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Found 36 results

  1. Hi everyone I've recently brought a lovely 2004 rx300 se-l. It's currently running its original 2004 sat nav disc, but I wanted to look into updating it. I've checked on Lexus maps Eu and I think mine is generation 1 the disc they sell is updated to 2011 they want €125 for it. ( I believe it can only be updated this far) My question is can I just buy a used disc off eBay? Is there a specific one I need If mine is gen 1? This is a photo of my current disc and the Lexus Eu update. My disc says 86271-24123 And this. 86271- 70v313 P.s I have a tom tom for use if I need to go anywhere major or on holiday, but I want to update cause it's nice to have it when I'm driving. If it won't cost the earth. any advice appreciated
  2. Hi everyone! I have an issue with the sat nav! When i start the car i get a white screen with message saying "please wait while the system updates!" There is no DVD in the DVD-ROM on the back where the control unit is. I have then lexus navigation cds but when i try to insert any of the three i have with the car doesnt work! It takes the cd in then it brings it back out? Any thoughts how could i cancel this update or reset the navigation to its factory settings?? Im uploading a picture of the screen i get!
  3. Hi guys, i have had my car since 2011and have not had any problems at all until last week, i entered an address in the sat nav and fount the voice wasn't working,also the voice recognition isn't working. I have gone through all the usual checks and can't find anything wrong. Has anyone else had a similar problem.
  4. Hello, can someone help advise where or how I can update the maps on this please? Thank you for any help in advance
  5. Hi guys need advice urgent as poss. I've found Lexus is300h f sport but dosent come with sat nav and reversing camera. It also has the standard stereo system in. Can any of the above be retro fitted like sat nav or camera??? Also is the standard stereo system poor sound quality?? Thanks
  6. Sat Nav And Dab Radio...

    Hi all. Another in the long line of woes over the Lexus Sat nav system. I have been into the dealer 3 times recently and interestingly other people in there all said the same. " God the sat nav is rubbish!" So why oh why are Lexus persisting in using such a dreadful system? We pay a lot for our cars and the tech inside of them. My gps aerial has failed and I'm awaiting a new one. It arrived, I went in and they said it would be about an hour to fit. They come out and ask for the car for two days! I of course ask why? They have never done one before and have to take the whole dash out to fit it...Umm check before making me go back and forth and taking hours out of my day. Now I have to go back again! I recently did a test with y sat nav and my sisters portable one. She bought for £30. So on my 23k plus car, it should easily do more than a cheap and cheerful one... Well the results surprised me! Hers had lane info for junctions. Lexus, does not. Hers zoomed in at junctions and roundabouts to show you the exit. Lexus, does not. Hers on the motorway and various junctions showed the split lanes and which one to take. Lexus does not. This was not a tom-tom sat nav either, just a cheap generic one loaded with european maps. Much better than the Lexus one. Ok. Now the DAB radio. Seriously i love my car. But have to say the tech is just poor. For the money we all pay, I expect the best not the crap we are getting. I have a £15 dab radio at home. It displays the channel, the presenter, the song on now and what's coming up. The Lexus...Just the station. I mean seriously rubbish! Lexus are being lazy! The car is great. We all like them. So why such rubbish tech that's so simple to make right. Go back to tom tom PLEASE!!!!! Sort our the radio it is bloody terrible!!! The only thing that works, well on mine it does on many others it does not is the Bluetooth connection. Even then the iPod usb connector/charger fails to charge half the time until you restart the engine. Ridiculous!!! So Lexus the challenge is to get of your lazy asses and sort it out before people just stop buying into the Lexus ethos. I for one will be one of them very soon. M
  7. Hi Forum Just purchased an IS220D 2009 model and was wondering if anyone on here knew if it is possible to get UK speed camera alerts for the sat nav ? Regards Mike.
  8. Hi, I have just bought a 2007 IS220D and was wondering about swapping the stereo unit for one with a sat nav, either OEM or aftermarket. Does anyone know where I can get one (preferably around Edinburgh) and what I should go for? Thanks in advance
  9. So am planning to install an aftermarket satnav on mine (i have a non-satnav 2002 lexus) I do have someone whos breaking a lexus and has the complete original sat nav in it but by reading most of this seems like it'll be really hard to install that? does anyone have a step by step on how to do it? i think i'm gna go for the sony one! and i still need to buy the housnig from somewhere. Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks
  10. I purchased my 2001 RX 300 without a sat nav control unit. I have sourced a couple on eBay. Does anyone know the best way to check Compatability? Regards
  11. Shut The Sat Nav Up!

    Hey Guys, Is there anyway to mute the voice on the Sat Nav but have it still showing directions? The only way I can figure it out is by suspending guidance - which is pretty pointless? Thanks Rich
  12. Having recently purchased a 2008 RX400h with the sat nav disc of 2007/2008, I decided to update. Following information on this forum I got a quote from my local Lexus Main Dealer, and then got a quote from Lexus and found that their price was the best. When ordering from their web-site it was showing a delivery of up to 32 days, but when I received the order confirmation it showed a delivery date of 05/08/2015, which I calculated to be 44 days. I decided that this was just too long as I wouldn't have the update for most of my trips out during the summer, so I cancelled the order on the evening of the 22nd. The site said that I would have a confirmation within seven days and I was surprised to have an e-mail from them on Tuesday morning 23rd. asking if I still wanted to cancel my order as the goods were being picked that day and would be despatched that evening. I agreed to accept the order as long as they kept to that schedule, and low and behold the discs arrived late this afternoon. I have posted this as information for other forum members who might be considering an update. Obviously I haven't tested the disc yet, but to me it shows that if you don't ask you don't get. Cheers Roger.
  13. Hi, I'm new to Lexus and thinking of buying a Lexus IS250 Auto and been looking around. I'm after a Lexus with DVD, Sat Nav and a Reversing camera and bluetooth but seen some cars advertised with a multimedia pack. Is the multimedia pack an extra or it is the DVD and Sat Nav? I've seen some higher models with a Harddrive built in too. Also is the an iphone conenction available? Can someone please give me a breakdown of what the Multimedia pack is please. Thanks
  14. Morning, Please can anyone shed some light on updating the Sat Nav on my RX300 (05 plate)? I have attempted to conduct some online reasearch and understand the easiest answer is to find out what is written on the current disc. However this is easier said than done as Im having trouble locating where the disc is stored within the car. I've read that it could be underneath the passenger seat or located in the boot, I've checked both to no avail. From the display screen I have worked out that it could be a gen 3 running 2004 - 2005 version. My question is firstly can someone direct me as to where to look for the disc, and secondly what is the latest version that I could update to? Any help would be much appreciated.
  15. Satellite Navigation Disc

    I am unable to eject my DVD from the unit in the boot. I have moved the slider across to open the door and then pushed the button on the slider but nothing happens. I have even found a post about hidden menus on the screen that ejects the DVD but cannot get that to work. After trying to gently encourage the DVD to come out of the unit with a thin knife the menu screen now says to "check the disc" as it is not recognised so I may have damaged it or dislodged it from its cradle so fear I have made matters worse. :eerrrmm: I have considered removing the carpet to see if I can remove the unit but it looks daunting.
  16. I've encountered numerous Petrol stations that are showing as a POI but are no longer selling fuel, just cars, or are an established shop or some houses. When I look at old google maps and street view they are not there 5 years ago so really cannot trust this feature, where do Lexus get this data from, the doomsday book? I accept things change but 5 years out of date? I can live with the icon showing Shell when its BP but as I'm not in a deLorean I will need to buy fuel at some stage. Anyone got any tips on time travel or how to get this corrected
  17. Hi, This is my first post on here. I became a Lexus owner over the weekend. Wow, that's all there is to say really. It's a GS300 in 53 plate, 77,000 miles. Paid £3000 for it and I'm made up. I giggle everywhere I drive my Lexus is simply the bee's patellas. Got some questions I would like to ask if that is ok. If I have to post them individually so say and I will. 1. Normally the mileage for a timing belt needing changing for most cars is roughly 60,000 -70,000 miles. The Lexus book my car came with says 100,000 miles would this be correct? 2. My aerial is stuck up but I can hear the motor working. Should I be looking to fix it rather than replace it? (Been told sometimes they just need greasing) 3. Is there much point in buying an update for the Sat Nav maps? (Already have a new Tom Tom which can work by post code which the Lexus navigation seems to not which given its age is not surprising at all) 4. The front headlamps seam quite cloudy, not sure if this is inside or out or both, is there any way of removing this? Thanks, Dave.
  18. Hi all, I was wanting to know if anyone knows where I can obtain an update disc to the original Lexus IS200 Sat Nav ? The most up-to-date version I have is 2003/2004, and wanted to know if an original can be obtained at a resonable price ? In addition, is this easy to update ? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  19. Hi there, Sat Nav is on the blink. Keep getting above error message. It kept freezing but occasionally if I went over a speed bump it would work again, but after I took it to the Lexus garage for repair and they took the disc out, did some reset nonsense that achieved nothing , it doesn't even show the local area map now, I just have the error message - so its worse than it was before I took it in! Their unhelpful solution was for me to get a new one at £2.5k. I have the following questions please so I can try and solve by elimination: 1. does the DVD go in printed side up or down? 2. I was advised to get a head cleaner, does the head cleaner go in with brushes up or down? 3. I have also been advised to get a new disc in case its scratched/old (although is only 2009), I recall on here when I bought the '09 disc someone had a super useful link to a European distributor of Satnav discs for half the price the UK dealership is flogging them for - can I have it please? 4. Can anyone recommend a good Lexus technician within M25 who isnt just going to just recommend a new unit? 5. has anyone solved this error message ? many thanks AR
  20. Hi I have been driving my lexus rx400h (2007) model for more than an year now and honestly i absolutely enjoying the car. car is perfect, except that it's only missing the in-built sat-nav. so i am here for some help from you, i have seen this on ebay which is used one and available for £350. my question, is it possible to install lexus sat nav display unit on my car which hasn't got a factory fitted sat-nav unit? if so, is there anything i need to know except that buying this part and installing it. many thanks.
  21. Hi guys, I am new here and was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a RX300 2005 SEL. I have been looking at ways to connect my ipod to my stereo. I have used the FM transmitter and don't like it. I have seen stuff from Grom audio and Vais Technology which can connect my ipod via CD changer but I won't be able to have full ipod control on my stereo. I have been to an audio shop as I am thinking of installing a new head unit which has ipod connection already and with full ipod controls. The guy at the shop said that if I take out the original stereo then my sat nav and bluetooth phone connections won't work. He explained that the sat nav is connected to the original head unit for audio as is the bluetooth for the telephone and can not be connected to a different head unit. He said that he tried it on a Lexus IS and the sat nav stopped working too. Has anyone changed their head unit or know of anyone who has??? Many thanks
  22. I have a 2005 edition SE-L and it had the original nav DVD in it. This was getting a bit out of date, so I got a new one from Now I have up-to-date maps, but the route no longer recalculates if you deviate from it. I can't find any setting to turn it on, so I assume that the auto-recalculate feature has been deleted. Seems strange as this is such a basic and low-end feature. Did I get the wrong disc, somehow? Or has the feature simply been removed in new editions.
  23. I have (I hope!) uploaded a video to YouTube of how Lexus Connected Services works, to select a destination via online search, in the new IS.
  24. Hi, Im new to this and new to the lexus seen, just bought my first lexus is200 sport, it has built in sat nav and i was wondering if it will work with the aftermaket cd player Regards thomas and in advanced thank you to anyone that answers
  25. Hi, I have a 2009 GS450H (not sure of the model as I live in Ireland, but it is a UK model) - Lovely car, but it doesn't have sat nav. I was wondering as it has the touch screen and everything, is is possible to upgrade it to get sat nav installed? Pain in the arse setting up my tom tom on the phone each time:-( I had a lexus before with sat nav and it looked exactly the same screen?