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What Did You Do To Your Is 200/300 Today

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Is300, all belts changed, water pump changed, oil/filter changed, plus all sundry bits, purrs like a kitten, was a tad shaken on the drive belt area prior

about £450 all in, I sourced all the parts, all the fluids etc,  Very happy as Lexus wanted £500 just for changing the water pump and that’s without putting a new belt back on


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On 30/01/2018 at 9:11 AM, rich1068 said:

Try for a claim against the council before it's reported or marked for repair. I once got the price of a tyre, wheel and suspension work out of Sheffield City Council. Photos, an estimate and a polite letter and they just sent me a cheque!

[edit] Though advice here seems to suggest they have a get out if they didn't know about it [/edit]

Claim going in tomorrow! I put 10psi in the damaged tyre and it was soon obvious it had a 10mm spliit in the sidewall. Got it replaced on Friday ad had the tracking checked; amazingly the front was spot on but the rear nearside (same side as the puncture) was badly toed-out. No wonder it felt like it was wandering a bit..

I let the LOC know how sympathetic Hampshire County Council are... 

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A busy weekend but a quiet day at work so...

I'm currently a big fan of the Meguiars waterless Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere so a quick once over this afternoon



My car's also a bit of a bus for the kids at the moment so I picked up some seat back protectors from amazon. Good fit and do the job (they actually look better than in the pic)


Lastly, I thought my car was missing a bit of bling. I'd been looking for a decent tailpipe finisher but wasn't too impressed with what was on eBay. The 80mm diameter didn't help. So got out the metal polish and 15 minutes later...



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