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Found 37 results

  1. Hi All, I'm looking to lower my '99 GS300. Was wondering is anybody here running Eibach ProKit or H&R? They seem like a good option for sensible price. Also Vogtland is on the table. Anyone has an experience with any of the above?
  2. I just recently bought a 2001 LS430 and It’s got an issue with the front suspension dropping usually over the course of 3-4 hours. The front end of the car is nearly on the floor when I go to it after leaving it overnight. When I got the car I had an issue where the rear of the car would be stuck in the high setting so I done a battery reset which sorted the rear suspension but the fromt still keeps dropping. Although when I press the high button the car will raise and get stuck in the high position again so will have to do another battery reset to fix Also something else I’ve noticed that when pumping the suspension up when it’s low, it takes about 5-10 minutes and the pump will kick on and off even though the front suspension is low. Is this normal? also any ideas on the suspension dropping? I have checked the shock absorbers and can’t see any moisture anywhere or any obvious leaks is there anything else I could check? Appreciate any help because I haven’t had the car long and hope to get it sorted. I like the car but the suspension is sending me mad
  3. I have owned my is250 2011 for 1 year now. Full main dealer history. 58000 miles. Main service has been done. Over the last few months when braking and steering at a low speed there are a couple of clunks that sound like they are coming from the front drivers side wheel. I look it to lexus Hatfield and under warranty they replaced the shock absorber and top mount. The car seemed to be ok for a while but not long ago the clunk noise has appeared again. It also only happens when the engine has warmed up. Some people have suggested the pads are moving but the pads and discs are reasonably new so shouldn't be moving yet. Any ideas
  4. Hello i brought my rx300 a few weeks ago now as helped by you all in my previous post. I'm now looking into the adjustable coilovers it has fitted. I'm sure that at the minute it is set too low. I'm going to be taking it to a garage this week so I wanted to ask, Does anyone know what the standard ride height should be for a 2004 rx300? So that I can tell them. The other question is is it something I could do myself or is a professional advised. thanks guys
  5. Hello, I'm new to this forum but have been lurking for a while :) I have the dreaded "OFF" light blinking at me on my 2004 RX300 so will be taking it to a local garage for the diagnostic code to see why (my scan tool doesn't find the suspension codes). Now as each part of the suspension seems to cost around one first born child and a kidney I was thinking of swapping the air suspension out for a normal strut and spring set up. Obviously I will only do this if the replacement parts needed for the fix are the struts as these seems to be the killers and they all look to be basically as bad as each other so even if I change the one that's leaking now there is nothing to say another won't fail next week. So my question is this, to convert from air to spring suspension, is it just a case of swapping the struts themselves and the top mounts or is there more to it than that? I know I will have to pull the fuse on the air compressor to stop the warning light blinking at me but are the suspension turrets the same physical shape on air and spring cars or are they different?Looking at other posts on the subject people who have looked at this in the past have talked about changing to a coilover setup but I can't find any in the UK. I was going to find a scrap yard that had a RX300 there and just take all the of the struts with springs attached as one unit, ive swapped out shocks before so it doesn't present a problem other than trying to undo 14 year old rusted on bolts in the rain...... Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Hoping for some advice with an ongoing issue with my GS300 06'. My steering is very loose with pulling (mainly left). The ride is very bumpy and encountering potholes or bumps is a rollercoaster experience!. To give you some background, I took my car to Lexus dealership last October and they completed a 4 wheel alignment which solved the issues for a few weeks but now all the issues have returned with the steering feeling even looser. This is the second wheel alignment I have had done in the last 12 months both times presenting the same issues and I am at a loss as to what to do now as the garages only seem interested in performing a wheel alignment and this is clearly not the problem. Could it be the rack and pinion or the steering block? I have the tie rod ends replaced not long after getting the car so I don't think it can be that. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. GS430 MK3 UZS190

    Hello All I am having problems with my existing rear suspension due to load ie two lpg tanks, petrol tank and passenger use. Is there anything on the market that's slightly uprated to take a heavy load. Thanks Awais
  8. se or se-L

    Hi all, new to the forum and possibly new to Lexus, I am in the market for a used rx 300 as a second car and I have seen 2 candidates, a 2004se and a 2005se-L, they are similar money, the older s.e has about 25,000 miles less. I am really interested in the s.e-L for all of its toys, but I'm somewhat put off by the air suspension, as in its reliability worries me. The consensus points to it being fairly unreliable. So do I take a punt on the younger prettier one with air suspension, or the older but possibly more dependable s.e? Thoughts and experiences will be greatly appreciated. Lee.
  9. Hi to all Lexus aficionados, I'm a new member (was a member a couple of years back, but couldn't log in with my old sign on). straight to the point- my MOT a couple of weeks ago gave me an advisory on my left rear shock absorber, there was a fine mist of oil on it though not leaking or dripping, in contrast to the right side which was dry. My local Lexus dealer who I haven't used yet (see below) quoted nearly £800 for the part and £200 for fitting, gulp! It is air suspension. Does anyone know of any options? I do like to keep my LS430 perfect though, it's an 05 with 64,000 miles. if I join as a gold member I assume the dealer will give me 10% discount? second issue, the interior boot release doesn't work, the only way to open the boot is to stand with the key at the back and press the release mechanism to the right of the number plate - what could this fault be? any help on these two issues would be greatly appreciated. Note to readers. My Lexus has just been imported back from NZ as I've just moved back to the UK. I bought it in the UK 4 years ago and shipped it out to NZ then. Why would I go through the expense of that - because it's the best car in the world. The trials and tribulations of dealing with customs and HMRC, is another very long story, they wanted VAT and duty on original purchase cost to me!! Anyway, the excellence of the Lex was recently made clearer. In the last month I have also been running a brand new Merc S class 350d. Very smooth and economical, 43mpg, it cost about £65-70,000, but I prefer the ride and experience of my Lexus. A picture of it below, as I know we all love pictures - my wheels are body coloured, not everyone's choice I know, but it does look stunning. oh, since I've been back in the UK, since end of April, I haven't seen a single LS400/430 on the road. That's amazing! I'm in the south near Southampton. And it been wonderful to drive her at more than 60mph (quite a lot more!) as the speed limit is strictly enforced and adhered to in NZ. Nige
  10. Bottom Ball Joints

    Following the safety recall and a complimentary health check, Lexus advised that my NSF Bottom Ball Joint is leaking grease. Should I be considering replacing the ball joints on both sides or not? Also, is a wheel alignment needed after replacement? What sort of cost would I be looking at? probably via an indy rather than Lexus
  11. Can anyone recommend a decent place to go for tracking as il need mine doing soon ( in the north east Durham / Newcastle area ) plan is to use the WIM specs thanks
  12. Lower Ball Jouint brands

    Morning folks, I hope we are all well? This is my first post since I owned a Corolla about four years ago. Now got myself a Vertex kitted RS200. The passenger side lower ball joint is knackered, and I'm trying to find a reliable replacement. Can anyone point me in the right firection to buy or recommend a decent manufacturer? Obviously there are loads for sale on E-Bay for the IS/Altezza but I don't want to buy some unreliable ebay special. Can anyone help me out? Cheers!
  13. Hello, My RX300 has air suspension. It also has a Lexus Warranty. And I love it. But… Over the last few days, I’ve noticed it needs to pump-up at the back, when it’s been standing all day or overnight. And it looks lower to. More so than usual. I can also hear the pump cutting in occasionally when I am driving. I guess I’ll need to get it looked at, but I am still curious as to what others might think is the issue. ( I appreciate that remote-by-web diagnostics are not always the way to go, but I always appreciate the views of others!) PCM
  14. Hi, hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. I wonder if anyone can shed some light on a right pain in the ***** problem with my is 200 sport (2004) I have a rattle. A right nuisance. Not loud but loud enough to notice. It seems to come from the front of the car. I had one shock changed just after i got the car. Still rattles I had new discs and pads on the front A garage told me it was the anti roll bar bushes, so had them changed at £130. Didn't work Took it elsewhere, and THEY said also the anti roll bar, looked at the previous garages work, said was poor quality and replaced them. so i paid TWICE for the same damn job but this time they replaced 2 other bushes or dampers, in the middle of the bar. £150. Still bloody rattles They are now saying it is the lower ball joints, to replace, another £155. Am i being taken for a ride here if you pardon the pun? I was ripped off by a car dealer, one who didn't honour his warranty (Plympton car centre, Devon, avoid them like the plague) and have spent a small fortune on this damn car. Does anyone think replacing the ball joints would fix it or is there something else it could be?
  15. If anyone has any insightful thoughts ... My beloved RX has started making a slight sound when I corner - round a small roundabout say. It sounds like a short, rubber type scraping noise, but a very short noise. Once or twice as I turn. Nothing on the straight. When I drive down a bumpy road there's a slight dull-rattle. That's always been there. I assumed it was 'normal' on our poor roads. I'll probably have to take if off to be seen my Mr Lexus (and hope any work is Lexus Warranty covered). If anyone can any views I'd welcome them! Thank you.
  16. I noticed today that my RX is slightly higher on one side at the front, by about 2cm. It's on a fairly fiat gravel drive. Is this normal? If not should my Lexus warranty cover it? Any thoughts most welcome...
  17. Hello, Please treat me gently because I'm new to the forum. I have a GS450h and have recently been given an MOT advisory for 'misting' of the near side shock absorbers (front and rear) these will hopefully be covered under the Lexus warranty, the question being should the active control struts be treated in the same manner as normal shock absorbers, and be replaced in 'pairs'. Regards Mark
  18. I wonder if anyone come across with their Lexus IS220D making creaking noises from suspension when going over bumps. It doesn't creak when you drive over rough surface etc. It sounds like coming from the front area. The strange thing is noise cannot be recreated by pushing up and down at either side of the shock bar area while it is not moving. I even shake the car on MOT test plate machine. It does not make a sound. Garage couldn't find any problem with ball joint, links, coils and shock absorb bar. It is really frustrating that it creaks like hell only when you drive over the speed bump. The steering feel absolutely fine. No abnormal behavior going over pot holes or cornering. Mechanic thinks it might be sway bar/anti roll bar bushes but it is just a guess. I don't wanna be attacking the wrong target. Just to let you now, I have already lube and sprayed copper grease and Lithum grease to sway bar bush from outside but I haven't taken it out and grease it.. It doesn't make any improvement at all. Any suggestion or help will be greatly appreciated. I am now loosing sleep over it.
  19. I have been experiencing problems with the air suspension system on my LS430: The left rear ride hight sensor link broke causing a bit of a collapse - a bodge sorted this out for 12 months. However, I now have a leak in an air bag and the compressor can just about keep up but that will probaly fail soon. The right hand rear bag has cracks in it so will not last long and I expect the holey bag to fail at anytime. So the problem statement is: 1 duff ride height sensor, 1 leaking rear air bag, 1 'tired' looking air bag and a noisy air compressor (caused by a collision with a traffic cone - a long story). Solution 1 - spend thousands and fix the lot - not acceptable I am a Yorkshire Man with an old car. Solution 2 - scrap the car - not acceptable it drives like new - suspension excepted Solution 3 - convert to coil springs - looks affordable - £650 plus shipping from the US, duty, VAT and labour (4 hours or so) So has anybody converted their Premium Pack LS430 to 'normal' suspension and what was the outcome? Are there any UK or European suppliers anyone knows of? There are a couple in the US that I am looking at - - is a good contender. Any insight would be appreciated guys - I have not been on the forum much this year (work) and it seems there is still no shortage of opinions :) regards Bren
  20. Just changed front air shocks oem . Dash lighting up/ afs, vsc, abs off,traction off,chk eng, warning triangle.Audible ping. No warning lights on before shocks fitted. Computer not a lexus one, points towards front left abs sensor not receiving any signal. Will probably bring it today to lexus dealer tomorrow. Does anyone know if it is this sensor, would it cause all of these warning lights to come on?. Has anyone fixed their own sensor as the post below.There does not seem to be any pictures, Any new info appreciated.[pictures] :mat: COPIED from Broke your ABS/VSC sensor? Here's how to fix it! I know this probably belongs in the suspension/brakes section, but I want to put it here so it will get more exposure. I'm sure almost everyone here that has done suspension work has had their fair share of damaged ABS/VSS cables. I think its senseless to pay $200-250 for a whole new sensor when only the wire is busted. Here is how to fix it and save that money Direct link to my ProjectGS DIY site, easier and cleaner version if you want to print it out. The stuff on my page is the same stuff as below. =========================================== ProjectGS DIY By: Jeff Tsai Repairing ABS/VSS Sensor Cable Recommended Tools: Multimeter Sharp Utility Knife (sharper blade will make stripping the small wires easier) Heavy Duty Electrical Tape Liquid Electrical Tape Soldering Iron with Fine Tip Sharp Scissors Electrical Grade Solder Pliers Introduction: This is a cable that several people damage when doing brake or suspension work. A new sensor usually costs about $200 from the dealer. The cable is easily damaged if tugged or bumped. I think its senseless to buy a whole new sensor when only the cable is broken. This guide will be a basic overview on how to save you $200. The most obvious requirement is that you need to have some basic electrical knowledge, but nothing over the top. You also need somewhat good soldering skills since you will be working with a wire that is about 18 gauge. I broke my cable when installing my TRD sway bars upside down! Heh, yes stupid but everything bolted up and there were no instructions in the box . I'm not the only one that has made this mistake, but here is the cure to your problem if this has happened to you. Instructions: Start by inspecting the wire for any physical breaks. Easy ones to find are external rips/cuts/tears in the outer rubber insulation. Tough ones to find are the internal breaks. For the internally broken wire, you will have to squeeze/bend around with your fingers on the wire to find where it is severed inside. It will be a pretty obvious flat spot on the wire if it was smashed by something (upside down sway bar ). The third possibility will be a wire that is broken at the connector plug or the solder joints on the actual sensor. This guide will cover how to fix a break in the middle of the wire. If someone sends me a cable to fix that has a break at the sensor or connector, then I will add to this guide. After finding the break in the wire, cut the wire all the way through at the break point. Strip away about 1/2 inch of the rubber insulation with sharp scissors. Then use the sharp razor blade or sharp utility knife and strip away a tiny bit of the insulation on the two wires. Just follow the above picture and you should be set. Just to make sure the sensor is working and there are no breaks further down in the wire, check the resistance across the two wires. It should be around 1.6-1.7K Ohms. Follow the above picture. Now solder the two wires together. Make sure the solder does not bind the black and white wires. Follow above picture. Use the electrical tape and wrap around one wire then all the way around the whole thing. Or you can wrap each wire individually, I'm just used to doing it this way because it's faster. Anyways, follow the above picture. Now is the cool part. This liquid electrical tape will seal everything up so it's watertight. Just apply it around any exposed areas so it covers to the rubber. Here's a picture of the finished application of the liquid insulation. Let coating sit for 10-15 minutes for full cure before touching it. Once you finish, test the resistance at the connector and make sure its 1.6-1.7K Ohms if it checks out, then you're good to go. If the resistance is still incorrect, then you either have a break somewhere else in the wire, or a break at the sensor. Now, go reinstall the sensor on your car and get rid of those pesky ABS, VSC, VSC OFF lights! FINISHED! Read more:
  21. Suspension (Ls430) Question

    Hiya guys, am picking up a LS 430 next week, just been through its MOT today with no advisories, thing is, if the air suspension is iffy would this fail the test. I am aware of the issues but the LS 430 has been a dream of mine since my P reg GS...just worried about the air suspension really. The car is X reg with 190,000 on it and full Lexus history and is as clean as any 2 year old car on the road so I do feel confident about it generally. Cheers Glyn
  22. I have searched for a previous thread on this but can't find one... My Lexus had an airbag on the rear strut fail, leaving the rear on the ground. I managed to source a replacement strut second hand (another story....) but even with the strut in place the compressor won't kick in and pump the car back up. The front of the car is at the normal level. The compressor can be triggered manually at the relay, and the rear can be pumped up by manually stimulating the valves in the system. This rules out compressor failure. The compressor still won't kick in despite this The dashboard displays the 'Height High' warning at start up (it did this when the air bag failed) even driving it (having manually filled the system with air) does not cause it to reset. Have also tried to get the system to reset by lifting the car off the ground. Fairly sure its not the height sensors as these have been fixed a few weeks ago, and look OK. My question therefore is this - is there some form of fuse or reset that needs to be done to get the air suspension to register where it is, and start to pump normally again? Help gratefully received.
  23. Want Lowering Springs For Is300

    Hi! I am very new to the Lexus experience and by chance have come across a decent IS300 53 Reg which I bought last week. I am keen on doing it up and to start off I would like to lower the ride. I am wondering if any of the fellow members have any lowering springs for sale or know where I can get any? My budget is £150. eBay seems too pricey at present and I have left it as my last resort. Any help will be highly appreciated. Best regards to all, Uzi
  24. Koni Street Shocks

    Hi, looking for some advice. My Lexus is now nearly 10 years old and I would imagine the shocks are getting a bit tired. I dont want to go too hard so have been looking at the Koni Street ones that are just a bit stiffer than standard but not all the way to the sport ones. It is only £260 to get a full set which i didnt think was expensive even compared to standard ones and with Koni's reputation it seemed the best option as it is just my daily driver and most is just going to work and back! Has anyone else tried them? I have Eibach springs, roll bars and spacers so just upping the shocks a bit i thought would be a good idea. Thanks for your help.
  25. Hi, I'm a new-ish member and completely new to this forum lark but I need to try something!! I have an '99 IS200 sport. I have gained a really bad squeak from the n/s Rear Wheel. I am a bit of a DIY guy and have spent years doing my own repairs etc... It seems that the ball joint on the upper wishbone is at fault as the rubber gaiter sealing the ball joint is split and, after forcing some light oil into the ball joint, the noise went away for a few days. What I need to know is where the hell can I get a new rear wishbone from?? Is it the same part number as the front upper wishbones? If so then would the ball joints for the front upper wishbones also fit the rear upper wishbones? You can purchase front upper wishbone ball joints from eBay relatively cheap and, with the use of a press, are relatively easy to replace. I cannot find part numbers or any reference to these parts in spare part retailers. Can someone please help me as it is really embarrassing driving down the road in my beloved Lexus and instead of people hearing the roar of my 6 cylinders they hear something that resembles my bed after a Saturday night on the pull. Thanks in advance for any help anybody can offer me.