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Found 27 results

  1. Hello, So I recently got into a little accident with my is200 manual and now need a new rear hub, and maybe other parts although unsure what yet. Question is will parts from a is200 auto suffice. So I wanted this post to outline the differences. I know the differential is different with a higher ratio i believe, and obviously the tranny. But is there anything else? I have a guy ready to sell me a bunch of parts from an auto is200, but I'm sceptical with mine being a manual thanks
  2. Had to get a replacement battery in a hurry today for my 2003 IS 300 Sportcross, so went on-line. Eurocarparts website was easy to use and had a tasty discount offer. They had a choice of 2 so I selected the more expensive one with 70Ah, CCA 540A, rating and ordered it 'click and collect'. £67.40 inc vat and 3 year g'tee which I didn't think was bad. Now I've got it home I can see it doesn't fit the battery tray properly. The base area is too big to fit deep in the tray so it sits quite high. Also, the new battery is 10mm taller than my knackered battery. As a result, the standard battery clamp won't fit (the rods aren't long enough) and the terminals are worryingly close to the closed bonnet. Is this a common issue? Is there a work around or will I have to return it to eurocarparts? Is there a generally recommended/ easily available battery that fits? Thanks in advance for your replies!
  3. Hi I've read through a post on this site from years ago and didn't get the information i was looking for. I have a 2016 Lexus IS300H Executive edition with satnav. I am trying to get mirror link to work, i have a comparable samsung model. Ive plugged the phone in and my phone screen says connected to mirror link device. The screen in the car does not have the option highlighted to start mirror link. Is it possible to resolve this somehow? or why its not working? Thanks this is my first post!
  4. I need the advice of experts and enthusiasts, in doing something which seems to swim against the tide. I have a 2002 IS300 Sportcross. It comes with 17" wheels as standard, with fairly low-profile tyres: 215/45 R17 on the front, 225/45 R17 on the rear. The alloy wheels are scabby and corroded, and the current Michelin Premacy tyres are due for replacement. So now is the moment! Most people who change wheels and tyres seem to want bigger wheels and even lower profile tyres. Fair enough - for appearance and perhaps hard cornering. I want to go the other way. I want to fit 16" wheels (I have a set) and deeper profile tyres. The reason is mainly to improve the ride and reduce vulnerability to bad road surfaces, potholes, and the thumping of cats-eyes..... So this is where it gets complicated. What tyres do I fit? I want to change the rolling-radius as little as possible in order not to affect the speedo and odometer. I also want decent quality tyres that aren't noisy, wear reasonably well and are good in the wet (I have Falkens on my 4WD and they are horrible when it's slippery). I plan to put the same size tyres on all four wheels (I don't carry heavy loads in the Sportcross so can't see the justification for slightly wider wheels on the back). The brilliant guidance on the website includes a calculator for tyre-size options. That appears to suggest that I could fit either 50-profile tyres: 215/50 R16 or 225/50 R16, or if I wanted taller 55-profile ones, 205/55 R16 or 215/55 R16. So.... first question - what size/profile should I go for? My instinct was to choose 215/55 R16 all round, but that's a really rare size (I can only find Kumho KH31 in that size). The manufacturer alternative spec (and standard on the IS200 Sportcross) seems to be 205/55 R16. What do others think? Second question..... what brand? My shortlist is Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance, Dunlop Sport Blu Response, or maybe Hankook or Kumho. I think Michelins are too costly (I'm not a high mileage driver), and Yokohamas and Bridgestones too soft and wear out quickly. I have no knowledge of Uniroyal and little experience of Contis (except on an older Merc where they were OEM). Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated, especially from those in the trade!
  5. Lexus Bits For Sale

    Having a much-needed clearout. Collection from EH51, or can arrange postage at buyer's expense. IS200 "Sport" Chrome Tailpipe Hard to find genuine item in very good condition. The underside a little pitted but not visible once fitted. Adds a touch of class to any IS200/300 with a stock exhaust system. £20 IS200 Drive Belts Full set of Gates drive belts for 1G-FE engine cars - Power-steering, Air-con & Alternator. Brand New, never fitted. £20 HB4/9600 OSRAM Fog Breaker Bulbs Colour temperature approx 2600K (Yellow). Brand-new & sealed. Will fit front fogs on '99-'03 1st Gen IS or '05-10 2nd-Gen IS (and possibly others..). £20
  6. Just replaced 2 tyres with Dunlop Sport Maxx (following favourable comment on the forum). Other 2 are OEM Yokohama Blu Earth and I have now noticed that the Yokos have a sort of overhang near the rim, to protect the wheels I guess, but the Dunlops do not. Have to be more careful now not to scrape the alloys.!
  7. Having just touched the low front skirt on my IS300 on a motorway services kerb (again!) I wondered if anyone knows if there is a Lexus solution to the problem or has any protection suggestion. It is the (hidden) underside which gets damaged. Really needs some sort of audible warning ! Thanks.
  8. When replacing the a/c condenser recently (and that's a whole separate story....) on my 2002 IS300 Sportcross auto, I noticed what looked like a slight weeping leak from the radiator. It's not impossible that the tubes/fins might have been damaged in the process of removing the old a/c condenser, as it's a tight squeeze. So I have been looking into getting a replacement radiator, and I'm getting a bit confused by the astonishing range of specifications, brands, and prices. Leaving aside the custom-welded high performance aftermarket rads (which aren't cheap), it seems there are various differences in what is available. 1) auto v manual. Radiators for auto transmission vehicles have to have a transmission oil cooler - which means a small separate cooler along the bottom of the rad, with two "extra" hose connections for the oil lines. Rads for manuals don't have this. But... it seems that manual vehicles can use the rad for auto vehicles, and just leave the oil cooler unconnected. Obviously it's not possible to do it the other way round (you can't put a rad for manual-only into an auto vehicle). Problem is, a lot of aftermarket suppliers don't make clear whether their product has the oil-cooler or not... 2) tube size. The Lexus OEM radiators apparently have 25 mm diameter cooling tubes, whereas almost all aftermarket ones have only 16 mm. Some say that in most conditions this doesn't make much difference to cooling-performance. Anyone care to comment? The difference is that 25mm rads are only available as Lexus OEM and twice the cost of aftermarket alternatives, which are mostly 16mm or don't specify. 3) IS300 vs IS200? An older thread here asked the question whether their radiators were the same. The answers were not clear: one said the "fan cowling" was different (but this isn't part of the radiator....!). Another said the Lexus parts list had the same number for both. For the IS300 I have found 16400-46560 and 16400-46561, and also 16400-46720 and 46721. Can anyone confirm definitely whether an IS300-auto radiator and an IS200-auto radiator are in fact the same? This matters because there are lots of listings on eBay and from parts-suppliers for IS200 rads (a much bigger market) and few of them indicate whether the item will fit an IS300 (which are much scarcer...). If they are the same, I can browse for an IS200 one, as there are many more to choose from! 4) Alternative suppliers and part nos. The range of brands and prices is huge. Does anyone have a reliable cross-reference list? I believe Lexus OEM radiators are made by Denso. Cost around £245 from a dealer. I have seen aftermarket items from Nissens (Danish) p/n 646924, cost £130-ish; Koyo (Japanese, sold by Euro Car Parts) p/n 203820450 - not clear whether this fits both IS200 and IS300 - cost around £100. Other makers include TYC p/n 2356, Spectra CU2356 - and there are others. Has anyone had experience - good or bad - of particular aftermarket brands? I don't want to get a replacement which doesn't last.... but £245 for an OEM item seems unreasonable.
  9. Hi All, I hope this has ended up in the right place. I have an 2004 IS300 LE and my drivers side external Auto dim mirror dosent appear to be working. The passenger side mirror dimms when the button on the internal mirror is pressed with the internal mirror. I have noticed that when i press the auto feature button on the internal mirror the green light only comes on the left (passenger side UK). Are both green lights supposed to come on either side of the button? and also does the lack of a green light on the right side of the button on the internal mirror signal that there is a fault with the drivers side? If so - is there a fuse i need to replace for the right mirror? - how do i investigate the problem further? Appreciate the help
  10. Custom Intake IS300

    Ok, so didnt want to hijack Simons Thread Si_is200 so heres my custom intake. first pics are of a MaF adapter i knocked up. this isnt finished yet but will do for now to test how well she runs. My only concern is the Maf is too far from the filter but im not sure if it matters as long as its reading the Flow of air i also may reduce the thickness of the MaF adapter, at the moment the centre of the round end sits in the middle of the pipe but it means the small outer wire is close to the top of the pipe. will see how it fairs. still got to tidy up the support and make a heat shield but this is what i have so far. any opinions/suggestions are welcomed
  11. hey i'm looking to buy a couple of things, as well some advice/suggestions to do with my tezza? I need a Altezza cluster And a Altezza steering wheel sticker/emblem. If you can Please help in any way Please let me know!! Thanks!
  12. hey i'm looking to buy a couple of things, as well some advice to do with my tezza? I need a Altezza cluster And a Altezza steering wheel sticker/emblem. If you can Please help in any way Please let me know!! Thanks!
  13. Hey guys ! Im brand new to this forum and wanted to know if anyone had an altezza steering wheel sticker for sale or trade? I have the lexus one but im tired of seeing lexus. Let me know.
  14. Is Lurker Finally Joins

    Hello Lexus community; I’ve been a lurker here for too long so thought it was high time I joined. In fact it’s twenty five months since I bought my first Lexus. Until then I’d owned a string of worthy and economical four pots, interrupted only by a turbo-charged five cylinder (an imperfect but extraordinary car, I’m sure you can guess). But when the car that followed that for five years - a faithful old P11-144 - was approaching its second round of big bills, I felt the need for a change and began hammering the Autotrader, Honest John etc. websites in late 2012. I knew I wanted increase my cylinder count again so was looking at Nissan QX, Honda Legends, Toyota Camrys, Kia Magentis, Hyundai Sonata, Jaguar X-Types, Mondeo V6 Titaniums and even Jaguar X300, all cars fitting my preferred “fuel costs high but capital cost low” philosophy. A bit of an outsider at this point was the original IS. I’d always admired the shape, and even after fifteen years I still thought it looked good. When my positive experience with the Primera made me start to priorities the Japanese makes, as I started trekking around the country so the Lexus began relentlessly creeping up the list, the others discounting themselves through scarcity, complexity, maladies and general woefulness; it was soon evident the Lexus was the best of what I was seeing. With the clock ticking to the Nissan’s MoT of doom, I found myself being regularly disappointed (the flaw in my philosophy!) but at least I established I wanted the larger engine and auto box in the IS300. Eventually after a number near-miss let-downs (mostly down to shady histories revealed on HPI checking), I found a tidy red IS300 at a dealer in May 2013; previously owned by Lexus Aberdeen it had found its way south to Lexus Sheffield and it remained with its owner in Chesterfield for eleven years. After a couple of months I put it through a 100,000 mile service at Lexus – ouch – but that sorted out some major bits (front suspension, unsurprisingly) which I knew needed sorting; fortunately I had made an allowance for such an eventuality. Since then I’ve entrusted it to my local mechanic who knows the car now and get him to do the bigger bits, while I handle the simpler stuff. The first MoT was unexpectedly expensive (front suspension again!) but it sailed through the 2015 a month ago. I’m also on my third set of front discs (as I bought it, as I replace once and as I replaced them a second time) which has taught me to buy OEM Lexus discs in future! Next job for my man is to attend to the bubbling on the sills which I want to do this summer. Then probably should think of a second cambelt change. As to the future? I get to drive quite a few for work thanks to hire fleets, but so many of them do my head in. I worry a bit what - currently on the market - in five or six years’ time I will find as a used car that will do anything for me. Anyway, as I feel now I reckon it will be another Lexus next, most likely a late IS250 auto, perhaps in a couple of years’ time. Meantime, I would love to get my old girl up to 200k; I’ve never had a car get within 30k of that previously. Sorry, this introductory post has ended a bit longer than I meant! I was involved quite heavily with a forum and website for previous car, hence my reticence to join and my pent-up drivel! But perhaps, it will help anyone looking to join the brotherhood of Lexus, give them a bit of confidence. Looking forward to joining in with the fun, you seem a decent crowd… :)
  15. I have been searching everywhere to find some information about wiring these Lexus IS300 seats. I am putting them into an older vehicle and will have to be creating the wiring from scratch. I have no need for the seat belt sensor, seat air bags, or the memory functions. There are 10 wires on one harness and 2 wires on another harness leaving the drivers seat that go to the car. so far I have identified that the two wires on the second harness (yellow-red, yellow-grn) are for the airbags. The 10 wires coming out of the other harness include a larger white-black and larger blue-white wire, and smaller brown, black-red, black-blue, white-green, blue-yellow, blue-orange, white-red, black-yellow wires. The black-yellow appears to be the wire going to the seat heater buttons. Does anyone have any clue how I could wire these to get the seat power working??
  16. Is200/is300 Sportcross Tail Lights

    Hi folks, I damaged my Drivers side (right) tail light on my 2003 Sport cross the other day. I bought a replacement used off ebay only to realise the replacement was slightly tinted which was a feature of post 2004 models. Does anyone have Either an ordinary chrome (pre 2004) Drivers side light I can buy off them (for no more than £40) or swap for the tinted one, OR a Passenger side tinted one to be bought or swapped etc etc. Thanks Matt
  17. Hi I have one master key that seems to do everything it should - but no spare. Where's the best palce to get a spare key? Thanks William
  18. Hi I'm new to Lexus ownership and only picked up my '03 IS300 SportCross yesterday. I know I'm going to have a few questions but I guess it's best to post each question separately. Looking forward to chatting with you all over the coming months. First issue - can't get the SatNav switched on and don't have a manual to go with it. It's the type that flips up on the top of the dash and says "GPS Voice Navigation System" on it. I can't even get it to flip up pressing the open/close button. Can anyone help me with a link to a user manual so i can at least read what it should do?! Thanks. William
  19. hi i am just wondering if any one has fitted puddle light to their door mirrors and wired them in with the central locking so they light up when i unlock the car and go off once the engine is started. PLEASE HELP!
  20. Hi all, I think this is my first post, I haven't use the forum in a while so I'll reintroduce myself if I haven't already done so. I'm Dill, 21 years old from Leicester. Have been driving a IS200 sport for around 4 months now that was acquired off my father who no longer needed it. Have loved driving it so far, the silky smooth straight six is just ace. Just thought I'd post a link for you all, I'm aware that a lot of Lexus IS and users of other models have issues with the key casing cracking and breaking due to the poor design of the shell. Since I acquired my lexus I have had the OEM key break on me, which had cracks in it when I acquired the car, and two non branded lexus keys also crack and snap. I was surfing on eBay looking for genuine Lexus keys and I came across these OEM Denso keys from Hong Kong and for a couple of quid they look like a steal so I ordered two. What I plan to do is take the innards out of the two aftermarket keys I have at the moment, put them into these Denso keys that I have just ordered, then take them to a local auto locksmith to have the keys cut down to size. Anyway heres the link and I hope you find it useful, as soon as the keys arrive I'll be reviewing them and letting you know of my experience. Thanks and I look forward to speaking to you all soon! Dill
  21. Normally I wash wax and polish it myself but the inside needed a good going over so i went the lazy route and took it for a mini valet then took some photos before it could get rained on, its the first time i've taken new photos since I swapped the headlamps for darker ones, so they add to the darker rims, darker side repeaters and black grille:
  22. Hi, I have just got a 2002 IS 300 Navigator sedan, 78,000 miles, very lovely (but thirsty) car. The first time my wife used the boot it fell on her head! Very painful. It just won't stay up (the boot lid that is!). The slightest wind or if the cars's on a slope, it comes down. Ha, I thought, just needs some gas struts. Look inside - no gas struts, just a clever metal rod system. Like me, I imagine they have lost their elasticity over the years. Anyone any ideas? Can they be adjusted? Taken off and bent?
  23. hello im new here and i am searching for 1-2 lexus 18 inch grand prix wheels part number: pz439c0670zr im in iceland so it is difficult to fiind it here the wheels are on the car below sorry if my english is bad