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Found 10 results

  1. IS300 SPOTRSCROSS 2001, 75k fsh Mystery water loss Hello All. I like many others have exsperienced water loss with no obviose leakage. For the the last couple of years it wenr from an occaisional top up to having to fill the rad every 70-100 miles. I thought it may be a pressure problem and changed the rad cap. Then a water test for head gasket, Phew. The car ran perfectly as all ways and Over a long period I studied the engine etc waiting for something to rear it`s ugly head but nothing and no sign of a leak BRAIN WAVE....... I dismemberd 2 high lighter pens and decanted them into a gallon of water and put it in the car and in a dark place went over the engine etc. with a cheapo ultra violet light and voile......A small sweaty leake in the radiator. The rad has a lower tank and was leaking and the point where the core meets this lower tank. This lower tank has a raise lip of sevral millimeters and the water was sitting in what ammouted to a trough and then on I presume was just evaporating through the heat and wind so there was no easily visable sign. I got a standard rad from fleabay for about £150.00, by way of a foot note, it had two fixturs to accept some piping that was not required on my model of car. I fitted them anyway after crimping them shut and soldering the ends and the good woman fitted it two days later. This was three weeks ago and the problem is solved. I thought I would share my exsperience because thats the kinda guy I am.
  2. Hello, My name is James and I have an is200, year 2000, sport. I noticed recently that my engine coolant levels were dropping quite quickly so I decided to replace the radiator (it was quite old and was pretty damaged when I took it out), this was about a month ago. I had probably driven about 7 miles today when I stopped the car for about 5 minutes, when I tried to start it, I could hear the engine turn over but it would go very slow and then cut out after about 2 seconds. Then I would get all the dash lights that I have attached (file name Dash lights). One of these lights is for low oil pressure which is concerning, can the low oil pressure light come on if the radiator coolant levels are low? They were very low, I actually had to pour 2 litres into the radiator itself to top it up. There is a new radiator in the car at the minute and it's still leaking. I can't find an issue with any of the hoses but there is a bit of pink residue around the water pump, does it look like I need a new water pump? (file name "water pump"). My main issue was the car not starting and the low oil pressure light, is this something that could be caused by low coolant? Thanks! James
  3. When replacing the a/c condenser recently (and that's a whole separate story....) on my 2002 IS300 Sportcross auto, I noticed what looked like a slight weeping leak from the radiator. It's not impossible that the tubes/fins might have been damaged in the process of removing the old a/c condenser, as it's a tight squeeze. So I have been looking into getting a replacement radiator, and I'm getting a bit confused by the astonishing range of specifications, brands, and prices. Leaving aside the custom-welded high performance aftermarket rads (which aren't cheap), it seems there are various differences in what is available. 1) auto v manual. Radiators for auto transmission vehicles have to have a transmission oil cooler - which means a small separate cooler along the bottom of the rad, with two "extra" hose connections for the oil lines. Rads for manuals don't have this. But... it seems that manual vehicles can use the rad for auto vehicles, and just leave the oil cooler unconnected. Obviously it's not possible to do it the other way round (you can't put a rad for manual-only into an auto vehicle). Problem is, a lot of aftermarket suppliers don't make clear whether their product has the oil-cooler or not... 2) tube size. The Lexus OEM radiators apparently have 25 mm diameter cooling tubes, whereas almost all aftermarket ones have only 16 mm. Some say that in most conditions this doesn't make much difference to cooling-performance. Anyone care to comment? The difference is that 25mm rads are only available as Lexus OEM and twice the cost of aftermarket alternatives, which are mostly 16mm or don't specify. 3) IS300 vs IS200? An older thread here asked the question whether their radiators were the same. The answers were not clear: one said the "fan cowling" was different (but this isn't part of the radiator....!). Another said the Lexus parts list had the same number for both. For the IS300 I have found 16400-46560 and 16400-46561, and also 16400-46720 and 46721. Can anyone confirm definitely whether an IS300-auto radiator and an IS200-auto radiator are in fact the same? This matters because there are lots of listings on eBay and from parts-suppliers for IS200 rads (a much bigger market) and few of them indicate whether the item will fit an IS300 (which are much scarcer...). If they are the same, I can browse for an IS200 one, as there are many more to choose from! 4) Alternative suppliers and part nos. The range of brands and prices is huge. Does anyone have a reliable cross-reference list? I believe Lexus OEM radiators are made by Denso. Cost around £245 from a dealer. I have seen aftermarket items from Nissens (Danish) p/n 646924, cost £130-ish; Koyo (Japanese, sold by Euro Car Parts) p/n 203820450 - not clear whether this fits both IS200 and IS300 - cost around £100. Other makers include TYC p/n 2356, Spectra CU2356 - and there are others. Has anyone had experience - good or bad - of particular aftermarket brands? I don't want to get a replacement which doesn't last.... but £245 for an OEM item seems unreasonable.
  4. Hi I have been informed by Lexus that my aircon radiator has a hole in it due to being hit by a stone which miraculaously made its way past the grill of my CT and pierced the radiator! Despite having paid for an extended warranty i am told that this is an "act of god" and not covered! I have also been quoted £830 to fix the radiator! I live near Uxbridge and work in Reading. Does anyone have any recommendations for Lexus approved mechanics who could fix/replace my aircon radiator close by either of these locations? Any help gratefully received! Cheers
  5. Hi, I have a lovely Rx300 04 reg which runs pretty smooth. definitely a keeper. lastely i noticed the heat guage playing up so got it checked. the coolant was nearly empty! The mech suggested that it has a hair line sort of crack on the radiator but its not noticeable hence i never saw it. I never noticed any water pooled under the car etc on the drive way. anyway, he poured in some sort of solvent which was to fill up any hair line cracks in the radiator and that it would work fine. It worked initially and i noticed no movement for 3 4 months. Sadly, it came back and i could see the heat guage moving. got it checked from another place and they said that although its a hairline crack somewhere but its a definite replacement of radiator as the coolant levels are constantly going down and car heating up a bit (not close to the red mark). So now i am looking for radiator replacement. The mechanic quoted £180 inc VAT for the radiator unit and maybe another 100 to put it in. sounds reasonable? Lexus would be 600+ i think. but i can see Rx300 radiator for £123.15 on adrad website. advanced radiators. Just wanted to check if they are proper dealers and that i could get it from them maybe? and will it properly fit as it says on the website. Thanks.
  6. My 2005 RX300 has been slow to heat up for the last few days, and yesterday I noticed steam coming from the radiator and the front bumper soaked in coolant. When I got a good look at it today I added about 4 litres of water to the radiator and took the car for a run to heat it up. On returning I found a hairline crack on the plastic to the left of the core at the front running downwards from an inch below the top of the rad with tiny bubbles coming from it. The crack is midway between the core and the foam cushioning and up to 4 inches long in total. Leaving the car to heat up a bit more the bubble stream eventually turned to a jet of steam presumably as the water level dropped. I topped up again with another 3 litres and repeated the exercise but this time the header tank remained full and the temperature / pressure did not get high enough to force anything out of the crack. Never having any experience of plastic radiators before I was wondering if Radweld (or a raw egg) would help, or if it was likely that the rad is unrepairable and will eventually split from top to bottom. I am getting a bit old to source and fit a cheap replacement, and I understand that Lexus would need around £700 to fit a OEM replacement. Any thoughts?? John
  7. Hello all. After 135k miles it looks like my radiator has given up. Having had a look at it, it doesn't look the most difficult job in the world. I've been having a look and I know I need the type with the extra ports as it's an Auto gearbox model. However, there seems to be 16 and 25mm core models available. Do they differ in physical dimensions, or is one just a cheaper version than another? Also, if anyone has any experience of changing these, particularly on an auto, any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. I am running out of patience with my car. I love it but first having a problem of getting a radiator from anywhere but Lexus (any help??? still looking for one) - checked ebay all over the internet and nothing but some US ebay site. Nobody's got even used one. I need one because last owner put in radiator from gs300 with wrong reservoir and pipes wrongly connected. Then problem with MPG. Currently achieving about 8,7 mpg mostly town but gentle driving. I've had both lambda sensors changed (got them from Allwoods for about £60 each) - MAF sensor had been cleaned by garage and thats it. Nobody knows what's causing low MPG and Lexus won't check until radiator will be done (quoted me £1400 just for parts). Any clues?
  9. Hello, I'm having a little trouble here with my IS200 Sport, model 2001, Manual 6 Speed, 6cyl 2.0. Yesterday i was driving in the racetrack, and suddenly the engine overheated. I stopped the car, cut off the engine, and waited until it got colder. note : But when i Opened the Bonnet, i say that the Water deposit lid was open and smoke was coming out After that, I put water in the radiator, and filled up the water deposit. Driving for some miles, i saw the temperature Gauge rising again. Every time I drive the car, I fill it with water, and the Radiator is wasting water, I don't know where from because everything else seems to be okai. After some investigation I saw that the radiator fans do not start automatically, unless i turn on the A/C. Does anyone know what might have happened, what's the cause and possible solution? Thanks in advance. Irshad Karim
  10. Hello, I have a white 1994 lexus LS 400, with a strange overheating problem, and it's gradually getting worse. I bought this car from a man while he was in the process of dying from cancer. It was winter when I bought the car. The car handled fine all year and throughout the summer it was fine. Another winter passed and all was good. It wasn't until the weather began to get warm a second time, that troubles began to surface. This summer is a lot warmer than the last. It got hot early in the spring, and I turned on the air conditioner, but after about 10-15 minutes I began to notice an overwelming musty odor. I would later realize it was the odor of an overheating radiator, but at the time I could not place the smell, an the engine was not smoking. I stopped at a random repair station (lets call him mechanic R), and the mechanic R did me a favor and sprayed some anti-mildew spray in the air ducts. This did not work, because the next time I used the air conditioner, the smell was back. I was told by a fellow who worked for an air conditioner company, to change the air filter and let the air conditioner run for a while. I let the car sit while turned on for a few hours, and let the air conditioner run with the windows open to avoid the stench problem. This seemed to solve the problem, temporarily, as the smell issue went a way for a while. The next hot day I put the air on, about 10-20 minutes later the smell was back. I drove around with the air on and the windows open, the smell went away. I went to run a few errands and when I went to turn the car on again it began to stall. I decided to take it to my mechanic (lets call him mechanic M), it took me about 10 minutes to get there. As I pulled into the mechanic M's station, the car began to smoke like crazy. I popped the hood and we let it cool. I left the car overnight and mechanic M said the radiator had a hole in it, he said he replaced it and that was that. Now when I drove the car, the engine was making a louder sound. It was no longer quite and purring like a kitten. It was sputtering and would seem to want to stall when I would start it and accellerate in the morning and after work. Yes, It had trouble accellerating, but it would be fine after I drove it for five minutes. It would have trouble accelerating every time I used it, after a few hours of non-use. Any use of the air conditioner would produce the same overheating after 20 - 30 miutes of driving with the air on. The fan clicked on when I used the air conditioner. So it wasn't that. I took it to the mechanic who repaired it for the original owner (lets call him mechanic O). He said he had tried to figure it out but could not. He said the original owner had given up on them and went somewhere else. He took the car, said he ran it for 30 minutes with the air on, said he ran it in the shop with the air on as well. He said he could not find anything. He told me the radiator looked old, and like it was the one that came with the car. I had suspected my first mechanic had not replaced the radiator, this confirmed my suspicion. I also beleived my first mechanic had not changed the oil much earlier. This newer mechanic also did not have time to change the oil. So how much attention could he have given the car, other than running it. A friend had suggested that a lexus has a second speed setting on the fan that clicks in on extra hot conditions and is sometimes affected by the fuses. This newer mechanic said this wasn't it. But how much time could he have dedicated to it to know that. I was running out of options, the previous owner had experienced the same issues and had brought it to two different mechanics with no success. I had brought it to two different mechanics with no success (although one had been used by the original owner and one simply cheated me.) I thought abouit going to Lexus, but tales of high prices were discouraging me. I drove another week with no air conditioner use and for the final 3 days of that week it was very hot outside. A strange vibration was comming from the engine, I could feel it through the steering wheel when I started the car after work. The temperature gauge always seemed in the middle so I figured I could get by for a while if I didn't use the air. I stopped at a store on my way home from work and the strage vibration I had felt through the steering wheel was back. I shut the engine off, and as I began to walk from the car, I noticed smoke comming out. I went and got some water fronm the store. The radiator was so hot and empty if I added water it would evaporate and shoot back out. I left the car at the store. The store is close to mechanic R (who had first helped me with the smell in the air conditioner. I now recognized this smell to be an overheating engine. It must have sucked the vapor into the air conditioner system. Notes: - Initially the car would only overheat on a hot day when the air conditioner was in use, but now additional damage has been done with the engine being louder. -The water level must be dropping, but my ride two and from work is not filled with traffic. I must have slowly been loosing water for the car to overheat without the air on. -The car doesn't overheat when I am driving. Only when I stop and turn the car off. Then the fan is off too. -The oil needs to be changed -Mechanic R is close to the store Ileft the car at, but I am confident when I fill the car up with water, I can drive to the lexus dealer. -It is a busy summer season where I live, and mechanics are busy making fast money on out of town customers, not spending time on people from the area who have problems that don't have a simple solution. -I don't have a lot of money to burn. Any hints or suggestions or solutions are welcomed at this point, I believe I will take it to the lexus dealer. -thanx