which is so silent. Any did some research and there is number of thing that causes this. In my case it was not greased properly. The break pads were sharp and rubbing against the discs which give a high pitched noise. Local garage actually fixed it for me and costs 30mins of labour. Just an fyi in case you fit a new discs please make sure it is greased properly. Thanks Hari
  25. Hi Sorry for a lot of questions as a new owner of the GS450h 3rd gen. Just some clarifications needed please. 1. Sport Suspension mode: I usually put the Sport suspension and the Hybrid power mode together but yesterday going around a twisty roads I thought I turn on the sports suspension but but left the power to normal. To my surprise I noticed a change in the throttle response. It was lot more responsive than normal. Does the sport mode actually change the throttle response. Please some one explain. !! 2. Cruise control coasting: I was driving on a Built up area on 30mph and decided to put the car on Cruise. Unlike my old 220d or any other car I noticed the GS is actually coasting. It was not steady 30mph it was trying to coast on battery and suddenly increase the speed to 30. have anyone noticed this?. Not sure if it will be same case for higher speeds. I clearly notice the speed was not steady. 3. No Eco mode/snow mode: Is snow mode similar to Eco mode? This is one thing I see in the newer model I really like to have the eco mode so let the car take care of careful throttling. What is snow mode any way. Thanks Hari