Problem with shock absorber

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    • By braindead
      In Feb 2015 I had the front offside shock absorber of my 2007 GS450h replaced by my local Lexus dealer.
      Today - 2 years 5 month later they tell me it's leaking!!
      Anyone any idea of a definitive source of info about the expected life of these things? I'm not going to let this rest.
      Anyone used the Motor Ombudsman Service? - it seems Lexus UK are a member. 

    • By glawrie
      I've got a 2006 GS450h SE that's done about 100K. Got an advisory on one of the front shocks leaking. Lexus want £500 to put in a new one - but that'll be just the one shock and elsewhere here advice is to replace shocks in pairs - so £1000 for the front pair.
      I've tried to find alternative suppliers for the parts (which list at £315 from Lexus direct) - but seems very hard to find anyone in UK that supplies OEM or equivalent parts. There are several in the USA that offer apparently similar parts for much less (e.g. here), but model differences mean there was no GS450h offered in USA in 2006, so that part is for 2007 US spec GS450h SE.
      Alternatively, I've found a breaker in UK that offers pair from 2006 Lexus SE for £60.
      I'm sure I'm not first person to want to replace shocks on this car, but little about options in the forum threads.
      Anyone got any guidance on whether the 48520-80176 part would fit my GS450h SE, and / or knowledge of best options for sourcing replacement shock for the car in the UK?
      Thanks a lot for any help you can give!