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lexus owners - what did we drive before?

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Brilliant post - happy memories too.

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I'll have a go at this.

1974 VW Beetle 1303 - My first car. £600 and terminal rust. My dad was so taken with it (another ex-Beetle owner) that before I passed my test he used to take it to work. He even had it the day I passed my test and I had to wait for him to come home before I could drive it on my own!

1965 VW Beetle 1200 - Loved this car. This is the one I should have never sold. A Deluxe in Java Green. Saw me all the way through college, my first jobs, met my wife while I had it, had our first kiss in it :wub: I never used to give a second thought to jumping in it and driving half way across the country. At a steady 55.

A Mitsubishi Colt Mirage of unknown year. It used to be my grandad's and was a sort of beige colour. Sold it to a guy called Brian who it turned out, was a bit of a s*x pest. That's all I really remember about it.

1994 Citroen AX Dimension - Our first brand new car. Cheap as chips, we dressed up really smart the day we picked it up. Citroen were giving things away even then and the offer was a mobile phone and a contract with Vodafone. A massive Nokia which is still kicking around somewhere and my wife still has the original number give or take a 7.

An Astra 1.7 diesel estate. My first company car. Hateful.

1999 VW Golf 1.4S - Really wanted this. Loved the look of the MKIV and to echo First_Lexus, it broke. A lot. And like First_Lexus I got another one out of VW but it wasn't the same.

2003 Skoda RS - Wow! What a car. Loved every second. First car I properly went to town on. I even bought out of the lease so I could do even more stupid stuff to it :biggrin:

2006 Audi A3 2.0TFSI S-Line Quattro - Dull as ditchwater. Golf in a posh frock.

2008 Saab 9-3 1.9TiD Vector Sport - We had our first child so I had to be sensible. And bought a saloon. Idiot.

2011 BMW E91 320d M-Sport - Lovely car but rattled. So badly they took it away and gave me a...

2013 BMW F30 330d M-Sport - Again, lovely. But by then my anti-tech attitude was sinking in. Not really bothered about a car with a built in browser or adjustable suspension settings, they're all just gimmicks imo.

Mixed in with all this there have been a succession of family wagons which have all been very good. A Touran, an S-Max, a B-Max. I always enjoy the multi-seat family stuff. It's like that scene in Get Shorty.

2014 Volvo XC90 Executive - Now this car I like. It's noisy, thirsty and slow but it goes anywhere, swallows everyone and their luggage, cruises comfortably all day long and would survive a nuclear strike. I also like Volvo's desperate attempt to keep up by cack-handedly trying to add things like Bluetooth. It works but in a way that would make other manufacturers laugh at it. No piano black interiors or glossy touchscreens here, just grey plastic and dot matrix displays.

And so now it starts getting silly. I ditch diesels entirely because they're hateful and soulless and I start buying other Volvos and pretend they're for my wife when in fact she takes the XC and I drive a succession of V70s because they have silly mileage and still work. And even though all the Ford era bits are a bit **** and break you know the car will do a squillion miles and still be just as smooth and comfortable as when they were new.

Then all of a sudden I had to have this Toyota...

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Daihatsu Charade 1983 (first car, fond memories)
Renault 19 1988 (put me off French cars for life)
Mercedes Benz 190 1985 (brilliant)
Mercedes Benz E Class 1992 (brilliant)
VW Golf 2002 (first and only car I bought brand new. Made me yearn for my old E Class)
Mercedes Benz CLK 2000 (had this for eight years and 120,000 miles. Brilliant)
Smart Brabus Roadster 2004 (fun, but terminally crap)
Mercedes Benz S Class 1989 (brilliant)
Toyota Prius 2009 (company car, loved it)
Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 1998 (quite rubbish but what an engine)
BMW 3 Series saloon 1999 (good, but too small)
BMW 3 Series Touring 2002 (very good)
Range Rover Vogue 2000 (totally dreadful and put me off Land Rover forever)
Toyota Prius 2010 (brilliant)
Volvo S80 2005 (good)
Honda Accord estate 2007 (pretty good)
Lexus GS450h 2008 (brilliant)

Not sure what I’ll move to next.

The last Prius and the GS are the current cars. My wife likes the Prius so we’ll probably just buy a newer, albeit used, version of the same thing, and I’ve only had the GS since July and am loving being back in a comfy saloon with a bit of grunt. No replacement plans yet.

Whatever happens, no more Land Rovers or anything French.

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A neighbour has the Prius+ and thinks it's superb. And with 7 seats that puts it on the long list to replace the XC90 when it goes back next summer. Favourites so far are the X-Trail and Kodiaq. Unless we go S-Max/Galaxy. 

My attitude to the slightly more fragile stuff ie French, is that if you're getting new and leasing for the length of the warranty then fine. Buy them with your own money or keep them longer or buy second hand and you're taking a risk. I know there are plenty of happy owners out there but not for me.

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Fiat Uno Carb
Fiat Uno injected
MR2 mk2 (Loved this car)
Mitsubishi Galant (Jap import - very nice)
Proton something
Citreon AX
Carolla 1.4 GS hatch (brilliant car)
A4 1.8T (garbage)
Aygo (hateful but reliable and cheap)
Isuzu Denver Rodeo 

Mid-life crisis in progress.....

...... ???

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Before my IS250 I had an IS300, before that I had an IS200... which was my first car. I also drive a MK4 Supra. I poured my heart and soul into the first IS200, and I will regret breaking it for parts forever. I travelled from Northamptonshire to Cornwall to get it and the memories from that trip will be with me forever. That was also the first time I got a lesson in how bad the fuel economy is in the IS200 haha. I've never managed to get a car to handle as well as I got that to handle, it was basically on rails. Meister R coilovers, TRD roll bars, lightweight wheels and LS400 brakes. In the end I took all the bits off, sold them and had the shell crushed. Sad day. I might have to buy another one sooner or later, I still have some mods I'd like to do to an IS200, supercharging it, swapping the gear set out of an S15 6 speed into the box, 3.7 IS300 diff with a 1.5 way in it. Having something handle the way I had mine before but with 230ish hp would be bang on. 

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I'll give you a shout in a year or two. My IS300 should have done about 70k by then :biggrin:

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I didn't like my IS300 as much as I did the 200, the 2J makes the handling terrible in comparison. Much quicker in a straight line though. One of the reasons I got rid of the 300 in favour of a 250. I'm contemplating messing about with the IS250 as well; 3GR-FSE and some suspension mods should be an interesting combination. The IS300 torsen diff is a bolt on upgrade too.

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