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Found 6 results

  1. se or se-L

    Hi all, new to the forum and possibly new to Lexus, I am in the market for a used rx 300 as a second car and I have seen 2 candidates, a 2004se and a 2005se-L, they are similar money, the older s.e has about 25,000 miles less. I am really interested in the s.e-L for all of its toys, but I'm somewhat put off by the air suspension, as in its reliability worries me. The consensus points to it being fairly unreliable. So do I take a punt on the younger prettier one with air suspension, or the older but possibly more dependable s.e? Thoughts and experiences will be greatly appreciated. Lee.
  2. Hello, My RX300 has air suspension. It also has a Lexus Warranty. And I love it. But… Over the last few days, I’ve noticed it needs to pump-up at the back, when it’s been standing all day or overnight. And it looks lower to. More so than usual. I can also hear the pump cutting in occasionally when I am driving. I guess I’ll need to get it looked at, but I am still curious as to what others might think is the issue. ( I appreciate that remote-by-web diagnostics are not always the way to go, but I always appreciate the views of others!) PCM
  3. Hi, I'm looking to try to diagnose a problem with a 2010 RX450h. Just recently the A/C motor has started to run all the time even when stationary and the car temperature is below the set temperature. When I press the start button the A/C motor starts up and the cars no longer silent when stationary. I've turned the A/C to "off" and the motor stops and all is quiet again. Any ideas - is it a sensor that's failed. Thanks for any help.
  4. In Ireland, we are now only being contacted for a recall to replace a Gasket and Fuel Delivery Pipe. I know that this was dealt with some time ago in the UK and USA. I drive a2008 IS250, and I have had to replace both pre-cat Air Fuel Sensors; and I was wondering if the failure of these sensors could in any way be related to the problem that is behind the recall?
  5. I noticed today that my RX is slightly higher on one side at the front, by about 2cm. It's on a fairly fiat gravel drive. Is this normal? If not should my Lexus warranty cover it? Any thoughts most welcome...
  6. Thought I'd add this in as I couldn't find anything on the forum....... Not knowing much about cars I decided to change my airfilter and a job which takes 10 seconds ended up taking 1hour and half as I didn't know what I was doing To change the airfilter simple unfasten the 2 clips location on the engine cover the which are located on the lexus strip area.. Botton and the top Then simply pull out the plastic casing (the Lexus strip area) swap the airfilter and hey presto apologies if this has already been posted up