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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, Could anyone recommend a good brake caliper painting service in London, as my wheel hubs are really rusty now. Or if anyone in the forum who does this service. And what would be the cost for 4 wheels. I found a few but they were not located in London. Cheers
  2. So, I'm shiny brand new into Lexus ownership with my 1997 LS400. I'm looking for stainless steel braided brake lines to replace the crusty rubber ones currently fitted. I see a lot for 89-92, and then 92-95, but none in the UK that will apparently fit my 97. I'm not interested in getting bent over at Toyota for rubber hoses (previously I owned a Landcruiser - I'm acutely aware that OEM stuff is pricey). Where can I get stainless steel braided hoses in the UK, for my 1997 LS400? Thanks all.
  3. I require a replacement ABS Brake Booster Module for my 1998 GS300. the original part number for the module was 47210-30160 but this was superseded by 47050-30160 Can anyone recommend where I can purchase a refurbished module? Many Thanks
  4. I require a replacement ABS Brake Booster Module for my 1998 GS300. the original part number for the module was 47210-30160 but this was superseded by 47050-30160 Can anyone recommend where I can purchase a refurbished module? Many Thanks
  5. Dear fellow owners, I am in the process of replacing the brake calipers on a '06 IS250 as I wanted to get rid of the seizing-recall-affected parts. After checking numerous forum entries, TS bulletins, I got confused about the correct greases to be used. i would prefer using Lexus/Toyota greases. This is what I found: 1, For lubricating the slider pins, seals etc.: - Toyota 08887-01206 / 08887-83010 Rubber Grease (this has been mentioned in a lot of documents, reviews and also in the early manual) OR - Toyota 00289-1WG00 White Grease (Technical Support Bulletin of the recall) 2, To use as an anti-squeal grease on the shims and as lubricant on the contacting surfaces between the pad and the pad support plates.: - Toyota 08887-80609 Brake Caliper Grease (Toyota Ireland) Is it safe to assume that this combination will work fine? Thank you for your help in advance.
  6. I've been trying to find some info on tightening the pedal parking brake on my Lexus. I've found the PDF on the site with details for the rx300 but when I got under mine there was no adjustment nuts on the same parts. Ive found a workshop manual for the 2007 but can only see adjustment at the pedal end. Is this right? the pedal has good travel and feels like it's breaking slightly at the end so I'm hoping it's not a snapped or seized cable. Car was fine until the missus took it a drive with the brake on. Leaving it it park is still ok but with its mot coming up next month I'd need it sorted. has anyone done it before. I've searched the site but keep finding info for the rx300 or 330
  7. Hey so as the title suggests i currently have a warped disc front side passenger (NSF i think?) Well after checking the calipers and pistons i've come to the conclusion that the latest disc fitted by the previous owner is warped. As the piston dosnt stick i can only guess its from heat build up. On the front of my IS200 it appears to have two air flow funnels next to the fog lights, this air seems to go nowhere at all so i've thought about cutting small slots in the wheel well plastic to allow the air to pass through the holes next to the fog lights and on to the brake disc's with the intention of cooling them down. Has anyone else tried this? Are those air funnels for anything in particular? Any reason why the brakes would warp if the calipers are fine? It seems a pretty simple job so i've ordered a set of vented disc's (Drilled/grooved online as they're cheap enough) when fitting i'm thinking of doing this. If this is a first i'll update with pictures and if it actually helped at all.
  8. Hi Was wondering if anyone is aware of anyone, except Lexus, selling brake disc shield/guards for a 2003 IS200. Was trying to look around before forking out roughly £32 for a circular piece of metal. I understand it might be possible to run the car without the shield but would rather I had it on the car. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Evening, Just spent most of the day trying to free a binding nearside front brake (car has been laid up for quite a while). Eased the pistons and the top sliding pin but the lower pin remained stiff despite cleaning and greasing. When pushing the pin in it is a very tight fit and the small rubber bush kept moving up the pin to the taper. Very often the pin would also slide back out on it's own as if something was being compressed as it was pushed in?? Taking the bush off helped the pin move more freely. If left off I assume this could lead to a rattle or knock but has anyone else had any experience of this? Any views if it would be ok to leave this bush off to allow a freer movement? Any help would be welcome. Many thanks, Adrian.
  10. Subtle improvement for under £10 - Brake Calipers I've just sent off my Alloys to be refurbished and left my IS250 on axle stands on my driveway looking rather sad. With the wheels off I noticed how shabby my brake calipers were looking and I thought I could make some cheap improvements while the wheels were off. I started with a good scrub with a stiff brush and some lightly soaped hot water, I then allowed everything to dry off before wiping everything with a cloth to remove any final debris. Here is what I was left with. I think decided to pickup some gun metal grey spray paint from my local auto shop, after some quick masking and a light dusting the calipers looked like this. I then thought It would be nice to have the Lexus branding on the Calipers, so I printed the logo onto some card and cut it out carefully with a craft knife to make a stencil. I then used the stencil to dust some sliver spray paint I had going spare over the calipers to get the finished product like so. Thanks for reading, I hope you found this useful. Let me know what you think. I'm also going to make some cheap improvements in the engine bay and I will be sure to post on here when I have done them. Thanks George I regularly post updates on what i'm doing with my cars on Instagram @Gtownsman
  11. hello i am considering which Essential service to go for on my 07 RX400h and i can see on the Essential Major service sheet on the website, it says they change the brake fluid which on the Minor service they dont. I was wondering, as in all the cars i have ever owned through the years i have never had the brake fluid changed. Not even in the old Lexus IS200 that i had for 8 years was it ever changed. Is it worth having the extra level of service for this? many thanks Jason
  12. Hello, I have had my RX 400h for 18 months. It's a fantastic car. But in last few days a squeak can be heard when I slightly press down the brake pedal and I wondered if anyone can throw any light on it. It started shortly after I pulled away from an island and felt either the antilocks or the four wheel drive come on. Thanks Jason
  13. Advise On Brake Upgrade

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I acquired my 2003 Lexus IS200 Sports with Aero body kit a year ago. As the car is now 11 years old and Aberdeen roads are filled with salt during winter, the car is prone to corrosion. Unfortunately the rear disc brakes are the first to go :(. This gives me the perfect reason to start my upgrades. First upgrade will be all four discs along with pads. Can someone advise me on what are my options.
  14. Hello everyone, I am in need of help, I am about of changed my brake pads because i was hearing some noise from the left side when i drive but when i brake then the noise i hear is gone, sorry for my english. So i taked off my pads with the callipers easy job, never throught lexus would do easy. But it is.. And the probllem was one of the calliper i don't know what its called two yokes that pushes the pads and makes it stop could u tell me what its called. They are stuck. one side is seems ok but another the gum is wrecked seems needs to be replaced do i need to replace the whole caliper or is it possible to replace them self.. I don;t know if any of us understand what i mean, but when i drive now i dont even need to use the brakes anymore its stoppin its self beraly... totally fu""d.. any help please. I changed one side to new pads cuz i coulndt change another side if that pressure that makes those two yokes.. when i press brake and pump it uup the disc doesnt move at all. So I leaved used brakes on it. but another disc which new pads heating soo maad.. both sides seems to be bad now..
  15. I've just had my GS450h in for its 60k service. Two points came up. One was "both rear callipers seized, not sliding". I got suspicious when the dealer said its very common and that the customer who's just left had had his done. I don't see vast numbers of people mentioning this on the forum either. My question is, if the callipers a re seized, how is it I still have great braking and is it common? I was told it's likely to be a £300 touch :(
  16. Afternoon, Due to a noise coming from brakes I've recently (2 1/2 months) ago had them all replaced by a independent garage. I've noticed there is a considerable amount of bright orange rust on the part of discs that the pads do not touch. I've spoken to an engineer at Lexus Hatfield who says it's normal but I've looked at several other brand cars, even 04 plate BMW and they have no rust on them at all. Have I been given dodgy brake discs? Thank you for any advise you can offer upload photo