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Found 4 results

  1. Time ago I began to feel my car vibrating, especially at low revs. Driving another car with same engine confirmed this, older IS 300h was much quieter. I've noticed my car's engine start up is much harder than before, it feels like there is some resistance. Usually i drive only in urban areas, speeds below 100km/h. Today i drove on a highway and it was really problem to keep 130 km/h. My car for sure has lost a lot of power, or there really is some part making serious resistance in the drivetrain.
  2. Just listen. If don't hear anything, put volume to max.
  3. I've noticed on my car similar vibrations as were described on IS forum (low revs at 90kmh...) but this is slightly different. It begin to vibrate not at certain speed, but when i drive longer distance at the same speed. Doesn't matter if the speed is 90 or 130 km/h. Changing revs, or downshift manually makes it disappear, but after a while it appears again. Vibration is similar to open rear side windows. Did You noticed the same on Your car? I am unsure about claim at dealer, but i am angry of that, because the same problem had my previous car (BMW 528i 2014), and I've sold it 99% for this reason and switched to Lexus and got it too after 10000km. Before i had many cars, low class 4 cylinders, but none of them had this problem. It is really annoying.
  4. Hi I bought a used Lexus is220d 2010 with 45k on the odo. I changed it from a VW passat highline tdi2.0 (170). Few things that I observed are The car is noisy from 0 to 30mph and very quite on higher speed. And I found Changing gear from 1 to 3 there is noise and some jugger inside the gear box. When idle the car vibrates. I can feel it on the gear stick, Seats and doors. In terms of performance not as smooth as the tdi. The car struggles on the first two gears and the 3rd, 4th and 5th are very long and 6th is only usable above 80. Is this all normal for the car?? .. I got two independent mechs to have a look and they all say it is normal. But cannot accept the vibrations in the car it is way more from what I was used to. (I do understand the longitudinal alignment could create such vibrations but it is too much of it) I wonder if there is anything wrong in the car causes this ? Has anyone has such problems. Please discuss. I also have a AR6400-D handy which I am going to use to clean the fuel system. Before this I just need to know others experience in the car. If everything I said is normal i may not bother to use it.