Piggyback Ecu For Turbo Is200

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Hoping someone out there can help please.

Just had a turbo fitted, but cant get the fuelling right. the only thing you can alter is the fuel pressure. If I leave it at 3 as standard it is a bit hesitant at low revs but hives a real kick when the turbo comes in, not ideal as it needs to be smooth. if you reduce the pressure slightly it becomes more smooth but is then lean at the top end where you really don't want it to be.....

Does anyone know an ECU that works to set the correct fuelling all the way through the rev range to be smooth and safe?

thank you for your helppost-30542-0-74527400-1445061803_thumb.j

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Have a search through the IS forum, several people were fitted Superchargers and Turbos to their IS200s. Ideally you would want a programmable fuel control computer set up on a rolling road, for example a HKS F-CON.

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    • By andyk134
      Piggyback ECU on a Turbo IS200.
      Just driven back form Jamsport in Northampton where they fitted and set up the EMU piggyback ECU. A big thanks to them for getting it done in the day and their excellent service. Has come out at 261 BHP at 9 Psi and 280ft/lb Torque so safe levels for power and reliability.
      If you are still running the standard ECU on a Turbo, you should seriously consider getting it done, it is like driving a different car and by having the fuelling set correctly, a far more reliable one too.
      A really good company and knowledgeable guys too. Looking forward to getting to know the car better now.