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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, Does anyone know if the Lexus Warranty Roadside cover that's included, covers the driver or the car? My wife has a warranty, mine expires next month :( And I'm not sure whether I will need to take out new roadside cover ( Green Flag? ) for my car... Happy Valentines Day
  2. I have owned my is250 2011 for 1 year now. Full main dealer history. 58000 miles. Main service has been done. Over the last few months when braking and steering at a low speed there are a couple of clunks that sound like they are coming from the front drivers side wheel. I look it to lexus Hatfield and under warranty they replaced the shock absorber and top mount. The car seemed to be ok for a while but not long ago the clunk noise has appeared again. It also only happens when the engine has warmed up. Some people have suggested the pads are moving but the pads and discs are reasonably new so shouldn't be moving yet. Any ideas
  3. Just after some words of wisdom. I have a Lexus warranty. Long story short, Lexus Warranty agreed to some work on my car this week. It was then found that extra work was needed. No work yet done. They sent an independent engineer. Having agreed to pay the first claim - for work yet to be done - they have now changed their mind, saying my car is too old, and won't pay anything. Any thoughts much appreciated!
  4. Extended warranty?

    Hello. I wonder if anyone out there could give me some advice/ their opinions. I've just bought a June 2014 CT200h Advance from Lexus Motorline Cardiff. I was offered an extended warranty which would add 2 further years' cover to the standard Lexus approved-used 12 month cover for a cost of £495. I declined, but am now wondering if I should take them up on it, and if so, how long the option is open for. I hadn't realised (was it explained? Not sure...) that the warranty, whether 12 month or extended, would include the equivalent of a high level of AA breakdown cover worth £120 a year. This starts to make me think that I should go for it. Also, the Lexus website suggests that the cost can be paid monthly, with no interest-penalty. (This also was not mentioned). Having approached the dealership with my revised thoughts, they tell me I will have to act quickly if the car is not to require an additional inspection prior to an extended warranty being issued. I can find no mention of this on the Lexus site. Could anyone give me their thoughts about the merits of paying the £495? I'd be very grateful! The car, by the way, is an absolute joy! Nick
  5. Hi all, just treated myself to a CT200h and would like to know if I need to buy a warranty as I bought it privately. It has done 46k and been serviced by Lexus. I had a quote from 'Warranty Direct' for £395 main dealer and £379 independent garage. The reason I bought a Lexus is because I know they rarely break and this will be the last car for me but I know service or breakdown costs will be astronomic!!! Even though I generally only do about 3k miles a year!!! any advice would be fantastic please. thanks Mary08
  6. Hi Guys, I need some help. I have a Lexus 450h 2006. I have 113k on the clock. The hybrid battery has failed. I have extended warranty, but they are refusing to cover the cost of replacing the hybrid battery stating that it's the age of the vehicle and high mileage and is not a mechanical failure. My warranty expires in November 2106 but back in May 2016 before its 10 years anniversary I got sold another 2 years, so I am covered until 2018. I am in in disbelief as it costs £2400 to replace the hybrid battery. I am arguing the following points: 1) In the warranty terms & conditions it doesn't say if the vehicle is aged, parts won't be covered. It says, they won't cover if it its wear & tear. Can this be classed as wear & tear? 2) If they are using this ageing argument, they should clearly state this that hybrid batters won't be covered if over certain age, no? 3) I reported the Hybrid battery problem before the 10 year anniversary of the vehicle as I had some alarms come up. The dealer than said alarms were cleared and test were inconclusive. Less than 6 months later the hybrid battery has failed. I would sincerely appreciate your help guys to sort this out. Thank you Saul
  7. Hi All, Newbie here, first post. Unfortunately my 4 year old low milage RX450h has developed a fault that I think should be covered under warranty but my dealer has other ideas. Basically I'm looking for some opinions or any info that anyone can offer. The error code is P0A45 and presents itself as "Check Hybrid System" and "Check AWD System", other than the warnings the car is driving exactly as it was before, hybrid battery charging, electric motors are being used etc. The fault code points to "Drive Motor B Position Sensor Circuit", to me that is part of the hybrid system and should be covered. Incidentally the figures we are speaking about are £1900. Anyone any thoughts? Any help much appreciated. Cheers
  8. Any opinion would be welcome ... For a while now - and I suspect others do too sometimes - my RX makes a rumble sound, from the front? I hear it when driving at slower speeds,straight, e.g., at 20 mph, but the road does not have to be particularly bumpy. I suspect, based on reading and research, that it could be shock/top mount, related? I am wondering... should I take it to my trusted independent garage, or should I take it to my equally trusted, local Lexus dealer. It was bought from Lexus up North, about 9 months ago, and is still in its first year of Lexus warranty. So I'd rather keeps the costs down if possible... Does anyone have a view?
  9. Hi All, I am new to this forum having just prurchased my first Lexus, sorry to say its not a new one, its a previously enjoyed RX450h, late 2009 with 20k on the clock. I live in the better part of the Essex area (eastern edge with green fields and where the sea joins the land) and quite frankly am surprised by how few there on the roads. Not sure what drew me to the RC450h but having decided to get one a few months ago i been a bit besotted with looking at the used car sites, used car garages and newspapers until i finally found one the fitted my pocket,conditions etc and effectively with just over 20k on the clock its a new car. My pondery is and i will apologise in advance as this may cause a bit of a debate do i: a. steer clear of lexus and 3rd party warranties and put the 900 pounds in the bank towards any potential repairs or b. Go with Lexus 2 yr warranty 995 pounds (no wear and tear) or c.Go with ie Warranty Direct, 2yr policy about 900 pounds but with wear and tear included (seems to cover everything) and the diagnoses/repairs can be done at Lexus (only problem is that Lexus is 30+ miles away) Looking forward to your views,comments and advice regards
  10. Hi everyone I have just bought a low mileage (24k miles) IS250 SE-L on a 08 plate from a non Lexus dealer. Very pleased with the car so far. After 4 Lexus services the car had 2 non franchise services and certainly not the 6 year major . Lexus have offered to welcome it back into the fold with: A 2 year Essential Careplan covering 2 services and 2 MOTs for £550A 2 year Lexus Extended Warranty for £795In addition they initially suggested a major service as car is 6 years old but I balked at over £700! They have now suggested that I can have the plugs done on top of a careplan service for an extra £200 Balancing all this against a quote from a well respected independant of £295 for a major. I'm thinking getting back on warranty makes it worth going for the Lexus careplan Would welcome members' thoughts Thanks Al
  11. Gs450H Warranty Claim

    Hi all, I bought a GS450h from a dealer in April. It came with a one year warranty. When I first bought the car it would pull to the left. I took it back to the dealer and was told by the mechanic that it was a characteristic of the car. Kwik Fit then informed me that the tracking and camber were out. I recently had the car serviced from a toyota garage because it was closer and easier to travel to. The servicing report pointed out an oil leak. It is a slow seeping of oil from a seal. I contacted my Lexus dealer and they informed me that I will have to pay an £85 diagnostic charge. Is this normal practice? Bought a Car from Audi out of their bargain basement and they authorised over £2500 worth of repairs including a courtesy car. Feel a bit let down. Thought Lexus would offer better service.
  12. To anybody out there thinking of buying a used Lexus is220d I would strongly advise against it. Lexus have admitted that there is a fault with the head gasket and have extended their warranty to 110000 miles. Full credit to Lexus for doing this and all well and good if you are within this mile range before your fault happens but if you are a little over the cut off, forget about having it covered under warranty. Despite it being a known fault, I approached Lexus of Newcastle with my car having done 113000 miles. Despite being a little over the mileage cut off I had no come back. I was given an estimate of £3,500 to have the issue repaired that I would have to pay. I thought that surely since it is a well known fault, it would have been covered. Moral of the story - don't buy a second hand Lexus is220d
  13. Hi guys New to this forum and need a bit of advice please. I am thinking of a 09 IS 220d with 83k miles from a main dealer in Dublin. The thing is though there are some scary stories on this and other forums and it's putting me off a little. I have read the LEXUS UK have an extended warranty for HG issues does LEXUS IRL have a similar arrangement ? Thanks in advance Mark.
  14. Hi people, I was hoping someone could help me with my issue. As experienced by many others, I started getting the temp gauge shooting up to maximum and then coming back down. The car wasn't overheating as such, but coolant was overflowing from the radiator. Anyway, I rang Lexus Birmingham, who were very helpful and asked me to drop it in as it may be the head gasket. My car has done 108k and is just under 5 years old. They gave me a courtesy car (THANK YOU) and got onto diagnosys. It is in fact the head gasket which has gone and ordinarily would be covered under the extended warranty which a lot of us know about (for others: Lexus extended their standard warranty to 110k / 7 years due to head gasket issues). HOWEVER, it turns out that the head gasket had already been replaced in my car at 60k miles. They just rang me up and said that as such, it is no longer covered under the extended warranty because the issue had been addressed at 60k. I am trying to look at this with reason and can see their point. However, my question is how long should their repair (at 60k) be expected to last and of course, if the same issue materialises again (within the extended warranty period), should they not take ownership of this specific issue pertinent to the IS220d? I'm getting a call back from them tomorrow to inform me if they can assist in anyway, but by the sounds of the guy who called me, he reckons they won't. I've read some excellent customer service comments about various dealerships and would hope that I can report another soon but I wonder where I technically stand if they don't cover it? Although the repair was done at 60k, it has happened again and surely, if it's within the the extended warranty period, they should attend to it??? Obviously, its may bank account at stake here, so I'll by default be partial but hope some of you guys out there can help me with advice, thoughts and even more welcome would be any similar experience where the head has gone twice within the extended warranty period? I welcome all thoughts and comments and without question will feedback what happens with the dealer. Karda