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2 hours ago, bobmc said:

It is an SE-L, it has the wood-effect trim inside and the headlamp washers. Well spotted on the lower front damage - a point to haggle over price. Might not be too much to fix but need a better picture of the damage and get a quote first so you know what you are working with.

BTW it is not "Wood effect" it is real wood. - "Bird's Eye Maple wood grain trim made by Yamaha piano craftsmen from sustainable plantations", on the downside - it has so much lacquer that it feels plastic.. 

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5 minutes ago, Linas.P said:

BTW it is not "Wood effect" it is real wood. - "Bird's Eye Maple wood grain trim made by Yamaha piano craftsmen from sustainable plantations", on the downside - it has so much lacquer that it feels plastic.. 

I'm surprised.. I've had the centre console out and that is all plastic. 

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Yes, all the support is plastic, then you have piece of wood in the middle and thick layer of lacquer on top, so the wood is really just a slim piece of laminate in the middle. But it is not effect either aka fake wood, like in old Mecs and Vauxhalls .

Even looking from outside, you can see where wood ends and the brown plastic starts.

I am personally not fan of the wood and would much prefer IS-F carbon option, but I am not fancy applying vinyl over the "wood" either.

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10 hours ago, Linas.P said:

That is actually good question. It is indeed hard to test auto wipers, they never work so well in mist... my best guess would be - go to car wash. They usually have combination of light mist sprinkling and heavy pressure washing. Obviously, it is better to turn off auto wipers ir car wash, but I guess it is good way to check if you satisfied with how they work. You can simulate it with pressure washer as well, or as you said pouring water or rather spraying it.

Defrosters are easy to check - if equipped (standard on SE-L, but not on SE, Sport, F-Sport or SE-I), then just turn them on - you can actually see contacts and kind of copper colour wires on the bottom of the windshield. Windshield around wipers should become "warm"  ... not hot. Usually, if they don't work after windshield replacement they don't work at all.

I know all that sounds pretty much common sense, but my point - there are no specific test to do. They either work or not.

Thanks - will note for the next car. Mechanic revealed the car I was interested in had an unreported collision :( Apparently something had hit it from behind and most of the rear was repaired.

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