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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all! Having had my latest GS300 for a couple of months now, the MOT is due and I know the current exhaust is an issue (see pics). I have been desperately hunting for a stainless steel system in preference to an OEM seeing that the two used ones on eBay are a mighty £350! And MIJ have quoted me £445 for new S/S with life time warranty (as an FYI). So the questions are: 1. If I plug that hole in the back box, and make sure that and the awful paste all over the joint isn't leaking either (thats how I bought the car, not my handy work I'll add) might I stand a chance I wonder, as technically the fail is excessive corrosion. But I fear all that putty is an obvious giveaway of excessive corrosion even if its not leaking. 2. Another MOT requirement seems to be the correct number of baffles/mufflers, so should one slap a S/S cat back on would it be an issue. Or should I maybe say has anyone taken there car (any car) in for an MOT with a S/S cat back and had any issues other than possible noise or emissions? Many thanks! I am getting a little frustrated that in the last two months I've not found a single second hand S/S system and I'm not really wanting to throw to much on the car just yet until I've had it a while longer.
  2. Japspeed exhaust is200

    Is200 Japspeed backbox stainless steel includes adjustable baffle, used so obviously has cosmetic marking but overall in really good condition, polishes up great. Can send pictures of it fitted at request. £99 Ono collection from Durham DH9 or willing to meet within reasonable distance
  3. I am new in this forum just bought an is250 two weeks ago. It's handle fantastic. I am looking for a good exhaust which sound great. It will be please if anyone can tell me where can I find one nice e.g. Invidia or Hopefully anyone of you guys got one used can sell it to me. Many thanks
  4. Hello everyone, hope you can help. Does anyone know what this part is called so I can try and buy a replacement? It was just above the exhaust back box until yesterday, corrosion seems to have taken care of that though :( Thank you everyone Mark
  5. Hey guys, lexus failed on the mot sure to the back box, corroded and started to crack, they want £450+vat for OEM Does anyone have a recommendation for OEM spec that doesn't cost the earth, the car is 14 years old now and although it's still tidy it's probably only worth £3k so don't think I need to go direct for parts anymore I have only another week before the current MOT expires so any quick help is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Rory
  6. Hello I am new to the forum. I bought an approved used is250 with extended warranty on 20 Nov 2015. I have only driven the car for 400 miles and today noticed that exhaust is blowing. I am not sure if it is the middle or rear section. The car was MOT'ed on 20 Nov by Lexus Bolton at the time of delivery. There are no advisories on certificate. I would not expect this issue to happen in such a short period of time. During this period the car was not driven for three weeks (22 nov to 14 dec) due to holidays. Seems like Lexus did not check the exhaust system properly during their inspection and MOT. The car had full service done before delivery and has full service history by Bolton. I am just wondering what are my options here? Surely the new exhaust is about 2000 GBP fitted. Any help/suggestions will be helpful Thanks
  7. As the titles suggests. I'd like to either run a sports cat or decat the entire exhaust on my IS200 (52 plate) To be honest i really don't want to be messing around each year swapping the decat and original exhaust over. What would be the better option? £150+ on getting a sports cat manifold? £0+ Elbow grease bashing out the cat's internals? Would the O2 sensor start throwing problems at me if i remove the internals of the cat? Would it develop a nasty raspy sound from the engine due to the flow bouncing around the now hollow cat? My exhaust is already nice and shiny from lots of grinding and polishing so no need for looks etc... Anyone ran their IS200 decat or bashed out the internals etc..? Also how likely will it fail on emissions without a cat? Would i be looking at a good service before hand or adding a more restrictive muffler at the end for the mot? Thanks in advance.
  8. One of my back boxes has corroded off the pipe and is currently in a plastic bag in the garage. I've been quoted £750 fitted to replace the back section of the exhaust (from the cat back) by my dealership, and none of the usual exhaust/tyre places can get an aftermarket equivalent part at all, so they'd be buying the Lexus part for £660 and fitting it. I'm not convinced it could be successfully welded, and if the one box has gone, odds are the other is on its last legs too although no perforations yet. Quick search on eBay reveals many US manufacturers claiming to produce the part in stainless for maybe £350 including shipping. I quite fancy saving £300, but has anyone got any experience of this? I don't fancy a two week wait then being left with an expensive pile of stainless steel that won't fit from a company on the other side of the world. Any advice?
  9. Hello ! I want to share my experience about replacing exhaust system. I've done a service on my Lex G300 2005 3.0 V6 and they found an exhaust pipe is split in place where it joints a middle muffler. They quoted a job for nearly 1200£.. because they sell this part altogether with two rear cat's. As you guess I didn't let them touch it even, especially Lexus Centre in Birmingham - their service is the worst I've ever experienced - but alright it's a different subject. I decided to go into a stainless steel Exhaust system. I searched some info on the internet and found that many people recommend John Ashley Exhausts in Walsall. I called them and arranged a job. I spoke to a man at their place, decided to replace a whole cat-back system and chose what tail pipe I want and how I want it to sound. I went into the most quiet system they can do, but with a hint of nice roar when I strongly accelerate. After around 6 hours they finished the job. It looks amazing, but I can see they didn't install a middle muffler, so what's going on? John (an owner) said that according to their experience two rear boxes should be enough especially for automatic car. I do not really know what influence an auto gearbox can have on exhaust but ok. When I started an engine I said.. WOW man, it sounds gorgeous. It was late, so I said I will check it on my way back to home and let him know what I think the next day. It sounded great on idle but on the motorway it was a disaster.. it was TOO LOUD, definitely TOO LOUD. So I went back to them next week. They put a middle muffler on as well and didn't charge for job, just for a box. Now it is AMAZING sound especially over 3'000 rpms. It is close to perfection, could be slightly quieter in range from 1800-2600 rpms but it is NOT TOO LOUD now. It is acceptable, but when I hear this roar over 3000 rpm's IT IS WORTH to have a little droning below 2600 rpm's :) After a month I had put some sound deadening mats and liners in the boot and now is alright at lower rpm's. To sum up, the OEM Exhaust would cost 1200£ and would give this amazing silence inside the car which is so great, but honestly V6 enignes shouldn't be so restrained. Now when I accelerate everyone around knows that it's not a common saloon, it's a real BEAST :) Now I have a really great genuine V6 sound and amazing looking of stainless steel exhaust for as litte as 470£.
  10. Just wondering how similar are the is200 to the is300 are the only difference engine? And will is300 wind deflectors front and back fit is200? And what cd player will fit in my is200 im looking for one with satnav built in and all the usual added extras Jut unsure of what size will fit think there called double dins? Aha correct me if im wrong Love the car tho think its amazing. Not as powerful as i wanted but i think it sounds great with the straight 6 lovely tone to it. I do want a more square/aggressive front bumper can any one point me in right direction?
  11. I have white smoke emmissions coming from car particularly evident when changing gear. I don't appear to be burning oil, or coolant and there is no smell or impact on the driving of the car. Being a diesel, I'm thinking that its something to do with the catalytic converter but wondered if members have a better idea?
  12. Lexus Is300 Exhaust

    Hi all, Our 2002 sportscross has an exhaust issue it's blowing just under the drivers footwell there is a cowell which has split which has some insulated pieces inside can anyone tell me which parts I will need to repair it's at the bottom of the down pipes. Maybe someone on this forum can advise or may have parts for sale. Many thx in advance...
  13. Hi guys, just wondering if it's possible to remove the cat from the exhaust on a 08 is 220d to improve flow, and if so does it throw up any alarms/warnings on the dash?
  14. Hi guys, I want to buy an exhaust system, few styling upgrades, wheels and lowering springs. Can anyone advise whats good/nice and where to buy from? Thanks in advance guys
  15. Hey Lexus owners I just bought new car on April 2013 and as soon as i opened my hood i noticed that there is rust on a exhaust manifold and on the screws that are holding it, I´m just wondering did anyone have same problems or did you guys notice something like this on your IS220D engine. I´m also attaching photos so you could see Thank you all POZZ
  16. Hi, first post here so apologies ind advance if break any rules (unitentionally). Have owned my 2005 RX400h since early 2008 and it has never missed a beat, it has been serviced by local Lexus dealer and has been one of the best cars I have ever owned. It has 87,000 miles and looks as good as new Noticed yesterday that the the exhaust was blowing and so took it into the dealership and they confirmed there was a crack in part of the system. As I have the Lexus extended warranty they are going to try and claim on that policy on my behalf but if it is not sanctioned then the bill will be £1,300 ! Preparing myself for the worst I was wondering if anyone had any experience of using third party, bespoke stainless steel system as these seem to be around half of the cost. Thanks
  17. Hks Hipower Silent

    Hey guys, I´m looking for a used HKS HiPower Silent for my Altezza RS200. Would be glad to get some offers ;-) Thanks
  18. I read a post on here about converting thr rear end of the IS220. Someone answered back saying that it was an easy straight fit. I decided to have a go and this is the result. I also, as you can see, took the chance to have the lip spoiler fitted. Lexus wanted to charge over £450 for supply and fit of the spoiler, but a hunt round ebay and I got this one painted and delivered for £100. There are a few different ones available. I chose this one as it had bolts to attach it to the boot lid. There are some that are just stuck on with double sided tape. Hmmmm. To do the job, I bought an IS250 bumper from eBay with the reversing sensor holes and the twin exit exhaust back section. Problems encountered : 1. I wanted the "Lexus" and "IS220d" badges removed. This left 6 locating holes that had to be filled and the boot painted. 2. The replacement bumper had square holes for the parking sensors. My sensors needed round holes. New sensors form Lexus are £104 each, plus £12 for the small brackets to hold them. We therefore filled the holes, painted the bumper and drilled perfect size round holes. 3. There is no exhaust hanger on the passenger side. The holes to mount the hanger are present and the bolts to attach the hanger are there. Part from Lexus is : 1750931061 Costs (purchase and delivery) : Spoiler - £100 Bumper - £65 Exhaust - £70 Exhaust hanger - £25 Bodyshop - £325
  19. i was looking to upgrade the exhaust on my is220. anyone know where to go? and also will the is250 exhaust fit onto the diesel? thanks