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Found 11 results

  1. I was changing the low beam headlight on the driver side which is a bit awkward to get to. It probably would have been easier if I had completely removed the filter housing but I didn't. Anyway, got the old bulb out, put a new bulb in and just loosely put it through the hole. I switched the lights on at this point to test that everything was working and it was fine. Now I should have put the lights off but I didn't, instead I went in to rotate the bulb to lock it in place. It fell out slightly, the glass of the bulb shattered and there was a bit of a bang. I put another bulb in and tested it but it didn't work. I tested with a second bulb and it didn't work. Turns out there is no voltage at the connector, I assume there was a short when the bulb smashed and it has blown a fuse. My Lexus is a IS220D 57 plate and has the type A engine compartment fuse box. According to this the left and right headlights are on the same 30A fuse, but my passenger side light is working fine. Is there another fuse somewhere that just controls the driver side? I wouldn't have thought there would be two fuses in line. Any other ideas? Any help much appreciated as I can't seem to find anything online.
  2. Happy new year all, Just joined as I'm finally glad to become an owner of a 2014 NX300h Premier, so happy with the car! The first thing I plan to do is hardwire a dash cam. I've found the fusebox in the passenger side footwell, but I don't seem to be able to find a detailed description of all the fuses anywhere. There are some fuses which seem to feed a variety of circuits, and some fuses seem specific to certain function in the car. Does anyone have a clue, for example, what the "ECU-IG NO.1-5" fuses actually feed? Also, has anyone found a grounding point/screw near their fusebox? I saw a screw near the fusebox but its screwed into black plastic and I'm not sure if it is actually grounded. I don't have a multimeter either, so before I buy one I thought I'd see if anyone here knows for sure.
  3. Steering column failure

    I blew the ign and inj fuses whilst jump starting the car. I replaced the fuses and it starts fine but the steering column does not move into its set position when I put the ignition key in and the steering is heavy. The dashboard warning lights do not flash up when the ignition key is turned. I think another fuse must have blown but I checked all the fuses in the boot, drivers side and under the bonnet. Can anyone help to identify what component has failed! thanks Keith
  4. Hi all, I hope you can help. Wife's Lexus had a flat so in my wisdom, I decided to jump it using my Mercedes. Stupidly, the Mercedes dealer at some point placed the red battery cap on the negative terminal and the black on the positive. Not double checking, I inadvertently connected the terminals incorrectly and well.... you can guess the rest. I checked the fuses under the bonnet... The fusible link was broken (it looked like 19 - Alternator 150amp). The car still started but the dashboard was lit up like a Christmas tree and the car was in limp mode. The central locking didn't work nor did the electric seats (I didn't test everything at this point). Lexus wanted £130 for the fuse but then I found one for £30 off ebay. I replaced this yesterday and there was certainly some improvements. Car started but only the engine management light and VSC was on. Car is still in severe limp mode (barely revving). However, central locking and electric seats now working. I have checked every single fuse under the bonnet (1 x box next to the battery) and the 2 fuse boxes beneath and either side of the dashboard. I haven't checked the relays yet as I need a multimeter but can't see how Noise Filter, Defog, GLW RLY2 (Fan no3 Diesel), Head LP, GLW RLY1 (Fan no1 Diesel) or Starter could be causing this. Can anyone assist further in helping me diagnose and hopefully resolve. Many thanks :)
  5. Hi guys, i am new to this but i have had a kexus is 200 for many years and i love them i have a dilemma, my front light washers wernt working and they where the day before, so i took out all the fuses in the car 1 by 1 now my can wont start, it wont turnover, everything else works as normal, i need to get this sorted as i have work tomorrow, i hope it's something simple, i would really appreciate, hopefully one of you guys have had this problem before, and kno how to fix it, i am now going to take the fuses out again and put them back in, i am desperate
  6. Hello all, I've just become the proud owner of an IS220D SE-L with 116,000 miles on the clock. One interesting thing i haven't investigated further is that the fuses have been removed for the heated seats and also for the ABS system. Can anyone advise why this may have been, as i intend to replace with the correct fuses as it would have been before. Previous owner didn't even know they were missing! Thanks all, Simon
  7. Hello all, I've just become the proud owner of an IS220D SE-L with 116,000 miles on the clock. One interesting thing i haven't investigated further is that the fuses have been removed for the heated seats and also for the ABS system. Can anyone advise why this may have been, as i intend to replace with the correct fuses as it would have been before. Previous owner didn't even know they were missing! Thanks all, Simon
  8. Where is the fuse for the fuel pump located, is it under the dash or in the engine bay?
  9. Would anyone know where the fuse for the cig lighter is? It doesn't work, neither does the one inside the central storage unit. I imagine I could find it by a process of elimination, but I ask as I'm not terribly mobile and can't stay on my feet for long. I particularly need it fixing now as I have a partial flat and need to take it a few miles to get that fixed, which I can't do without a working compressor :-( So, any ideas? Inside or out? Number would be perfect. Thanks.
  10. Audio Amplifier (?) Stopped Working After A Jump Start... (sorry about the typo - the site won't let me edit it) My 2004 GS430 has the Mark Levinson stereo + satnav system. I attach a pic of the head unit. The CD changer is in the back of the glovebox. The satnav DVD reader is in the boot (I think the amp is below it). Everything was original/factory-installed, not after-market. Great audio quality... that is, until, faced with a flat battery, I had to jump-start the car (from a portable battery, not from another car). The audio power switch may have been on when I did this. From that time on, there are no sounds at all from the audio system (CD, tape, radio, all silent). The CD apparently plays, as does the tape, and the radio apparently tunes just like before. But, there's no sound at all from the speakers. When I press the Audio button on the head unit, controls like "Bass", "Treble" and "Front/Rear--Left/Right Balance" are all greyed out on the display. So, the computer knows that something is wrong. Everything else worked as before. I thought, this should be easy to fix - a fuse has blown somewhere, probably in the amp, methinks. But, I couldn't find any such fuse... Google didn't help, either. So, I took it to a Lexus dealer who kept the car for a couple of days. They couldn't figure it out, saying that the amp itself (not a fuse!) was probably "blown"... sounds bad. But then, they've got things very wrong before about the same car - e.g., an earlier, unrelated fault (which I later found, no thanks to them, was a sticky brake caliper) was missed by the same dealer, and instead I was told non-premium tyres were the cause of the sounds and vibration about which I was complaining. Help! What should I do about this Sound of Silence, please?
  11. Hello, I have a white 1994 lexus LS 400, with a strange overheating problem, and it's gradually getting worse. I bought this car from a man while he was in the process of dying from cancer. It was winter when I bought the car. The car handled fine all year and throughout the summer it was fine. Another winter passed and all was good. It wasn't until the weather began to get warm a second time, that troubles began to surface. This summer is a lot warmer than the last. It got hot early in the spring, and I turned on the air conditioner, but after about 10-15 minutes I began to notice an overwelming musty odor. I would later realize it was the odor of an overheating radiator, but at the time I could not place the smell, an the engine was not smoking. I stopped at a random repair station (lets call him mechanic R), and the mechanic R did me a favor and sprayed some anti-mildew spray in the air ducts. This did not work, because the next time I used the air conditioner, the smell was back. I was told by a fellow who worked for an air conditioner company, to change the air filter and let the air conditioner run for a while. I let the car sit while turned on for a few hours, and let the air conditioner run with the windows open to avoid the stench problem. This seemed to solve the problem, temporarily, as the smell issue went a way for a while. The next hot day I put the air on, about 10-20 minutes later the smell was back. I drove around with the air on and the windows open, the smell went away. I went to run a few errands and when I went to turn the car on again it began to stall. I decided to take it to my mechanic (lets call him mechanic M), it took me about 10 minutes to get there. As I pulled into the mechanic M's station, the car began to smoke like crazy. I popped the hood and we let it cool. I left the car overnight and mechanic M said the radiator had a hole in it, he said he replaced it and that was that. Now when I drove the car, the engine was making a louder sound. It was no longer quite and purring like a kitten. It was sputtering and would seem to want to stall when I would start it and accellerate in the morning and after work. Yes, It had trouble accellerating, but it would be fine after I drove it for five minutes. It would have trouble accelerating every time I used it, after a few hours of non-use. Any use of the air conditioner would produce the same overheating after 20 - 30 miutes of driving with the air on. The fan clicked on when I used the air conditioner. So it wasn't that. I took it to the mechanic who repaired it for the original owner (lets call him mechanic O). He said he had tried to figure it out but could not. He said the original owner had given up on them and went somewhere else. He took the car, said he ran it for 30 minutes with the air on, said he ran it in the shop with the air on as well. He said he could not find anything. He told me the radiator looked old, and like it was the one that came with the car. I had suspected my first mechanic had not replaced the radiator, this confirmed my suspicion. I also beleived my first mechanic had not changed the oil much earlier. This newer mechanic also did not have time to change the oil. So how much attention could he have given the car, other than running it. A friend had suggested that a lexus has a second speed setting on the fan that clicks in on extra hot conditions and is sometimes affected by the fuses. This newer mechanic said this wasn't it. But how much time could he have dedicated to it to know that. I was running out of options, the previous owner had experienced the same issues and had brought it to two different mechanics with no success. I had brought it to two different mechanics with no success (although one had been used by the original owner and one simply cheated me.) I thought abouit going to Lexus, but tales of high prices were discouraging me. I drove another week with no air conditioner use and for the final 3 days of that week it was very hot outside. A strange vibration was comming from the engine, I could feel it through the steering wheel when I started the car after work. The temperature gauge always seemed in the middle so I figured I could get by for a while if I didn't use the air. I stopped at a store on my way home from work and the strage vibration I had felt through the steering wheel was back. I shut the engine off, and as I began to walk from the car, I noticed smoke comming out. I went and got some water fronm the store. The radiator was so hot and empty if I added water it would evaporate and shoot back out. I left the car at the store. The store is close to mechanic R (who had first helped me with the smell in the air conditioner. I now recognized this smell to be an overheating engine. It must have sucked the vapor into the air conditioner system. Notes: - Initially the car would only overheat on a hot day when the air conditioner was in use, but now additional damage has been done with the engine being louder. -The water level must be dropping, but my ride two and from work is not filled with traffic. I must have slowly been loosing water for the car to overheat without the air on. -The car doesn't overheat when I am driving. Only when I stop and turn the car off. Then the fan is off too. -The oil needs to be changed -Mechanic R is close to the store Ileft the car at, but I am confident when I fill the car up with water, I can drive to the lexus dealer. -It is a busy summer season where I live, and mechanics are busy making fast money on out of town customers, not spending time on people from the area who have problems that don't have a simple solution. -I don't have a lot of money to burn. Any hints or suggestions or solutions are welcomed at this point, I believe I will take it to the lexus dealer. -thanx