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Hey guys,

So after a long time away working on my RX8 i've come back to my Lexus IS200 daily. I'm currently looking for a complete ECU diagram for each wire.

I'm looking for, 

12v ignition wire,

RPM signal wire,

Crank shaft sensor wire

Ground (Most likely use a bolt in the engine bay for this.)

I've searched online all day with nothing but gibberish coming up and dead links.

I've found countless IS300 diagrams which seem to be different. I've tested and failed.

Has anyone got a list for the 4 plugs on the top of the ECU? It would be very handy.




EDIT: After sifting through tons of pictures i think i have a part list of what i need.

Working from front to back of the car i have,

A-B-D-E plugs.

12v power seems to be from Plug A Pin 1

RPM seems to be from Plug A Pin 12

Crank Angle Sensor seems to be from Plug E pin 23

Ground most likely to the chassis.

Can anyone confirm if i'm anywhere close to the correct pins/plugs? This is all i can workout looking at random diagrams online which seem to be part complete or taken from SXE10 engines which are 100% different apart from the power.

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Has anyone got a list of ECU pinouts? It would be very handy. I've seen multiple post's around that link to a couple of places but the website/link is dead so not very helpful.

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