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Found 20 results

  1. ECU pinout required.

    Hi, new to forum, there may be an already existing thread but I cannot find anything......ANYWHERE! I need an ecu pinout for a 2001 is200 using a 1gfe with an ecu number 89661-53200. I need this pinout diagram and expertese to fit a bee*r limiter basically because I want one and I like being a loon in my car. There are people who hate/disagree with them, however I would like one in my car and I would appreciate help fitting it. any help appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone. It's not Xmas but might as well be. I had a problem with a worn rear wheel bearing. The car had been used to tow around an exhibition trailer in its early life and at 175,000 miles started to complain. I'm not complaining as 175K miles is still good value. To look at car is immaculate inside and out. Still gives 40MPG and I am still in love with car after 7 years of ownership. Changing the bearing I managed to damage the ABS sensor: and when trying to remove the broken sensor, I damaged the sensor ring. To make matters worse, thinking I could repair the ring, I removed the sensor ring. Duh! What was I thinking. The friend, whose garage I was using to do the work, suddenly needed his garage and so I had to move. I drove the car home and parked up. On the way home. No Speedo. P/S Red light on even though power steering feels okay. ABS light on. Engine light on. VSC complaining. So now I have a replacement hub, with ring, new ABS sensor fitted and all on the car. But all the lights still on. I have tried removing the battery over night. All lights still on except Engine light. Any one with any thoughts before I troll off to my Lexus dealer who will want more money than they value the car at to plug in their OBD reader.
  3. ECU Diagram needed?

    Hey guys, So after a long time away working on my RX8 i've come back to my Lexus IS200 daily. I'm currently looking for a complete ECU diagram for each wire. I'm looking for, 12v ignition wire, RPM signal wire, Crank shaft sensor wire Ground (Most likely use a bolt in the engine bay for this.) I've searched online all day with nothing but gibberish coming up and dead links. I've found countless IS300 diagrams which seem to be different. I've tested and failed. Has anyone got a list for the 4 plugs on the top of the ECU? It would be very handy. thanks James EDIT: After sifting through tons of pictures i think i have a part list of what i need. Working from front to back of the car i have, A-B-D-E plugs. 12v power seems to be from Plug A Pin 1 RPM seems to be from Plug A Pin 12 Crank Angle Sensor seems to be from Plug E pin 23 Ground most likely to the chassis. Can anyone confirm if i'm anywhere close to the correct pins/plugs? This is all i can workout looking at random diagrams online which seem to be part complete or taken from SXE10 engines which are 100% different apart from the power.
  4. Newbie and Know Nothingbie......any help greatly appreciated. My check engine light has appeared for the very first time since I owned the car (6 years and 40,000 miles) so I'm unsure if I need to take it to an official dealer or a regular mechanic to diagnose the fault. The car appears to run ok for the very journey I did to get it home.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a 2005 ls430. Everythings mint on it except for one big problem, I have one key which only opens the door and starts the car, also known as the valet key. Now I have anouther Lexus ls430 on a 2004 which i'm using for spares due to a gearbox problem, so I have everything I possibly would need to spare to do either a swap. My question is how do I go about doing this ? The donar car has 2keys all its locks ecu's .
  6. A few weeks ago I took my new master key in to be programmed. They said it was a 10 minute job, which they would fit in amongst others. After a while the technician said he couldn't do it, and could I book it in for a couple of hours to try and solve why not. Today it went in for the afternoon. They still say it can't be programmed (I have an original sub key, but not an original master) but they lent me a courtesy car for the afternoon and charged me nothing. I can think of other places that would have wanted m to pay for the time they spent. Jon
  7. Hi all, looking at transplanting a UZ engine into another vehicle, as I know the engines are pretty well designed and strong from stripping a couple previously, however, is it possible to run these on the standard ECU out of the car, if so, do I need the ignition barrel/immobiliser, etc, etc? If not, is there a proven plug 'n play alternative/piggyback for them or will I need a full blown standalone ECU and custom loom?
  8. I have searched for a previous thread on this but can't find one... My Lexus had an airbag on the rear strut fail, leaving the rear on the ground. I managed to source a replacement strut second hand (another story....) but even with the strut in place the compressor won't kick in and pump the car back up. The front of the car is at the normal level. The compressor can be triggered manually at the relay, and the rear can be pumped up by manually stimulating the valves in the system. This rules out compressor failure. The compressor still won't kick in despite this The dashboard displays the 'Height High' warning at start up (it did this when the air bag failed) even driving it (having manually filled the system with air) does not cause it to reset. Have also tried to get the system to reset by lifting the car off the ground. Fairly sure its not the height sensors as these have been fixed a few weeks ago, and look OK. My question therefore is this - is there some form of fuse or reset that needs to be done to get the air suspension to register where it is, and start to pump normally again? Help gratefully received.
  9. iv'e recently got myself an is200.the only problem i have is the missing master key.i have seen a couple of ways i might be able to get round this.the dealer option,second hand ecu,locks and keys and finally a new key from lexus and a guy in a warehouse who says he can get the new master from lexus to work with my ecu(by reprogramming ecu).i want to go for the last option as it is by far the cheapest (£200 all in) but i've read some other threads that say this may cause me problems.HELP!!!anyone heard of these problems?or any advise on a way to get a master key without breaking the bank would be great.thanks. oh,if i do go with the reprogram can i just disconnect ecu and reconnect it or is there some special procedure? thanks again
  10. iv'e recently got myself an is200.the only problem i have is the missing master key.i have seen a couple of ways i might be able to get round this.the dealer option,second hand ecu,locks and keys and finally a new key from lexus and a guy in a warehouse who says he can get the new master from lexus to work with my ecu(by reprogramming ecu).i want to go for the last option as it is by far the cheapest (£200 all in) but i've read some other threads that say this may cause me problems.HELP!!!anyone heard of these problems?or any advise on a way to get a master key without breaking the bank would be great.thanks. oh,if i do go with the reprogram can i just disconnect ecu and reconnect it or is there some special procedure? thanks again
  11. (Re: title - that was meant to be a joke (ElvIS 200) but it's rubbish. Apologies) Hi all The Problem is I recently bought an IS 200. Love the car but, after driving for a while, it gives a rattle from the engine (normally when accelerating uphill) which produces a huge plume of smoke from the exhaust. Sometimes this goes away and it drives fine again. Sometimes it stays and puffs out a lot of light grey smoke for the duration of the journey. I originally had an engine warning light on the dash for a P1349 fault code. This was fixed by changing the OCV filter, which was absolutely clogged up. The spark plugs have been replaced. They were absolutely coked and worn out. I've changed the air filter, which was dirty but not disgusting. I am changing the engine oil today. There is no more engine warning light but the problem remains. Possible solutions based on other similar posts are: Blocked oil drains under timing coverECU screwing up when it gets hotValve problems or head gasket (But wouldn't that happen all the time, if so)Fuel filter problemGeneral wear that can be helped by using BG44KAre there any ways I can discount any of the above without spending a fortune? My nearest Lexus garage is 20 miles away so I might risk taking it over there for a diagnostic (£66 quoted) but do they just look at the ECU or do compressions/timing tests too? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've already been helped with the initial P-code problem by members but I thought I should open it up to see if anyone had a similar problem. Thanks, Mat
  12. Has anyone carried out ECU Remapping for Lexus Rx300 2004REG ?
  13. Hi everyone My central locking is busted and I just purchase a full lock set of a salvage yard.. Which everything I need 1 key Door handle with lock Steering colum , ignitions switch transponder Boot lock barrell ECU Central locking box Glove box lock Does the part number HAS to match my previous one Because the salvage yard said there lexus specialist and it doesn't need to match if you get the full locking kit But others say it has to match?? Anyone out there knows bout this ?. Please help my car is giving me a headache
  14. Hi their, I'm having trouble with my immobiliser not deactivating and because I don't have the master key I cannot reprogram the ecu. Anyway I've found a new ecu and lockset only problem is my ecu part number is 89661 53200 and them replacement is 89661 53031. Someone told me it would work aslong as I change everything it would this true??
  15. Ecu Problem

    Hi, just making an enquiry. on my ecu it has been diagnosed that the driver for injector no.4 is not pulsing properly. is it possible to code the info on my ecu over to another ecu that is working??? ive been told that you cant but im looking for a second opinion. any info is much appreciated, im at my wits end with this problem as an ecu company said that they had replaced the faulty parts but the problem remained the same...
  16. Remapping Ecu

    Hi, I've just experienced the VSC /engine warning light on the car (GS300, 2005); After reading several posts and filling up with fuel the lights are off. Fault codes P0138 and P0158 (oxygen sensors were present). there looks to be differing stories about fuel caps, changing oxygen sensors and ECU's etc..all expensive and frightening - can the same be achieved by remapping the existing ECU? Thoughts weclomed
  17. Intermittent Vsc Message

    Hi - Just joined today.. Bought an immaculate GS300 SE late Dec 2005 - 2006 model - two weeks ago from local garage. VSC light comes on virtually every other trip. Took it to Lexus Dealer today and they say it needs 2 oxygen sensors and a new Computer E89666-30373 - Cost £2900!! Any help appreciated as I can't afford that. Steve
  18. hi fellow lexers i was wondering if there is any modifications i can do to have better fuel economy, a friend was telling me about remapping my ecu to gain power/economy, if anyone has any ideas if this is possible and how costly this would be i will buy you all a pint if we ever meet. cheers ;-)
  19. Egr Advice Wanted Please

    Hi there, I really hope that someone here can help me or at least offer a crumb of comfort! I recently purchased a late 2007 Is220d. The fuel consumption was pretty poor, so after seeing the posts regarding the EGR valve decided to have a look. I first removed battery. The valve was blocked solid with soot which I cleaned out. I removed the valve to do this properly and used Wynns EGR3 professional to give it a good clean. The port on engine that valve sits on was also solid. I used a hoover and small scraper to remove all this and a tiny drop of the Wynns to finish. I then put it all back together and started engine. It ran for about 20 seconds - very roughly, and then stopped. I have since been unable to start it - although after about 5 attempts the battery was flat. My questions are these. 1. By removing battery, and I presume resetting engine settings - could this cause me a problem? 2. Would a relatively flat battery have caused a problem anyway.? 3. Why on earth would cleaning this valve cause such a problem? I have now taken battery out to recharge overnight and removed EGR valve to make sure that valve, pipe and port are thoroughly dry, although to be honest, I hardly used any of the Wynns on the engine part. Any advice would be very welcome please. I would also add that no alarms show up when I try to start it - it just says checks completed.
  20. Hi Guys, Quick question? Looking at buying a stainless manifold and high flow stainless cat. Thoughts? Will fitting these put my engine managment light on? If so, how would i get around it? Thanks, Matthew