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Found 21 results

  1. Hello all, Been looking for ages for a Mystic Gold with beige interior on a Y plate... I know, asking for hen's dentists. In the end thanks to a weekend in Amsterdam with my brother along with EU data rules and eBay for android I bought this instead! 2001 Y plate LS430 in Blue Onyx with the Ecru (beige) interior. Fixed a few niggles and have a few more to fix too. Nothing untoward and nothing I'm not afraid of tackling, I've rebuilt engines and welded up cars many a time in my years on this planet. Had to bodge the offside rear ride height sensor as the arm snapped on my drive home after buying it! Fixed now with the proper part. Need to get my LPG conversion going sharpish as I'm averaging ~12mpg with my commute. Also need to get used to filling a 90l petrol tank vs 68l LPG tank - price difference is quite drastic for a full tank! Polished and clearcoated the headlights as they were very yellow and let the car down, then put a HID HB3 kit in the main beams and the fogs (I do a lot of driving on the fens so lighting up the road with daylight is a must!) The little light lenses next to the foglights are not used on my LS for some reason, perhaps a JDM/US market thing. I am planning on putting some LED 382 bulbs in and use them as DRLs Also had a play with techstream and a £14.99 cable from eBay. All worked and told me I have two dead O2 sensor heater circuits on the pre-cat sensors. Will need to replace ASAP. All for now, shall report back once I've found the cause of the slight knock on the nearside front and put new front discs and pads on her. Cheers D
  2. Hello all, Looking to put original radio back into my 430. P/O fitted this lot and while it works the user interface and overall look of the things doesn't appeal to me. Make me a sensible offer considering all of this kit new would cost over £800 Or if you have the original ML Radio/CD changer, fascia (CD cover, switch backing and cubby hole) I'd consider a straight swap, mine is an '01 premium pack with ML and nav
  3. Ls 430 Sunken Rear Suspension

    Hi All, I have a 2001 LS 430 with air suspension. The suspension on the car never gave any problems whatsoever until I parked the car up for 12 months. When I restarted the car after this time the rear of the car was sunken to the ground and did not pump itself up as normal. I have been unsuccessful in trying to get anything to work. The fuses are fine, the relay is fine, the height sensors seem fine. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
  4. I noticed that my A/C on the 430 wasn't blowing cold recently when we had that warm spell. The A/C was regassed just a couple of months ago by Lexus when I had it serviced - not sure if they test functionality at that time or not. Was going to get them to have a look, but then had a weird experience today where the A/C selection was just greyed out on the LCD screen. Couldn't enable or disable it and the temperature controls didn't function. After a short while though they sprung back into life. Still no cold air, but certainly something odd going on. Anyone come across anything similar? Suggestions for what to check before I get it looked at?
  5. So really want to scratch the itch that is to own a LS. Something that has been bugging me ever since I was a lad and saw the LS400 for the first time However, didn't want to spend more than 5k. Essentially trying reduce my exposure in case the dream turns into a nightmare! So...anyone have a buying guide/tips for the LS430 please? Just to clarify, the main reason I'm looking at the 430 (and not the 400) is because I need ISOFIX points for the kiddies seats...still need to keep things a little practical :) Cheers guys. Any help is much appreciated.
  6. So as we know, riding in an LS is a blissfully quiet experience, insulated from the outside world. Sadly that means a bit of occasional creaking from the dash trim becomes more noticeable than in any other car. Diagnosis is difficult, but as far as I can tell it is coming from the general area of the cd player / central console. Has anyone suffered from the same, and ideally remedied the issue? Thanks in advance Jon
  7. Hi everyone, if one of you could point out the location of the coolant temperature sender which sends the signal to the temp gauge next to the speedo as it says the car isn't up to temperature after a even a motorway run, its also not allowing the car to change up to 6th gear as again the car thinks its not up to temperature. id be very appreciated if one of you could help me as google wont help me and is constantly showing me results of the LS400. Cheers, Rob
  8. Hi All! I am a recent proud owner for a 2003(53) plate Lexus LS430. I picked this car up fairly cheap after reading they were reliable and they seem very powerful and comfortable! Anyways there was just one small issue with the car when I got it, the SatNav doesn't work. It throws up the 'Please insert correct map disk' error. Now after some forum scouting and general Googling I found a guide on how to remove the SatNav disk and clean/check it. However it turns out there is no map disk in there at all! Further Googling got me to the Lexus site where you buy the Nav disks from and heres where I encountered the issue at hand. The site asks me to first of all select my current Navigation system, then enter my current part number. As I have no part I can't enter the number and also can't see what generation my system is, so I have no idea what to enter here. Any help would be vastly appreciated! The car is a late 2003(53) Facelift LS430. Cheers George
  9. Looking for LS430

    Hello! I'm based in Cambridge (work there, live in Saffron Walden) and am looking for a good condition LS430. I've always wanted one, and I think it's now time to scratch that itch. Nice to meet you all :)
  10. Having just sold my MK1 GS300 sport my attention has now turned to finding another LS430. Having purchased a lovely low miler last year and my DAD falling in love with it and subsequently relieving me of it after many hours of ear bashing. I'm now on the look out for an immaculate 05/55/06 LS430 with around 50k to 60k on the clock with full history. Any colour combination considered so if any of my fellow Lexus lovers knows where there is one or wants out of their own let me know. I'm a fussy bugger so nothing on the usual sites a present has any appeal. Cheers Colin
  11. Got a pass with no advisories today - happy day. Members with long memories may recall that when I imported the car last year it failed its first MOT on the alignment of the nearside headlight. The garage sucked their teeth and warned me it's connected to the self-levelling suspension and could be expensive. I got it home, found an adjuster, lined the lights up on the garage door, went back and got my ticket. Today's inspector (different station) said it only passed after they discovered the reason the NS headlamp pattern was wrong was that the bulb was in upside down. Seems strange to me, but hey - I have a ticket! Good luck to all on their tests Jon
  12. Good afternoon guys, sorry to disturb your relaxing sunday after lunch snooze, I thought someone maybe kind enough to stop me digging a big hole and ever so slowley pushing my car into said hole. I went out today for a simple matter a sunday car tinker (which involves normally sitting in the car wondering how I came to own something so amazing, i'm sure some of you indulgue in the practice) and found that the key fob was not working. After opening it with the key and starting it I also found out some other things were not working such as wing mirrors all the remote seat buttons on the door (ones on the seat work fine) boot and fuel cap release. Having seached through the forum n google I tried many fuses (couldnt find a blown one) checked the battery terminal, held down buttons on the fob for 30 secs, and prayed a little bit to who ever might be listoning. Oh when I do press the fob to open the car the indicators flash but not when I try to lock it. My wife is now refuring to the car as mine as its broken (I would like to keep it that way and maybe buy her a nissan micra that will learn her). many thanks for all your time and help in advance, hope you ate well on this fantasic sunday afternoon.
  13. Hi fellas, I'm very soon going to be buying my first Lexus. It'll be a LS 400 or 430 2000 model up to maybe an 06. I know this has probably been asked a thousand times but, which is the best model/year? is there anything I should look out for when viewing a potential buy? cheers, Martin
  14. I have just had my LS430 100k service by Lexus. Question???? No where on the paper work does it say remove change spark plugs, is this not done now? Yes fixed price
  15. Got to arrange to have the rear screen replaced on a 2005 LS430. Looking on the various Russian Lexus parts sites it shows part no. 6481050290 for upto 2000-2003 and part no. 6481050330 for 2003-2006. I've found one that has been removed from a 2001 model but this will be the older part number. Does anyone have any info as to the difference and if the older one will fit? Hoping it's just a very minor difference!
  16. Suspension (Ls430) Question

    Hiya guys, am picking up a LS 430 next week, just been through its MOT today with no advisories, thing is, if the air suspension is iffy would this fail the test. I am aware of the issues but the LS 430 has been a dream of mine since my P reg GS...just worried about the air suspension really. The car is X reg with 190,000 on it and full Lexus history and is as clean as any 2 year old car on the road so I do feel confident about it generally. Cheers Glyn
  17. Hello, Owner of a 2002 LS430 I have a problem on a rear left bar with roughly 180 kmiles, cf pictures attached the bar circled with red is clearly a little bent when on the other side it is straight. Being French I don't know the name of this device (I looked for sway bar, anti roll bar, stabilizer bar or links but it doesn't be to fit the description) and so can't order it on the internet to have my local repairman install it. If you had some insights on it it would be really kind. By the way, will I need to change left and right bars and or other pieces with it? Regards
  18. New Member With Ls430

    Hello All, Looking forward to many interesting guides on helping keep my new toy in pristine condition. Just sold the old car Porsche 997 and wanted a lovely, reliable large bought the LS430 V8. Beautiful through out and I am really impressed as it is a "52 reg car" I have a couple of bits I need to fix though. I need to source the following items: Front ash tray - unused preferably, ideas? Fridge in rear - is this powered by the aircon? Where can I get better interior light bulbs and boot bulb as they are really dim, does anyone know the part number for these? Do they need to be bnormal or CanBus types? Screen in front has a line running through it, is it easy to swap over? where from? Any good breakers yards for these bits? Boot liner matt? Also, does anyone know of anything that I need to get to keep the car up to date, want to keep it all nice and original, not pimped up. Does anyone know where to get nicer alloys, was thinking of the later car updated versions with five spokes or something similiar for beer money! thanks and look forward to many years of seasoned help! Dominic
  19. I've noticed recently that my 430's driver door mirror is not dimming in the dark. The rear view and nearside wing mirrors work correctly. Any ideas?
  20. hi guys, this is not a for sale thread. Im just asking for opinions/advices. I intended to do a project with 3uz-fe but they arent cheap to come. So I purchased a running ls430 then planned break it to parts however this routes takes a long time to recover my money. so i was wondering if anyone could guide me whether where/who should I approach to get rid of the left over bits as a whole with an reasonable price? I went to a scrapyard they quoted me a ridiculous £170 and I reckon it worth at least 10x more than that as one supplied and fitted gearbox will set one back £1500 on fleebay. your advice and opinions are much appreciated. thank you
  21. Bluetooth Contacts Download

    Hi, new to the forum, but have used it to solve problems before. Have had a GS300 - 2000 (sold at 220,000), a LS 430 - 2001 (going on sale at 217,000) and currently have a RX300 (2004) and LS 430 (late 2003). Yes have become a Lexus fan after Mercs / Volvo's / Fords / Vauxhal / Citroen! On with my question. I have a Blackberry 9900 running OS7 and want to download the phone book/contact list into the OEM Lexus Bluetooth unit that forms part of the Sat Nav. If i cant do that, how do I get the "one touch dial" to show a name rather than just a number. I don't know who's number is who's, thats why i set them up as memories in my phone! any help would be appreciated from all you knowledgeable people. Clive PH