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Found 21 results

  1. Quick Question guys, I have the Mark Levinson sound system installed in my IS250 and for some strange reason I can't seem to forward any parts of my music tracks. There is a skip track button but no forwards, I have tried holding down the skip button but all it does is jump to the next track. Anyone know the solution?
  2. Pioneer AVH-X8800BT

    Hi all, I'm selling my Pioneer AVH-X8800BT stereo, I'm only selling due to selling my car and my current car won't take this unit. It will also come with the Pioneer ND-BC8 rear camera which is brand new that I didn't get round to fitting. It's a fantastic unit which supports both Android Auto and also Apple Car Play. I tend to buy Pioneer units due to the 2 USB's that they have and also the user friendly interface. It also has bluetooth and lots of other features that I probably haven't even used. The fascia is removable which is handy and a rare feature for most system. It's in excellent condition and comes with: Box Stereo and fascia Fascia holder Pioneer remote 2 x USB cable extensions Microphone ISO lead Stereo surround Pioneer reversing camera I can help with fitting for those who might need a hand. Any questions please ask, I am looking for £450 or very near offer. For sale: Hi all, I'm selling my Pioneer AVH-X8800BT stereo, I'm only selling due to selling my car and my current car won't take this unit. It will also come with the Pioneer ND-BC8 rear camera which is brand new that I didn't get round to fitting. It's a fantastic unit which supports both Android Auto and also Apple Car Play. I tend to buy Pioneer units due to the 2 USB's that they have and also the user friendly interface. It also has bluetooth and lots of other features that I probably haven't even used. The fascia is removable which is handy and a rare feature for most system. Item Condition: Excellent condition Price and price conditions: £450 Pictures: Contact Details: Please PM me Location: Strood, Kent Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Collection would be better, wouldn't like to post due to it being fragile.
  3. Heya Ive just purchased a lovely rx300 2004. But the CD player is not working. The radio works fine but when you press load it says wait and then nothing happens the radio just carries on playing and there is no responce when you press cd or tape. does anyone know what the problem might be and if it's a repair or replacement type of job. im thinking the simplest option would be to get a second hand unit that I could get fitted. If I take this option how easy is it to remove the cd unit, could I do it myself or should I get a technician on it? On the same wavelength would a cd unit from a rx350 fit ok (thinking a newer model may have less issues) and if mine has the mark Levison system can I swap it for a normal system. Any help would be appreciated ,
  4. On previous cars with high end audio systems when in DAB the display has indicated the title of music tracks playing or other info about the programme. On my Lexus it does sometimes display some information , but seems quite random. Also if the audio display is full screen it makes itself smaller after a short period of time. I always understood one of the big advantages of DAB was the ability to display text information about programmes on the screen?
  5. Hi All, has anyone updated a rx400h nav screen and Mark Levinson hi fi to the later one which has the 'AUDIO' button in place of the 'CLOCK' button on the earlier versions? I have a '06 RX400h and would like to update it but maybe someone out there has already tried? Any pit falls? can it even be done?
  6. Three times in so many weeks the audio system in my RX450h has switched itself either on or off without me having pressed any button. The first time, the radio switched itself on... and I assumed that I'd hit the steering wheel button while going around a roundabout. However the second and third time, the radio switched itself off, and this could not be down to me as you need to press the steering wheel button for at least a couple of seconds for the radio to switch off. Any idea?
  7. Hi Folks, I've just bought a Toyota compatible Bluetooth AUX/Hands Free unit because, somewhat inexplicably, the 2007 UK spec LS only has RCA AUX input for the rear seat entertainment. While this works okay from the front after some messing about with the RSE remote, it's a bit of a pain for day to day use. Hence the purchase. I'm pretty confident I can get to the back of the CD changer/nav unit with help from a video on YouTube so that shouldn't be an issue, but I was wondering if anyone has used the Yatour BlueTooth/Hands-Free unit? I only want it for Bluetooth really, so I'm hoping the LS bluetooth hands free will still pick up a call when my phone is paired to both. Thanks, Mark
  8. There's a new CT200h Advance in the household, but one issue arises with the Lexus Navigation Audio Display re DAB. The DAB stations displayed are only displayed by the "ensemble" (e.g. "BBC", "D1National" or the regional one, in our case "N Ireland"). The only means I can find the change ensemble is to go to "Manual" and scroll through until I happen to find a channel in the one I want, and then go back to "Stations". What am I trying the achieve? 1. Ideally, I'd like the ensemble ignored altogether, with all the DAB stations simply listed (this is the case on my 2013 IS300h Lux with Premium Nav). 2. If that is not possible, I would like a much quicker way to change "ensemble". Any ideas?!
  9. I got my new car today. Black S-line with add-on sat nav, rear sensors and one or two other add-ons. I'd wanted Sonic Titanium but they couldn't get in in time. Car replaced a superb Honda Accord Diesel which I'd had from new for 9 and a half years and averaged about 44mpg. The only part I ever put in it was an accelerator sensor, just the other day. I did 112000km in it. I chose the IS300h because of what I read of its Honda-like reliability and very high UK owner satisfaction. I live in Cork in Ireland. I had taken it for a short test drive before I bought it. Impressions: 1. Salesman, a top chap told me to read the instructions on the Satnav. Said it was complicated. Others had said the same. I worked it all out in about 10 minutes use myself without instructions. I thought that the data entry system with the wheel of letters was really slick. My car has the rotary wheel rather than the pad thing. I'm really pleased with that. I've used a Garmin for years and it wasn't the best. 2. Gearbox. I love it. There is a little lag before it picks up, as people say, but then there's plenty of poke. The hill-start is a new thing for me. Brilliant. I'd driven an automatic for a week once in Canada but not for years. I love this. 3. Seats very comfortable. Didn't get electric or heated ones as I had in the Honda. 4. Quiet. Honda about the same at motorway speeds but much noisier crawling etc. 5. MPG. On my first day about 50 miles or so, 43mpg. I'll learn to improve this. 6. The foot/handbrake. The pedal cannot be felt through my shoes or my wife's shoes. You just press down with your foot against the side of the well and it works it. 7. Entertainment system great. I've a USB memory stick plugged it and it works and I've several megabytes of music on my phone which the Bluetooth plays without problem. 8. The cruise control is better than the Honda's in that you can reset it. The Honda did have a trim for it so you could tweak it up and down, but if you braked, you had to set it again, the slow way. Lexus better. 9. I'd read a good bit of the instructions before getting the car. A help. 10. Am I glad I bought it? I think I chose really well!
  10. Hi fellow enthusiasts, I just ripped my spare unit. I am going to change some bulbs and LED lamps. I am wondering if someone can help me out here and confirm. I want to leave it as original as possible, new bulbs LEDs for old ones that is. I did some research and found out: Radio LCD back light IL901 + IL902 = micro lamp 2x (8V / 0,1A / 0,8W) - soldered - bulb head is about 4mm x 9mm - clear with green rubber cap that would be the same micro bulb as in a GS430 - 2000 - Radio LCD back light IL951 + IL952 = micro lamp (8V 100mA) Radio "key board" back light for the buttons = micro lamp 14x (8V / 0,06A / 0,5W) - soldered - bulb head is about 3mm x 5mm - clear with green rubber cap The 2 bulbs for the Radio LCD back light I've already soldered out. I did not know until now that the on/off button has its own micro bulb - must be getting real hot in there because in both units I have that same micro bulb is shot. AC / Heater control LCD 55900B BULB, AIR CONDITIONER CONTROL....LCD back light! OEM number: 84999-60450 (12V / 1.2W / 0,1A / 1/4 socket / 5mmx10mm- 3x - LCD screen - back light OEM number: 84999-60460 (14V / 1.82W / 0,13A / 1/4 socket / 4mmx09mm- 5x - AC control buttons - back light AC/Heater - key board - control lights for the buttons - clear LED lamps - green and orange - Luminous Intensity 30mcd-40mcd Button/switch - LEDs: 5x green - 3mm - 1.8V??? - soldered - I used 2,2V / 0,02A / 40mcd 2x orange - 3mm - 1,8V??? - soldered - I used 2,1V / 0,02A / 29mcd Not micro bulb! LED lamps!!! Bottom line - heat and age is the CULPRIT. TIA
  11. Hello there my fellow LOC members, I've recently purchased a Lexus IS200SE, unfortunately the previous owner jammed the cd system. So I decided to upgrade to a bluetooth system which I've now purchased, I thought this was a great idea as it solved the existing problem & removed the need for my parrot system. Little did I know so many issues would follow. I don't really want to bypass the cars amp if I can help it, as I'm led to believe my sat-nav will no longer work if I'm to do this. Is it possible to connect the new stereo using the existing wires & then reconnecting my sat-nav using my parrot fitting kit which is still connected directly to the cars amp, would or could this work? I really don't want to have to go through the trouble of removing the sat-nav as then I'll have to put standard dash parts in, which I really don't want to do as it'll ruin the cars look & no doubt lower its value. Has anyone else had this issue and if so how did you combat it? Is there a way to fit the stereo and still keep the sat-nav working? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!
  12. Console Display

    From the album My new "Passion"

  13. Aftermarket Stereo

    Hi all, OK so I'm new to Lexus and this forum. I have a 2000 IS200 and i want to fit an aftermarket head unit but keep the stock amp and speakers.Is it correct as Halfords claim that the connects2 harness CT20LX02 will do this. Thank you in advance for any help you guys can give. Rob.
  14. Sat Nav And Dab Radio...

    Hi all. Another in the long line of woes over the Lexus Sat nav system. I have been into the dealer 3 times recently and interestingly other people in there all said the same. " God the sat nav is rubbish!" So why oh why are Lexus persisting in using such a dreadful system? We pay a lot for our cars and the tech inside of them. My gps aerial has failed and I'm awaiting a new one. It arrived, I went in and they said it would be about an hour to fit. They come out and ask for the car for two days! I of course ask why? They have never done one before and have to take the whole dash out to fit it...Umm check before making me go back and forth and taking hours out of my day. Now I have to go back again! I recently did a test with y sat nav and my sisters portable one. She bought for £30. So on my 23k plus car, it should easily do more than a cheap and cheerful one... Well the results surprised me! Hers had lane info for junctions. Lexus, does not. Hers zoomed in at junctions and roundabouts to show you the exit. Lexus, does not. Hers on the motorway and various junctions showed the split lanes and which one to take. Lexus does not. This was not a tom-tom sat nav either, just a cheap generic one loaded with european maps. Much better than the Lexus one. Ok. Now the DAB radio. Seriously i love my car. But have to say the tech is just poor. For the money we all pay, I expect the best not the crap we are getting. I have a £15 dab radio at home. It displays the channel, the presenter, the song on now and what's coming up. The Lexus...Just the station. I mean seriously rubbish! Lexus are being lazy! The car is great. We all like them. So why such rubbish tech that's so simple to make right. Go back to tom tom PLEASE!!!!! Sort our the radio it is bloody terrible!!! The only thing that works, well on mine it does on many others it does not is the Bluetooth connection. Even then the iPod usb connector/charger fails to charge half the time until you restart the engine. Ridiculous!!! So Lexus the challenge is to get of your lazy asses and sort it out before people just stop buying into the Lexus ethos. I for one will be one of them very soon. M
  15. Problems With Ct 200H Stereo.

    Is anyone else getting this problem. I have a CT 200h. When driving at speed during the day 70mph plus I get the noise of indicators, wipers when used, anything electrical through the stereo when listening to the radio. At night I get it all the time, at any speed. Always on any FM station. Also, Really fed up with bluetooth dropping out all the time, it loses my phone in the system and will only re-connect when I restart the car itself. So anyone else? Martin
  16. Hello there! My name is Bruce and I am new in the forum! (here is my presentation post: ) The reason of this post is to investigate a little more about the audio system. Ive investigate this forum and also the (USA) to get wiring diagrams an general info about the sound system. The OEM head unit is faulity so I bought a Sony 1DIN Stereo. Looking for the wiring diagrams i have the 8 speaker system and the power amplifier. I heard about the harness adaptor but I want to do it my self (mostly beacuse almost nobody en Ebay ships to Argentina ) So I discovered that the head unit comunicates with the audio amplifier by sending 4 audio signals with common ground (like audio RCA outputs) and also two digital signals TX+ TX- for fadding operation. and a MUTE cable The thing is i wired my unit like i stated above (not conection the tx cables neither the mute cable) but the amp wont turn on.. or show any signs of life. I dont understand the criteria of how this amp turns on and off. They are powered by the same fuses of the head unit so I assume it always turn on when you turn the key in ACC. Saddly i want to use the amplifier to avoid changing the rear speakers... and i am stuck here with the amp not funcioning and a new stereo + fascia that wont work... Can anybody help me with some advice to turn alive this old tech. and bring music to my car? :zee: Thanks in advance!! Best Regards. Bruce..
  17. Hi, Problem with my mark levinson audio system: 1. I have started hearing cracking sounds from my rear sub-woofer when playing music with bass at around 37-40 few weeks ago. However, it used to disappear when volume got changed to 50 and over. 2. Half a week ago I noticed bass at the rear started to disappear completely for moments and come back, like multiple times over the period of few minutes. I just noticed that there is no bass at the rear today whatsoever. 3. Bass works fine on the front, but when I adjust the sound to play at the back only, there is no bass what so ever on any of the speakers on the rear doors and the rear panel - only the high frequency sound. I have tried playing music from AUX and from Radio - same result. To summarise, bass now works fine in the front but there is none in any of the speakers at the read section of the car, I have closely listened to them all. Any ideas? Car is Lexus is220d with mark levinson and satnav year 2007 Kind regards, Karolis
  18. Hello Everyone I recent become a proud owner of a 55 RX400h SE-L, Its good all the bells and whistles but I am curious to see how I can better enjoy MP3 and DVD playback front the front seat. I only just noticed that the in dash 6 Disc changer is a CD changer not DVD so I cannot play DVD in the front, but I have ICE DVD player and screens in the back. Can I at least get audio front the ICE system hooked to the MarkLavison system? Second thing is my speedo reading are exactly 5 miles below my actual speed, has anyone experienced this? and should I be suspecting the mileage may have been knocked back? I bought the car from a Lexus dealer Lister Lexus to be precise and they offered 2 years extend warranty on a 55 plate RX! Any input will be greatly appreciated thanks Kal
  19. Good Morning People, I have recently purchased a Lexus Is300 2004 with 78k FLSH! I chopped in a Fabia vRS for it (I know I must be crazy) but I'm starting to do longer motorway journeys and the vRS isn't as fuel efficient as one may think and is definately not as comfortable as the Lexus. I love my new Lexus it's a truly epic machine. I want to fit my (old) double din HU. I have Sat Nav and parking sensors + pre-amped system in the lex currently. I am aware if I want it all still to work I have to do something about the wiring. From what I can work out I can either try and splice wires open and fit resistors as per the US forum - or I can buy a Beatsonic SLA-91ad for $250 ?! for a patch lead right... I also understand that "Fargo" (used to) make(s)/supplie(s/d) a home loom. Does Fargo still do this? I've looked on his profile and he has been inactive for some time. Or does anyone else do this? Failing that. I'm mainly after bluetooth hands free and A2DP streaming, from also reading up it seems to either be Parrot or GROM. Has anyone else had any experiance with IO Play or Bury? and would you recommend them? Thank you in anticipation.
  20. hi everyone ive just fitted a new double din HU in my is200 its a jvc kw-r500 bought online for £119.90. i had the dreaded err3 and the radio reception was dire so ive been looking for a replacement for a while. the sound quality on the new unit is excellent :) and i can match the same colours as the orange dash lights which is great. i also got the autoleads double din fascia which im currently painting as the finish didnt match the dash so i should have it all done by tomorrow :) gonna upload some pics during the week to see what you think ....(also have a grom unit for sale if anyones interested £70 p/m )
  21. Bluetooth Contacts Download

    Hi, new to the forum, but have used it to solve problems before. Have had a GS300 - 2000 (sold at 220,000), a LS 430 - 2001 (going on sale at 217,000) and currently have a RX300 (2004) and LS 430 (late 2003). Yes have become a Lexus fan after Mercs / Volvo's / Fords / Vauxhal / Citroen! On with my question. I have a Blackberry 9900 running OS7 and want to download the phone book/contact list into the OEM Lexus Bluetooth unit that forms part of the Sat Nav. If i cant do that, how do I get the "one touch dial" to show a name rather than just a number. I don't know who's number is who's, thats why i set them up as memories in my phone! any help would be appreciated from all you knowledgeable people. Clive PH