Wanted: Roof Rails for mark 3 rx450h, part number 0830148800

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I have just bought a 2011 RX450h and it does not have the standard roof rails, part number 0830148800, anyone have a set that they don't need or want to sell on?

kind regards,

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    • By craig430
      Having owned LSs for 22 of the last 25 years, I am considering downsizing to a RX450. Since changing to an Iphone X I cannot connect fully to my wife’s 2012 BMW X3 or my 2016 Porsche 991.2. Will a RX450h connect fully?
    • By stay_humble
      Evening chaps,
      Would be interested in hearing owners views on some observations on a RX450h I tested today at my local dealership.
      The car I was looking at was a 12 months old, RX450h Premier model. 
      There were lots of positive things I liked about the car but two things were niggling me after the test drive. The first was the Mark Levinson stereo. I tried streaming stored music from my phone which was held in a good bitrate. But it sounded 'thin', with the front central speaker (the one just under the windscreen at the front dominated the sound). I checked the settings and everything was in the default middle setting. I moved the position of the sound more towards the back, and whilst this helped it didn't sound particular good. I tweaked the bass and this just made it boomy.
      Was this just a duff stereo, or are they all like this?
      The other point was the suspension. I moved it into the Sport+ mode, and didn't really feel much difference in the suspension vs the normal setting. Still seemed a bit 'wallowly', which is probably an overly harsh description but hopefully you get my meaning. I asked the sales person about the F-Sport version and he said the suspension was the same as the Premier version when in the Sport+ mode. Is this definitely correct?
      Some of the aspects of the car were great (extended leather across the dash as standard, heads up display, active cruise control as standard), so I'm wondering about the above points to see if I can make it work as my next car (as opposed to just getting an X5 or Q7).
      Appreciate all thoughts and comments!
    • By Sandy42
      I've just joined this forum so I though I'd post my review of the 2016 RX 450h and, with luck, get an answer to a question that's been bugging me since I bought the car.
      I treated myself to a 7 month old RX450h just oven a month ago after having an (excellent) IS220D for nearly 7 years.
      The RX is just superb, really comfortable and easy to drive. Yes, the Nav. system is fiddly but I'm getting used to it and yes, the turning circle is humungous so I tend to avoid tight parking spaces.
      I doubt that the voice recognition will ever understand my Scottish accent.
      It's a pity that the Lexus software doesn't include the "voice training" routine that's included with the US version of the car though I doubt that it works quite as well as the online video I watched. Oddly shouting does help sometimes - but not always!
      So far I've been averaging around 37mpg though this has been with gentle driving mostly in the city and on fast A roads.
      The boot is a reasonable size though smaller than some similar sized cars. I can get my golf clubs (tour bag) and my electric trolley in there and that's all I need!
      The most impressive thing I've found (so far) with the car is the BRAKE HOLD function. This holds the car when you come to a complete stop so that you don't need to keep your foot on the brake. I use this all the time though, when parking the car, it's best to turn this off otherwise the car will "lurch" slightly when you put your foot on the accelerator.
      Overall then, a really impressive car with , hopefully, the really impressive reliability of a Lexus.
      Now for my question which is one that my local dealership hasn't so far been able to answer:
      Suppose you have parked on an incline with the car pointing down the slope. Next, suppose some thoughtless driver parks just a few inches from the front of the car (it happens!).
      If you now want to move your car (backwards) how do you stop your car rolling forwards when you lift your foot off the brake? (I'm assuming the "creep" from the transmission isn't enough to compensate for the slope).
      The BRAKE HOLD won't help since that only works when you are in D or S.
      Maybe the HILL START-ASSIST CONTROL would be the answer but I've not been able to get that to work on my car (or, at least, not on the very slight slopes that I've tried it on).
      One solution is to manually apply the PARKING BRAKE - but that just doesn't seem to be a great solution.
      Anyone out there with an answer to this one? 
    • By TimS320
      Test driving a couple of 450h's on the weekend at Lexus Stoke. Both standard suspension. As my budget is for an older car, 7 years or so, should I stay away from the SEL air suspension models?
      Has anyone had any problems with the air suspension, or is the ride improvement worth the extra risk?
    • By spazab
      Hi All, 
      I'm new to this forum, after scouring the classifieds on autotrader/pistonheads/gumtree I thought I'd try and put a wanted post out there after my poor choice in gumtree ad in my first post...
      I'm looking for a manual IS200, under £1,500 - ideally with as few miles as possible, FSH and cambelt to have been done at that price, but I am aware they particularly wear their mileage well.
      I'm based in Oxford and wouldn't mind travelling a little for the right car. 
      If anyone is selling in the next month or so, or knows anyone that is, I would appreciate the feedback!
      Thanks, SpazaB