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Found 38 results

  1. Hi All, I have an orange indicator light constantly on. It is the auto levelling warning light. I guess it tells me that there is something wrong with the autolevelling. My car has recently passed an MOT and I know that the lights are set on the correct level. I assume that one of the height sensors (perhaps the one at the back of the car) is not working properly. I was wondering what is the best way to identify which sensor failed? I don't feel like changing all sensors or lamps without knowing what went wrong. If I connect the car to the TechStream or some OBD2 scanner would it tell me exactly which sensor failed? Thank you for a reply in advance.
  2. I wonder if anyone can shed any light on an issue I am having with my 2005 RX300... please? I noticed a little while ago that, occasionally, under normal (not harsh) braking at low speed, or under normal (not harsh) acceleration from standstill, either the ABS or Traction Control would kick in. The ABS "effect" seemed to be coming from the off-side front and so at a recent service I asked the garage to check the ABS rings and examine whatever they could get into, on all four corners. This they did and reported that everything appeared as it should be. More recently, I was advised that the issue could be a dirty ABS/Speed Sensor (maybe a small piece of road dirt or debris had become lodged etc...) and that if it could be removed it might be cleaned, however, they also had a tendancy to break if not having been removed before and so the best course of action would be to buy a new one and change it completely. This I did and the work was completed just a couple of hours ago ...and I can report that it most definitely appears that the offside front was the culprit because now, pretty much every time I pull away, the Traction Control kicks in! The only thing that has been changed was the sensor (Part Number checked before purchase and fitment), so I can only assume with a new sensor in place the issue has become more apparent. So, can anyone offer me any advice as to what to do next? Is it worth going ahead and changing the sensor ring, just in case, or has anyone else experienced this and has a "fix" that works? Any help/advice/assitance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Nige.
  3. New to owning a Lexus

    Hello, As the title suggests I'm new to owning a Lexus and almost by default. I've owned SUV's before (Honda) and intended reverting to younger days and a convertible, but once I tested a few, realised that comfort and a loftier driving position were for me! I came across a 2005 RX300 ES L, with 48k on the clock and serviced annually. Although the previous owner (2nd from new) had used this as a young children carrier, I saw past the sticky upholstery and badly stained carpets. (It didn't smell too good either) Anyway a smooth test drive and now it's mine for a very reasonable price. I'm amazed by smoothness and the kit on these, actually more that my previous car, which was a 2013. It'll take some retraining and I suspect some daft questions to you all, before I get to grips with it all. Just a couple for now. It only came with one key, (their little boy buried one on the beach!) and although working the casing is held together with tape. The dealer wants £150 for a new key and coding it. Any advice? And SatNat - it'll need updating. Anything I should about those on eBay? Thanks Murray
  4. se or se-L

    Hi all, new to the forum and possibly new to Lexus, I am in the market for a used rx 300 as a second car and I have seen 2 candidates, a 2004se and a 2005se-L, they are similar money, the older s.e has about 25,000 miles less. I am really interested in the s.e-L for all of its toys, but I'm somewhat put off by the air suspension, as in its reliability worries me. The consensus points to it being fairly unreliable. So do I take a punt on the younger prettier one with air suspension, or the older but possibly more dependable s.e? Thoughts and experiences will be greatly appreciated. Lee.
  5. Good evening everyone, After just coming back from a week in devon, ive noticed some big stone chips on my bumper. Im wondering if to try and touch them up for the time being or at some stage get it repainted. Can anyone tell me where is the best place to get touch up paint from please.
  6. Hi, I have a lovely Rx300 04 reg which runs pretty smooth. definitely a keeper. lastely i noticed the heat guage playing up so got it checked. the coolant was nearly empty! The mech suggested that it has a hair line sort of crack on the radiator but its not noticeable hence i never saw it. I never noticed any water pooled under the car etc on the drive way. anyway, he poured in some sort of solvent which was to fill up any hair line cracks in the radiator and that it would work fine. It worked initially and i noticed no movement for 3 4 months. Sadly, it came back and i could see the heat guage moving. got it checked from another place and they said that although its a hairline crack somewhere but its a definite replacement of radiator as the coolant levels are constantly going down and car heating up a bit (not close to the red mark). So now i am looking for radiator replacement. The mechanic quoted £180 inc VAT for the radiator unit and maybe another 100 to put it in. sounds reasonable? Lexus would be 600+ i think. but i can see Rx300 radiator for £123.15 on adrad website. advanced radiators. Just wanted to check if they are proper dealers and that i could get it from them maybe? and will it properly fit as it says on the website. Thanks.
  7. Hello, Can anyone recommend one of those plug-in 12v MP3 players that take an SD card and play via FM? There seem to be so many to choose from, with varying reviews...
  8. Sorry to bother you with another RX300 alarm issue. I have checked previous threads and tried some of the suggested fixes but without success. A few weeks ago the alarm started sounding at random when the car was in a locked status. It usually happened up to 10-40 minutes after I had locked the car. Everything else seems to be working. I installed new batteries in the two remotes and grey sub key = no difference. I have a temporary fix by retaining one black key in the ignition and manually locking the driver's door with the other. Hardy satisfactory but it works. Any tips or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks - Chris
  9. Hi, I especially hoped to ask members who have already moved up from the rx300 to the rx400h, which would be the better car assuming FSH spec and condition are the same, but a much higher mileage on the hybrid. For the budget I have available, I can get a rx300 mk2 04/5 with low to average mileage or opt for a 06/07/08 rx400h with 110 to 150k plus miles done. Trying to decide if the younger 400h is really a much better model and drive experience over the MK2 300 or not really?. Another factor for me is that I will have to leave the car sitting around for 4 months of the year, as I have to be abroad. I worry that the 400h small battery issue will be a pain every time I return and need to jump start it. I know the 400h has a smoother gearbox, more air bags etc, however, I would be starting with well over 100k mileage on a 400h and components will theoretically be reaching end of design life. On the other hand, if I go for a 400h I have a much better chance at a car under 10 years old, so I can potentially avail of a Lexus used warranty ( available for cars under 10years with LFSH). Still, very good RX300 come up, with some good low mileage examples with anything from 40k to 70k to be had. My gut is kinda telling me to get a good low mileage rx300, but I am concerned that I might be overlooking a better all round experience in the 400h, as the components can probably take the high mileage and the battery issue won't be a big problem, especially if I get one of those solar chargers mentioned elsewhere in the forums. Any guidance, insights here would be much appreciated as its a tricky one for me not having bought many used cars in the past or owned either Lexus 300/400h model. Many thanks Daniel
  10. Hi all I have a 2002 (old shape) RX300 bought it with 75K on the clock and now has 103K. It has an intermittent problem with the cruise control thats driving me nuts. If I set the cruise control to ON the green cruise light shows on the dash and it will work for approximately 40 miles sometime around then the cruise light will flicker off/on and disengage the set speed, the cruise light will remain on. The further you drive the car and more you reset the cruise control the worse the problem gets. The Cruise light shows 4 different symptoms starting at one and progressing through 1 - flickers off for a fraction of a second disengaging the set speed 2 - flickers off for a fraction of a second refusing to set a speed T 3 - flickers on and off in a series of patterns (as it gets worse) 4 - it goes off completely. The only way to get the light back on is to press the on/off button Twice or turn the ignition off then restart the car and press the on/off button once (eventually) I generally drive between 50-60 mph but the fault does not seem to be speed related. I have actually had the car stood on the drive engine running cruise control ON (having returned from a trip up the motorway). Pressing the cruise control stick down as if to set the speed resulted in the Cruise light flickering off for a second exactly as would when driving but refusing to set a speed. When the fault is showing turning the ignition off and restating the car doesn't clear the fault. Leaving the cruise off or not trying to set a speed for some length of time while driving does seem to bring it back to some form of intermittent operation but not for long.L leave the vehicle until the next day and its good for another 40 miles or so on cruise. I had an Independent repairer check the On board diagnostics and they came back with three fault codes B1421 passenger side Sunlight penetration photo Circuit defective C1223 Control Unit Faulty Operation C0278 Relay Solenoid Valve Open/Close Circuit Has anyone had anything similar and what was the fix please? Any Ideas Anyone? PLease
  11. I decided to get my bulbs upgraded... now it's dark, cold and wintery... Wow! I had replaced, what I would guess were old dipped Xenon bulbs on my Rx300 with 'Osram Night Breaker Unlimited Xenarc'. Not cheap but the difference is notable. White, sharp, longer beam. I had my fog bulbs replaced with Osram's too - just seemed good to do them at the same time. And my sides with, Ring (LED 501 Capless Bulbs 6000K Ice White Bulb CANbus Technology) Wow, those sides are good. I often use them during the Summer months when driving along shaded country roads... :hohoho:
  12. Hello, Does anyone know WHICH lights can be indicated, by the lights-out warning-light on the dashboard? My car manual didn't enlighten me... I assume headlights and taillights - maybe? Regards, Piers.
  13. Hi all, I've had an annoying cold start, low idle RPM engine rattle/buzz since I got my RX300 in Feb this year. These rattles are a devil to track down as can appear to come from places you really wouldn't think of checking! Purely by accident whilst replacing my oil cooler pipes, I had the first three sections of "under tray" off my car and as I had my car on wheel ramps (front), I felt happy wriggling underneath to find some spots for axle-stands as a backup for the ramps (safety first!) - the places I wanted to put my axle-stands had the third "section" of under tray from the front of the car approx below where the driver/passenger floor mats are, and was stopping my stands making clean metal on metal contact with the chassis/frame. Whilst on my back looking up at the under tray as I removed it, I noticed a piece of exhaust heatshield that looked like it was barely hanging on and when I touched it, it felt like it would just fall off! Tracing the shield and the pipe back towards the front of the car, this piece of heatshield was a sort of "Y" shape and made of two halves that fit around the pipe with 3 clamps (this part of the exhaust branches to both banks of the V6 engine into one pipe that runs to the first muffler/cat and has the lambda sensors, one for each branch). One of the clamps had disappeared at the bottom of the "Y" and when I checked the other 2, they looked like the attached pic! Eek! Seeing as I bought a bunch of Steel cable ties a little while ago to re-affix the last back-box to the rubber mount where the mounting bracket had corroded away (I still haven't done that job yet!) I thought this would be a great time to patch it up and move on with the oil cooler pipe and ATF change I had planned. I also found two nuts & bolts that were "missing" from a section just above this heatshield on another piece that I could quite see, so rummaged in the toolbox and found some 20mm M8 nuts & bolts that fitted. I had sorta forgotten about the patch-up till I had the missus start the car after the ATF change so we could get it on the ground and level it off to check the fluid level and top up as required. She said "where's the rattle gone?!" :)
  14. So being a bank hol weekend and me being a glutton for punishment, I decided to finally replace Automatic Transmission Fluid and the leaky oil cooler pipes (part number: 32907-48030) bolted under the front bumper of Mr Lex. One thing to note is to ensure you order the new part 32907-48031 and not just a replacement for the original - it is not clear where or how you would know a part has been revised by Toyota/Lexus but for extensive research beforehand! The replacement part is identical but for 2 rubber grommets and 2 metal (zinc?) collets (see Pic below) cost is around £50-60 (expensive for what it is!). For just a straight automatic transmission fluid change, please see the excellent guide on our US pals LOC site: - WARNING: The picture of the hoses on the post is annotated incorrectly and is the hose on the far right of the cooler pipe, everything else was good. Using the above method, I managed to retrieve 7.2 litres of old fluid (some in the cooler radiator looked like molasses syrup and was almost as thick!) Before fitting the new part, I wanted to avoid the corrosion from starting and thought I'd use up some of a can of black Lidl "Hammerite-style" spray as the replacement is made from identical metal as the original and is by far the worst corroded part on my 12yr old, 108k miles RX300.
  15. Hi all, due to the need for something with larger carrying capacity I am looking to compliment our existing Sc430 with a low mileage low tax band rx300 or 350. Must be well cared for and maintained, appreciate that these are a working vehicle but it will be to replace an existing Ls400 with 55k i will be selling shortly and I would like to keep it in as near perfect condition as I can so am looking for something with no damage or excessive wear and tear. Darker colour would be preferred with sat nav and working tailgate. I am in East Yorkshire area and dont want to travel too far as have already clocked up time and miles looking at vehicles which have not been as advertised such as the one advertised as excellent condition, well maintained with good tyres to find it had warning lights on dash, rip in trim, bodywork damage, peeling paint, no service by last owner and bald tyres. You know the sort of thing, this is not what I am looking for. Am aware of potentially high bills with these vehicles so good maintenance history is essential. Appreciate that this may be a needle in a haystack job, but as we now have the SC430 which has replaced the main usage of the LS400 I need to replace my LS400 with something better suited to our outstanding needs. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi All Apologies if this has already been answered, but my trawl of the forum didn't yield any results. I have a 2004 RX300 with a GEN1 SatNav with some pretty old discs in it. I am looking at upgrading to the latest discs (2011 I believe) from I wondered if anyone had purchased these and if so could confirm: 1: If search by postcode only is facilitated with this - current setup is infuriating! 2: If the latest discs allow the SatNav to be used whilst the car is moving - I'm getting conflicting info from the web Thanks in advance and apologies if this has already been answered. Daniel
  17. Hi all, Just FYI for those that are interested, admin please remove post if this could get us in trouble. Hope this helps someone! Chris.
  18. Hi all, Happy new year to everyone. The sunroof on my 05 RX300 has stopped working so I think the motor has gone. Has anyone got any experience of getting this fixed in terms of ease and cost? Thanks Michael
  19. I have just bought a dash cam and is says It can also be used to record any contact when parked but it must have a live connection when the key is switched off or taken out. It usually slots in to the cig lighter or one of the other power points but I don't think they are live when the ignition is off. Can anyone tell me how to make one of these power points live all the time. Regards
  20. Hi everyone, New to the club and big apologies if this topic has been raised before. Recently bought a lovely 05 RX300 - so very pleased with it as I had gone in to buy a BMW X5 but what a dull car that was! Anyway it only came with one key and I need to get a replacement. Lexus are saying that they want £280 to make and program a new key (as long as the key I have is the master otherwise it's £1000 to replace the security system!) I've rung some independant car key people and they can only supply a 'dumb' key which will open the doors manually and start the engine, for about £100. Cant see how that turns off the alarm though? Any ideas, clues, help would be much appreciated. Thank you and good to meet you all. Michael
  21. Hi all - the previous owner put a set of Dynastorm 235/55/r18's on my 05 RX 300. By the looks of things they have a good amount of life left. I've never heard of this brand before, so thought I should ask if anyones had experience with them on an RX or other cars? I've always preferred sticking with the bigger brands like Continental. I'd be keen to hear anyones thoughts as to what is the best tyre for the RX 300. I'm looking for a good all round tyre and preferably one that's as quiet as possible. Cheers!
  22. Can anyone recommend a non - dealer, specialist mechanic near Egham (TW20) for replacing the exhaust solenoid? I don't want to replace the whole air suspension compressor but it is stuck in the up position. Any other tips would be most appreciated as to how to get it lowered otherwise. Cheers, MSand
  23. Hello, on the last couple of long trips,the Satnav on my 54 RX300 has started getting my position wrong. It varies from 100 yards to miles out. It is not an old maps/ new road issue. The problem is intermittent, it may play up for 5 minutes and then fix itself, or be several hours before recovering. Searching the web I found a link which gave instructions on how to reset the satnav which was essentially pull all the wires out and leave for one minute. Before I try that, I thought I would check on the forum and see if anyone here knew what the problem was and how to fix. The CD player packed up some years ago (Error 4 I think), so with the Satnav giving trouble perhaps it is time for a full entertainment system refresh. Does anyone know of someone in the Basildon/Southend area that can do an upgrade with a compatible system? Thank you, Gary
  24. Hi All, New to the forum. I have an RX300 where the security light does not flash when the doors are locked. When I bought the car the OSR door did not lock and assumed this was the reason the light did not flash. I have the door lock fixed but no change. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Hello! Lexus Rx300Se

    Hi everyone, After many years tanking about in Series Land Rovers, in January I sent my very ancient 109 Station Wagon for major restoration and set about finding an interim vehicle. I needed a good, strong, reliable modern 4x4 and the choice came down to either a Land Cruiser, or a Lexus RX300. It's fairly obvious which one I went for! After researching and searching across the UK, I finally found just the vehicle in my home city - a low mileage RX300SE, in blue with black leather, an original UK car with a full history and no issues. Nice. It would be hard to exaggerate the joy of my children when mum came home with a vehicle that didn't require them to wear ear defenders on the motorway ... that had an efficient heater ... a fancy stereo ... windscreen wipers with more than one speed ... comfortable seats ... good grief - heated seats! ... the list goes on and you all know it only too well. I confess - our RX300SE has been a revelation. Utterly reliable, incredibly comfortable and soothing to travel in, it is the antithesis of Land Rover, ancient or modern. I soon found this forum and have lurked here for a while, but as nothing has ever gone wrong, I hadn't registered until now. So, how am I going to break it to the kids that with the old Land Rover nearing the end of its restoration, the Lexus is going to have to go? And when push comes to shove, can I really give it up?