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Found 36 results

  1. I have a set of 18" Lexus Alloys for sale fitted with a set of Winter Tyres - Vredstein Wintrac Extreme All four tyres have at least 6mm of tread remaining The Alloys are a Lexus OEM style and are in general 'good' condition. There are a few minor marks, there's one small paint bubble on one, and the chrome inserts have a little bit of tarnishing but otherwise they're OK. The tyre sizes are 245/40R18 all round I bought them to fit my IS250 but there isn't enough clearance to accomodate 245 width tyres on the front. I did think about replacing the front tyres but I've decided to sell Would consider splitting Alloys and Tyres Collection from Middlesbrough or could arrange a meet-up for fuel costs. Looking for £350
  2. Just spotted these for sale on ebay Set of alloys for Is250/is300h, apparently new and unused, London E3 area Nothing to do with me, just spotted them. Depending on the reserve, could be a bargain for someone.
  3. Just a quick heads up - I hope this post does not fall foul of the rules - I will be selling my new set of Fox fx004 rims soon as seen on my profile - everybody I met said they really liked them but I "just didn't " I prefered the originals a purely personal view so I have put them back on, so i now have no use for the Fox ones, they are only a couple of months old & as good as new, I have even got the chrome ( "L" ) centres for them which are included too. Just wanted to give LOC members first choice before advertising to public. So if you are interested then please message me. I will wait 3 weeks from this post before advertising elsewhere. Richard
  4. Wheels-Off Detail

    Lovely sunny weather this past weekend, so of course some detailing of the Lexus was in order. Ideally I would've liked to have put a coat or 2 of wax on my car, but I felt it was a bit too blustery for that since, a), I don't have a garage, and b), a large tree overhangs most of my driveway. Throw in some neighbours doing various DIY projects and who knows what kind of crap would be landing on my car whilst I was working. So, instead I focused my attention on my wheels since I could remove them and safely wax them from the confines of my shed, plus I was motivated by having a bunch of new products to try out on them. Before OK, so not exactly filthy. I tend to keep my car pretty clean and the wheels have only been on my car for about 6 weeks and they were freshly-refurbed before I bought them, so no months & years worth of baked-on brake dust, sticker residue etc. Nevertheless, Having been seriously impressed by the quality of their Rapid Detailer spray, I splashed out on a few more of Infinity Wax's wares over the Easter weekend when they were on offer at bargain prices, and intended to use a few of them to fully decontaminate and seal my wheels with a few months worth of protection. Step 1 was to hit the wheels with a strong dilution of Power Maxed TFR and then thoroughly rinse a few minutes later with a pressure washer. This removed a lot of the dirt present, but not all, so this was followed by a 2BM seeing-to of bodywork shampoo, delivered by some newly-acquired Wheel Woolies (sadly this was not pictured). After rinsing, a liberal soaking of Incinerate Wheel Foam was then agitated with a soft detail brush to remove anything that might still be present. The wheels were then hit with a dose of Liquid Fire, but this step proved to be quite unnecessary as only a minute amount of contamination was still present (so, not worth picturing). Still, at least this particular bleeding fallout remover has a bearable scent compared to others I have tried (Bilt-Hamber Korrosol, I am looking at you) which smell absolutely awful. At this point, I was prepared to clay and polish the wheels but deemed it unnecessary so dried them off using Sonax BSD as a drying aid and applying a coat of it in the process. Next up, an application of high-temp wheel wax. This was really easy to apply, and remove later once dried to a haze. It's said to be good for 2 months of protection. Applied Buffed Then my attention turned towards dressing the tyres... Rubber Wax applied to the inner-facing sidewall to see what type of finish it provides. Hmm, and then the outside... I quite like the idea of using a proper wax on the tyres instead of the usual sticky products, and this leaves a really neat and clean-looking finish but against really dark wheels I didn't think it stood out very well. I also tried it out on the radiator top hose and that came up a treat, so I can see me being a fan of Rubber Wax, just not for my tyres as I prefer a bit more of a sheen on my sidewalls. So, out came the Megs Endurance... Job done.
  5. I bought my first Lexus in 2014 having previously owned a Saab 95 for over 10 years. I am very pleased with the car with one exception - the ride quality is a lot firmer and the majority of roads do not offer a smooth driving surface. Does anyone else share my frustration and have any ideas to improve the comfort level. I have considered changing from 17" to16" wheels with Michelin Cross Climate tyres but am not sure what effect this would have on performance or what would be the best wheels to change to. Any thoughts would be welcome as I was planning on keeping the car for a number of years.
  6. Wanted: full set ISF 19" wheels

    Hi I'm on the search for a full set of isf wheels, good condition genuine ones with tyres preferred but would consider other options. Thanks Dan
  7. I need the advice of experts and enthusiasts, in doing something which seems to swim against the tide. I have a 2002 IS300 Sportcross. It comes with 17" wheels as standard, with fairly low-profile tyres: 215/45 R17 on the front, 225/45 R17 on the rear. The alloy wheels are scabby and corroded, and the current Michelin Premacy tyres are due for replacement. So now is the moment! Most people who change wheels and tyres seem to want bigger wheels and even lower profile tyres. Fair enough - for appearance and perhaps hard cornering. I want to go the other way. I want to fit 16" wheels (I have a set) and deeper profile tyres. The reason is mainly to improve the ride and reduce vulnerability to bad road surfaces, potholes, and the thumping of cats-eyes..... So this is where it gets complicated. What tyres do I fit? I want to change the rolling-radius as little as possible in order not to affect the speedo and odometer. I also want decent quality tyres that aren't noisy, wear reasonably well and are good in the wet (I have Falkens on my 4WD and they are horrible when it's slippery). I plan to put the same size tyres on all four wheels (I don't carry heavy loads in the Sportcross so can't see the justification for slightly wider wheels on the back). The brilliant guidance on the website includes a calculator for tyre-size options. That appears to suggest that I could fit either 50-profile tyres: 215/50 R16 or 225/50 R16, or if I wanted taller 55-profile ones, 205/55 R16 or 215/55 R16. So.... first question - what size/profile should I go for? My instinct was to choose 215/55 R16 all round, but that's a really rare size (I can only find Kumho KH31 in that size). The manufacturer alternative spec (and standard on the IS200 Sportcross) seems to be 205/55 R16. What do others think? Second question..... what brand? My shortlist is Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance, Dunlop Sport Blu Response, or maybe Hankook or Kumho. I think Michelins are too costly (I'm not a high mileage driver), and Yokohamas and Bridgestones too soft and wear out quickly. I have no knowledge of Uniroyal and little experience of Contis (except on an older Merc where they were OEM). Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated, especially from those in the trade!
  8. If anyone is interested in an affordable to get refurbished alloys done to a high standard with powder coating and over baked and painted match the OEM wheels as close as possible this is the place to go. my mate just got his done for his Merc ML and the job is very good he swears by them, I have scehduled my is250 in for next week as my current wheels as peeling and kerbed, all for wheels £288. i personally think this is a good deal compared to refurbing all 4, like for like exchange
  9. Hey guys, First off, apologies if this is in the wrong area. I recently hit an enormous pothole and damaged 2 of my IS200's aero pack 18" wheels 225/40ZR18 and replaced with Lexus 17" wheels 215/45ZR17. Since doing this the body roll going around corners makes me feel seasick. Also driving around 70 if I move from one lane to the other just correcting any movement makes it feel like it will begin sliding down the road at any minute. I noticed the tyres are different widths after I put them on but didn't think it would make this much difference. Am I missing something? Have I done something seriously wrong? I know this is probably something simple to you guys but I'm not really great with cars. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi All I thought I would get my alloys refurbished, standard 1996 alloys, but I'm concerned about the centre caps not matching following the refurb, so I rang the Lexus garage and asked if they are still available, he said yes they are, and I could hear the shock in his voice when he asked another member of staff is that really the price?!! Anyway he came back to me and told me £60 each, ok I thought let's ask how much a new set of alloys are, £266 plus vat each, that makes it circa £1500 for 4 wheels and centre caps. More than I paid for my car. (At least if you have the money you can buy them new) Anyway to manage my OCD does anyone know how or what approach I should use to get the centre caps cleaned, maybe sprayed to match the alloys once the alloys come back from refurb? Thanks, Azeem
  11. Is220 wheel advice

    Hi, i own an is220d, and need some advice. I wanted to change my alloys and was wondering if a set of alloys and tyres from an is250 or is200 wheels would fit my car? I tried looking for a decent set of is220 wheels but they are proving difficult to find . I currently have a set of 17" alloys which need a lot of TLC so was wanting to change then as I dont have time for a refurb. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi. I've just recently sold my car and am now looking to get into drifting. My choice of car is the SC300 but I'm unsure what engine to get the 1JZGTE or the 1UZ. The car will be daily driven and modified to take to the track. Whats the best pick? Also what are the common problems with both of them? It will be an auto then this summer coming I'll do a manual swap. I'm mechanically minded so will be able to fix most of the stuff that may go wrong. Any help/information about them will be great!
  13. Hi, I am looking to change these Ls460 SE-l wheels to the standard LS type, anyone know where I can get 4 off genuine 19" Lexus wheels to replace them? Alternatively anyone interested in swapping there's out for these?
  14. Hi, I am thinking to change my alloys and was wondering what is the largest size alloy you could put on the car without changing the suspension. Any help would be appreciated also if anyones got any photos of alloys they have had on their car. Thank you,
  15. eBay Wheels

    Refurbished some cheap wheels I got off ebay, can’t believe how shiny the lips have come up! Somehow they were listed as Toyota Picnic wheels.. I could clearly tell they were not OEM wheels however they do say made in Japan on the back which is a plus :) They are also half an inch wider than my stock wheels I primed, painted and lacquered them within 3hrs, curing the paint layers with a heat gun because it's been so cold. To polish the wheels I put them on the rear of the car while it was jacked up and on stands. Then with the car in 2nd gear the wheels would be spinning which made it fairly easy to sand the paint off the lips and shine them up These are gonna look sweet on the IS, just need to get some fresh tyres on them first on Monday. Before: Respray+Polished: Center cover not on in the picture but have TRD centre caps on them as I couldn't find any listings for Lexus centre stickers also the lips look way more shiny in real life
  16. I'd like to see what tyres people would recommend for my sport cross. MOT is due next week and I know should be replacing all 4 corners. I do a lot of motorway miles daily in all weathers and i'm not afraid to carry heavy loads. I'm generally drawn towards Avons as a brand, I run them on my bike.
  17. The alloy wheels on my 2005 GS300 had become corroded, and were flaking. I had them refurbished at Autowheels in Colehill (near Wimborne, Dorset). They had the car for a few days in which time they removed the wheels, removed the tyres, acid dipped the wheels, buffed and grind-ed the "kerbing", then powder coated the wheels, and finally balanced and refitted the tyres. I took the opportunity to change from silver wheels to grey graphite (just for a change). The cost was £300 cash (£85 per wheel), no vat. I'm extremely pleased with the results, and with the price. I've attached a photo of the finished job.
  18. Any Set Of Wheels For A Gs300 Gen 1

    Hi Looking for any old set of wheels for a gen 1 gs300 just while my others are repaired. Ideally a set of the se standard wheels would be perfect but obviously I don't want to shell out too much for a temp set
  19. I have recently become the owner of an white! Gorgeous to look at and great to drive (In my opinion anyway!) I don't seem able to find Lexus mudflaps for this car, anyone able to help?
  20. 17" Rota Wheel Size?

    Im looking to get some new rota grids for my is200 Im looking at 17" as I dont want to have to deal with wheel arch rolling etc Will 17" 8.5" ET30 fit the is200 without mods? or 17" 7.5" ET45 fit better? Id rather have the wider wheels but if they are gonna cause problems ill stick with the 7.5s Appreciate any input
  21. Hi guys, OK looking at my wheels this morning and quite depressed by the (traditional) dandruff effect appearing all over. My idiotic newbie question is... still sat in the drive is my Legnum, on the Legnum are some very nice newly reconditioned wheels and very new tyres. ( Which I had imported as they are a bugger to find only for the gearbox to die 1 week later!!! Grrrrr) They are 225/45/17 all round on an 8" Rim with a +38 offset (Think the Lexus wheels are +42?) . I think I'm right that the PCD is the same? (114.3) My question basically, is the extra width and offset difference going to foul the suspension or the arches ?? More concerned by the front and the offset issue tbh, as my rears are already 7.5 (Standard staggered set) Has anyone gone with a similar set up? They are off an Evo8 (Enkei) in case anyone wanted to know, not disimilar to 'Aero' wheels style wise funnily enough. Thanks in advance and for tolerating such a 'Noob' question! Cheers, Brad.
  22. Hi guys, I was looking for some winter tyres as I would like to change my 4 season Hankook Ventus tyres (they are pretty loud and I am not sure how good they will be in snow). I found Nokian tyres with Lexus wheels. Tyres are at 95% (barely used). The set is from a 450h (owner bought 19 inch wheels instead). (5*114,3mm, 7x18 wheel) Tyres are 235/60 R18 107V I am not sure they will fit my RX400h as the standard size is 235/55 R18. Do any of you use 235/60 R18 tyres on an RX400h? Thanks
  23. HELP!!! I'm trying to get to the bottom of this before speeding any money, I get a slight vibration through the steering wheel when travelling at high speed, Which seems to extend to the whole car above 90mph, this vibration increases dramatically when braking. I have had all the 4 wheels balanced at 2 different companies, the tracking has been done with the latest laser system, the tyres have been rotated and the suspension, track rods, wheel bearings etc have all been checked on one of those MOT testing machines that shake the whole car to find any play. Also the car has been put on a brake testing roller to see if the discs are warped. NOTHING!! Know one can find anything wrong with the car, yet the vibration is still there? The only advise I've had is "wait for it to get worse mate" Can anyone shed any light on this ?
  24. <p>Hi,</p> <p> </p> <p>I have recently brought a Lexus 2007 IS220d. The car is spotless except for the alloys.</p> <p>My brother is selling his BMW 3 series and will let me have the new wheels he got for it, for a tiny fee.</p> <p> </p> <p>All the information I have so far is they are 225/40/18 front and 235/40/18 rear mv2.</p> <p> </p> <p>Please could someone tell me if they would fit my car</p> <p> </p> <p>P.S. going to clean the EGR on the weekend ( thank you to all that have given instructions here) would some Redex in the fuel tank benefit this?</p> <p> </p> <p>Thanks</p> <p> </p> <p>Matt</p>
  25. Hi guys, I want to buy an exhaust system, few styling upgrades, wheels and lowering springs. Can anyone advise whats good/nice and where to buy from? Thanks in advance guys