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Found 47 results

  1. Hi guys Just started my LS400 MK4 1999 and it now makes an extremely loud whining noise. This occurred quite randomly as it was not making noise the other day. Any ideas what it could be? The noise gets worse as the RPMs increase and the pitch gets higher. Power steering seems to be working fine and have not had battery issues as of yet.
  2. Can anyone advise on how best to get confirmation of the first date of registration,I purchased a LS400 which was registered in the Netherlands on I believe 20th October 1995 from a record in the service book however DVLA insist I obtain a letter from a owners club registered on their web site and it appears no Lexus club is,this is all that's preventing registration. Any information would be most welcome. archie
  3. A few months ago at 75k odd miles I replaced my spark plugs from my mk4. I couldn't see any evidence of past replacement and was puzzled by very worn plugs bearing the NGK brand in pale blue. They looked old. I did a write up; that's in the how to section. What I put in were Denso plugs and that's what I'd expected to remove. All the mileage checked out. However, having a trawl through the handbook I spy that original fitment listed as Denso SK20R11...and NGK IFR6A11. That solves the riddle: I removed the original NGKs.
  4. Hi all. My new LS400 has no working radio. When I bought the car the aerial didn't operate so I put it down to this. Upon investigation this afternoon it seems the aerial was disconnected for some reason as once I plugged the connecter back in and switched on the stereo it popped out smoothly and fully. However I now only get static on all frequency's. It's finding nothing. Any ideas on the issue or possible fix? Thanks again everyone for your help! Matt :-)
  5. I've got a problem with the idle on my 96 LS400, 145k miles. The car is up to date on its servicing and there are no warning lights on. The car starts fine, hot or cold, and drives normally without complaint under any driving conditions, except when the problem occurs. After a run of about an hour or more at motorway speeds, when the car is coming off the m-way and slowing down at the end of the slip road, engine revs will occaisonally drop so low that the engine cuts out. It will re-start from neutral without any problem and will not repeat this until it's on another long run. So, it won't cut out again when I stop at the next junction or set of lights. It only seems to be a problem slowing down after the m-way run. On a regualr trip I do, I've tried running with the cruise control off (normally it's on on m-ways) but this makes no difference, the problem remains. I don't know if this is simply a problem with the idle speed adjustment - it ticks over at at about 400 RPM which I think is a little low - or somethink linked to idel air control or temp sensors. Any pointers would be welcome.
  6. Hi all, getting used to my new ls400 after a few days now. I've been drawing up a list of things that need doing. Needs an oil service at least, possibly plugs and filters etc. Although the transmission operate's perfectly, the oil is looking past its best so want to do a full flush ( pipe off radiator method) Paint chips and small amount of bubbling paint on the top of the door needs addressing. What's best? Alloys desperately need restoring! Squealing brake when pulling up at lights or in light braking. Annoying but not the end of the world! Known fix? The electric aerial doesn't operate and so I have no radio. Ithe makes no sound when the radio is turned on. Checked obvious fuses. Any suggestions? Oh and the obligitory wet boot... All help and advice on these issues would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hello all. Well, I finally did it. I bought a gold mk4 off ebay yesterday and will be collecting it on Friday. I'm very excited! It's not perfect but I'm planning on keeping it for a good while so I'll sort out any issues and get it serviced once I have it. Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far with questions and advice :-) I'm sure I'll have more along the way. Matt
  8. Evening all. Been looking for an ls400 and have seen a few but wondered how high a mileage car would you think is still worth purchasing? 150k ? 180? 200k?? Thanks. Matt :-)
  9. Any one know this one, what are your thoughts. Getting very rare now and I'm struggling to find a good one. 400&radius=1500&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=price-asc&postcode=l321bh&page=1 look forward to hearing what you all think.
  10. Hi All, I've been wanting an LS400 for the last 5 years and picked one up this week. It's a late 1998 series 4 UCF21 with 70k miles, the first 64k with Lexus main dealer stamps and then by independent mechanics over the last 9 years. I'm planning to use it as my main car for long work journeys once I have some things sorted. I've treated it to a Terraclean at Ace Car Care in Shrewsbury - which was a good experience and have serviced it, new plugs etc - purrs like a kitten and a joy to drive. On the second day it failed to start due to a low battery voltage so not knowing the history of the battery and wanting a reliability replaced it with a 95 AH Yuasa Silver battery. The new battery started it fine but was discharged by the following morning! I've measured the voltage drop across all of the fuses when the car has been off for 10 minutes. There was no voltage across the fuses in the interior fuse box inside. Under the bonnet I measured: 3mV on the MPX-B (multiplex communication system, related to combination meter) 1.9mV on the ETCS (electronic throttle control system) 0.8mV on the ODB 0.8mV on the Dome (MPX and seat control system) 0.4mV on the EFI-2 (transmission) 0.2mV on the EFI-1 (engine) As it is running up to Christmas I won't get an auto electrician now until early January (not that I'm in a huge hurry). I wondered if anyone had some ideas or previous experience with this on an LS? I'm planning to fix the parking dings and convert to LPG if she turns out to be reliable in the next 3 months. Cheers Jonny
  11. New to LS400 ownership

    Hi All, Just introducing myself as it seems to be the norm on here. Just bought an LS400 (R-Reg) yesterday from a private seller near Nottingham and driven it home (near to London). Back in 1990 I was just 17 years old and a very kind Lexus dealer let me sit in one of these brand new (at the time) models. He also gave me a Lexus brochure which I have mislaid but I'm sure I have it somewhere. Well it's taken 26 years but I finally have my dream car (albeit an old one). Very happy with it so far but even though it's old I want to look after it (it's not in bad condition considering its age). Can any of you guys give me any advice on where to start, is it a good idea to take it to a specialist to give it the once-over and see if anything needs attention? I can do basic stuff myself but I'm no mechanic. I know it had the obligatory cam-belt change approx. 33,000 miles ago so that shouldn't need doing for a while. I did feel a bit of juddering and steering wobble when braking (although not to the extent where I was losing control). Is that normal? Appreciate any help or advice you kind folks can give me. Many thanks.
  12. Hi, I have a 98 ls400 that randomly struggles to start. The engine turns really fast on starter but refuses to start. Before it does eventually start I can often have ten to twenty near starts where it fires and revs above cranking speed and then dies. As I say this is random and the car may appear perfect for a few days. It's not engine or atmosphere temperature dependant. Once it does start it is fine. I have noticed it smells of petrol during these mental moments. Please, please help😩
  13. Not sure if this is under correct category but im new here. Basically i used to average around 17 mpg in the city, which was slow start/stop driving. I would get 40 miles out of £10 petrol. I then got timing belt/fan belt kit replaced, new water pump, idlers etc and a full service. I now get 40 miles out of £15 and have done around 70/80 miles since having the work done. I've read a lot of conflicting information, some people saying garage may have knocked a few sensors etc out of alignment or spark plugs may be loose. However also heard that apparently as battery would have been disconnected this resets the ECU and the car will have poor mpg until it re-learns my driving habits etc. One thing i noticed soon as i picked the car up was when i started it there was a split second clunk noise which sounded like it came from under drivers side at front of car. However only happens occasionally and as usual didn't happen when i told the mechanic. Not sure if related in any way. I doubt it is the o2 sensors etc as some people have said on other forums because it was immediately after i picked the car up. Also i always fuel up as soon as the petrol light comes on however when i picked the car up and put petrol in it barely budget above the limit when the light comes on. Therefore im guessing the garage must have really drained the fuel tank so i dont know if this maybe affects the ecu in any way because i know that is bad for the fuel pump. Dont know why they would have done that as i left plenty of fuel in the car for them. Any advice is appreciated because i dont really know what to do
  14. Hello, I have been trying to find out online the annual road tax on for LS400 but not found anything other than people saying with LPG it drops a tenner. How much is the road tax on first gen LS400? Thanks
  15. Hi everyone That time of the year, I've has my LS400 for about a year now, have done almost 10,000 miles. Enjoyed every single one of them. The car has been completely trouble free. Apart from the major service which included timing belt, tensioners, coolant, spark plugs, water pump, battery, a/c, air filter, cabin filter, break pads, new wiper blades new tyres when I first bought it, I've had the oil and filter changed once more. No other costs incurred. Booked it for an MOT on 25th Feb, it passed with one advisory "nearside front Suspension arm ball joint dust cover deteriorated, but preventing the ingress of dirt". Is this something I need to worry about? Thanks for your advice. Tarun
  16. As the title states is a sad sad day. As some members may be aware Mr Lexmanic, because of health problems, hasn't been on the site for some time, I Mrs Lexmanic have and after much soul searching its been decided to dispose of our 98 Lexus LS400 (its displayed in the Avatar). When 1st parked in the drive everything worked including the dash temp gauge but as the battery is completely dead this can no longer be confirmed. A new battery should resolve any doubts. Also having been parked in our drive and not driven for about 2 years has had a detrimental effect. Eg The tyres are flat and perished although they should inflate to aid its movement but should not be considered road worthy Mr Lexmanic has spent as considerable sum including a rear section SS exhaust, new starter, complete respray, new front and rear windscreens, refurbish wheels etc. etc.It also has LPG (its still got a full tank) BUT its disconnected as it may be faulty I expect anyone who wants it to offer me sum of money that THEY think its worth. In addition they MUST be able to remove it within 48hrs. This last requirement is I'm afraid a deal breaker and anyone who's interested PM through the club site. Also please note there will be no Dutch Auction 1st come 1st served Regards Mrs Lexmanic
  17. Hi fellas, I'm very soon going to be buying my first Lexus. It'll be a LS 400 or 430 2000 model up to maybe an 06. I know this has probably been asked a thousand times but, which is the best model/year? is there anything I should look out for when viewing a potential buy? cheers, Martin
  18. Hi fellow enthusiasts, I just ripped my spare unit. I am going to change some bulbs and LED lamps. I am wondering if someone can help me out here and confirm. I want to leave it as original as possible, new bulbs LEDs for old ones that is. I did some research and found out: Radio LCD back light IL901 + IL902 = micro lamp 2x (8V / 0,1A / 0,8W) - soldered - bulb head is about 4mm x 9mm - clear with green rubber cap that would be the same micro bulb as in a GS430 - 2000 - Radio LCD back light IL951 + IL952 = micro lamp (8V 100mA) Radio "key board" back light for the buttons = micro lamp 14x (8V / 0,06A / 0,5W) - soldered - bulb head is about 3mm x 5mm - clear with green rubber cap The 2 bulbs for the Radio LCD back light I've already soldered out. I did not know until now that the on/off button has its own micro bulb - must be getting real hot in there because in both units I have that same micro bulb is shot. AC / Heater control LCD 55900B BULB, AIR CONDITIONER CONTROL....LCD back light! OEM number: 84999-60450 (12V / 1.2W / 0,1A / 1/4 socket / 5mmx10mm- 3x - LCD screen - back light OEM number: 84999-60460 (14V / 1.82W / 0,13A / 1/4 socket / 4mmx09mm- 5x - AC control buttons - back light AC/Heater - key board - control lights for the buttons - clear LED lamps - green and orange - Luminous Intensity 30mcd-40mcd Button/switch - LEDs: 5x green - 3mm - 1.8V??? - soldered - I used 2,2V / 0,02A / 40mcd 2x orange - 3mm - 1,8V??? - soldered - I used 2,1V / 0,02A / 29mcd Not micro bulb! LED lamps!!! Bottom line - heat and age is the CULPRIT. TIA
  19. Hi - after over 12 years of faultless service it may be time to lay my 1996 LS400 to needs a new fuel pump, expensive to fit but other issues may arise and I don't know if it may begin to cost too much to keep has been an amazing journey but is it time to let go?? I live in West London and if anyone knows a cost effective garage maybe I'll keep it running... What do you think? Thanks!
  20. New To The Ls400

    Hi chaps, I'm Steve from North Lincolnshire and new to Lexus ownership. I came into owning my 96 LS400 for different reasons than most I should think. I was looking for a donor engine for one of my projects. I needed a V8 and the 1uz seemed to fit the bill. I can already hear the tutting, so before you judge me I'll put it on record that the 1uz in my LS won't be coming out. My background has always been based around fast road, track even a blast at drift cars and I'd had a plan to put the 1uz into a Sierra hatch and build a XR8 replica and using the Lexus V8 would mean that the thing would go round corners which is something it was never keen on doing with the five litre ford V8 boat anchor. But as it turns out, I rather like the LS400. It's a very enjoyable drive. It is an old car mind you, so all the electrickery while fun for a while seems very outdated by modern standards, which makes me feel better about making my LS more "performance" oriented. I can hear more tutting, I'm not going for a stripped out track car, I'd just like it to feel more engaging (I know it was never designed as a drivers car) I'd like to reduce the weight, increase the handling and braking capabilities and make it look more modern. There will be coilovers and larger wheels involved and maybe even a manual conversion in the future, I could have gone for a soarer but I like the Q car look. So don't hate me too much, for now I just want to get the car running in tip top order before I do anything. It's a P 95 96 with 125k miles and full comprehensive history, the bodywork needs a little attention due to lacquer peel here and there, but everything seems to function as it should and it's at a nice point to bring it back to life instead of breaking the poor thing just for its heart. Steve
  21. Wanted: Gs300, Gs430 Or Ls400

    Hi all I'm looking for a lowish mileage well looked after example of any of the above cars. Mainly interested in the 98-04 GS300/GS430 but am open to the MK1 GS300 too. I'm located in Essex so only looking for something that's closeish to me! Thanks
  22. Hi 98 LS400 Drove it about a mile stopped for shopping on return to car neither of the 2 ignition keys wil turn on Tried locking & unlocking, taking it out of park then back in nothing! Central locking/unlocking works fine. Bonnet boot, filler cap lock/unlock OK Steering tilts when key removed or when put back into ignition. Anyone any ideas what might be the cause please????????? Car now stranded 1 mile from home :megaangry: Thanks in anticipation
  23. Hi Guys (and Gals?), Just sharing the news of my long awaited purchase of a 2000 LS400. :) Have always desired one but way TOO expensive back in the early 90's. I'm now retired here in Oregon, USA and these cars are all over the place and very well looked after (One is currently aiming at 1,000,000 miles!) Got mine for less than 5K, it's a 1 owner, lots of service history, LS400 (Sep 99) in awesome condition (Less than 5K miles a year). Already have it in for a full 90K Service (Water Pump, Timing Belt etc.) not because of the 72K mileage, but 15 years is a long time and I want "Piece of mind", this now MY baby..... Besides all the usual Lexus "Goodies", it has the additional SatNav, Moonroof, Chrome Alloys, Memory heated seats, 6 Stack CD Player with Dolby etc. which were not standard over here. I am already building a kit to allow .mp3 play through the audio and adding a reversing camera, guess I will have to remove the wired analogue phone in the centre console! lol Looking forward to using all the great advice and tips I've already found on here, cheers. PS: I do get back to the West Midlands quite often, but I guess NOT with the Lexus :)
  24. 2000 (Sep 99) LS400 (Series.2.5)

    From the album My new "Passion"

  25. A quick note to say hello to all. Picked up a LS400 MkIV last friday and enjoyed a 180 Mile drive home in friday traffic from Castlefield to Ealing returning an indicated 33MPG! Rather shocked at that to be honest! Reasons for this car are size (I'm 6'3") and room for my children (both tall aready at 2 and 5) but mainly silence! I run a recording studio and produce/mix along with being a sesion musician and as such I'm surrounded by noise for 10 hours a day. The Lexus will be my "quiet room". It certainly doesn't disapoint in that department.. No real issues. Not sold on the budget tyres but I'll change those later in the year. Very slight steering wheel wobble under gentle braking (discs I would think) and the passanger door seal is slightly mis-aligned causing a bit of wind noise above 50mph. Couple of questions-tyre choice? I'm assuming there's many a thread on this (I usually go for Falkens) and a good indie garage in West London? It'll need a Cambelt next year so average cost? Feel free to point me in the right direction on this site, thanks! Looking forward to some long trips over the the quiet for once! Jim