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Hi Y'all

I've noticed that during cold start days my engine turns over and ignites but instead of getting that lovely deep engine sound I get to hear something of a 'mess'. It only lasts for about one second. I liken the sound to when the engine has already been started and you try and turn the keys again to turn it over.


Has anyone else experienced this?





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Funny you should post this - I've noticed in the past few days that mine is doing something similar. It still starts fine, but sounds a little bit different... doesn't last a second though. Maybe it's just the weather?

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Normally on these engines, you will find that its coming from the hydraulic lifters on a cold morning. The oil is alot thicker in the cold so takes slightly longer for the oil pressure to build up.

I found that the noise was greater reduced by putting a quality filter on and also swapping to quality oil. (i started using Castrol edge and the noise went)


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On 6 March 2016 at 3:31 PM, Mini-man said:

Normally on these engines, you will find that its coming from the hydraulic lifters on a cold morning. The oil is alot thicker in the cold so takes slightly longer for the oil pressure to build up.

The engine doesn't have hydraulic lifters.

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In any event, it was serviced by Lexus. I was assured the correct oil and filters were used, even though it was serviced 3,600 miles  and over a year ago - I'm not a big miler.

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      Hi everyone
      I've a quick question about my 41000 mile old 2008 LS600HL.
      Yesterday she started and gave out white smoke with some oil smell  to  it.  She sounded the same as usual and there are no warnings or anything. I'd not noticed this smoke before though I've owned her only since April. She ran just fine  for a 200mile round trip.
      Is this normal on these?
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      I've seen a few posts of others having this problem on here and on usa sites, but no one ever posts what the solution was.
      Do you guys think it could be engine mounts? car has done 180k.
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      Hi Guys,
      I have a 2004 RX300 and I am having an issue with the system reset not engaging when I remove my key from the ignition, this has been intermittently happening for around a month now, until the last 3 days when its been happening constantly.
      I take my key out and nothing happens, previously the steering wheel would retract and I would then be able to get out and lock the doors remotely, now though the rcl won't work because the system isn't resetting.
      I am guessing because its happened over a period of time that its not a blown fuse, and more than likely an issue with the ignition barrel, has anyone come across this before? help would be much appreciated.
    • By Terminator Guy

      Have you any suggestions as to why my 2002 SC430 didn't start yesterday evening ? I'm dead in the water parked up at a friends house in Barston, near Solihull and Birmingham International Airport

      The engine turns over as normal, I can smell the unburnt fuel out the exhaust. I can hear the fuel pump working etc. It gives a slight cough upon first turn of the key but will not come near firing up properly. The engine turns over at speed from the starter but without any further signs of ignition.
      The car's key is unlocking the car with the remote on the key as normal so I don't think it's an immmobiliser issue. The Battery is fully charged and turned the engine over for about 5 minutes in total during the hour I tried to start her in so there is no Battery voltage problem.

      A strong side issue is that the heater fan started to switch on and off by itself yesterday, and this morning stopped altogether on the drive home. Another thing is that the heater fan briefly turns for one tenth of a second when switching the car off, even when selected to off on the climate control screen.

      I disconnected the Battery, checked all visible fuses, pulled out the ECU to check for visible problems on the connectors like corrosion, damp etc but found none. The earth straps in the engine area all seem good, a I've pulled and re-installed all the visable engine bay fuses, but nothing improved. No big fuses are blown that I can see. The cars remains a non-starter and the heater fan still won't operate as normal.

      Lastly, the boot / trunk area seems to be quite damp so I let it open for a while to dry out tonight.
      Stuff like this is not supposed to happen to a Lexus !!

      Morning Edit:
      Now I found elsewhere after a bit of searching primarily on Clublexus in the LS430 section that the fuel pump relay will give the starting symptoms I've described, so I think I'll replace that first, but I'm still at a loss to find a cause of the heater blower fans erratic behaviour and I'm still suspicious that both issues are connected....

      I found these part number for a Fan Blower control module: 87165-22050. and this for the fuel pump relay: 90987-03003.

      I'll still suspicious that both items are related to some common point as it's like lightning striking twice for the starting and blower issue to happen within 24 hours of each other.

      That ignition key has always worked normally for 3 years now and I've never ever had an issue like this before, not even for a second. I don't think it's the key. As an aside I've only one key for this car since I've had it.... but it's as good a suggestion as any, and will be investigated in due course. The car does provide spark, but not for long enough to fire up the engine. It sparks for less than 1/3 a second and then stops again.

      My own feeling is that I have an earthing point or a relay somewhere not functioning normally. Second guess is fuel pump, fuel relay, fuel pressure regulator, etc. I've no tooling to be able to confirm any of this.

      I got a loan of an OBDII scan tool and there are no fault codes detectable by this tool stored in the ECU, I checked with those 10 pound Bluetooth OBDII tools along with the "Torque" app. The ECU seemed to communicate well with the scan tool though I have my doubts that it actually communicated at all.

      I brought the Battery close to discharged this morning after all the cranking attempts since last night and the few more this morning, so it's charging up now with a Battery charger, with the Battery earth strap disconnected.

      At this point I feel a trip on a tow truck to an independent Lexus service centre is due now.
      I've checked all the easy stuff at this stage. It's not helped by the fact that I'm currently in England but am normally resident in Ireland and I've no contacts over here and am not a member of the AA (my reasoning being that a well serviced V8 Lexus will never ever break down, famous last words ha ha).
      Any recommendations as to a garage local in the Midlands that might be able to fix her up at a reasonable cost ?

      Boring picture of her getting charged up this morning.
    • By Matthewj1268
      My IS200 ignition key is sticking badly, I have read about this as widely as I can but I have found conflicting opinion. It jammed very badly yesterday but after some wiggling and WD40 I got it to move again.
      What do you suggest?