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Hi All, has anyone updated a rx400h nav screen and Mark Levinson hi fi to the later one which has the 'AUDIO' button in place of the 'CLOCK' button on the earlier versions?
I have a '06 RX400h and would like to update it but maybe someone out there has already tried? Any pit falls? can it even be done?

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    • By BlackLexus1
      Hoping to get some advise on upgrading my IS 250 Sat Nav. It’s a 2010 vehicle so I need to upgrade the disc. I’ve googled but have found a lot of waste of time sites.
    • By Centre100
      CT200h 2016 UK version with Premium Navigation.
      What can you do with the result of a Route Trace other than rename it, delete or confirm the start and end points?  Other than seeing the result on the map display what is its purpose?  Can it be saved as a route to use again and therefore get tailored traffic information? If so how?
      Anyone managed to find a use for it?!
    • By Philben10
      RX400h 2008 65k miles
      Have an issue that the Lexus guys say they haven't seen before.
      When accelerating hard I get what feels like a misfire. If I continue to push hard the level of charge in the traction Battery starts to drop and shows empty withing 3-4 mins. No service or error lights show. 
      On a longer journey last month I did get a service light when I felt the misfire. Lexus did the diagnostics and reset and said it was cylinder 2 slight misfire. Strangely on the journey home the misfire appeared to have gone and the car accelerated cleanly to high speed. Great I thought, its sorted. Sadly not and after 2 days the problem is back. Car drives perfectly in all conditions other than hard acceleration.
      Lexus have checked all major components and cant find an issue, so have said to continue to drive and see if an error can be forced.
      Has anyone had a similar issue or any ideas? 
    • By mk_lon
      Quick Question guys,
      I have the Mark Levinson sound system installed in my IS250 and for some strange reason I can't seem to forward any parts of my music tracks.
      There is a skip track button but no forwards, I have tried holding down the skip button but all it does is jump to the next track. 
      Anyone know the solution? 
    • By Michdude
      This is my very first post!!
      Does anyone know what is under the carpet in the rear centre passenger well in my RX400H? I have 2 wet spots that have appeared in the last couple of weeks just under the hybrid Battery vent. It's just on the bump in the floor. They are about an inch wide with an inch gap. It is definitely coming from below as there are no leaks from the sunroof or lining. I have scoured the 'interweb' and nothing on this topic. I am hoping nothing serious but certainly a strange one!! I am hoping a car breaker or anyone out there may shed some light?
      Please forward any comments to this mission should you choose to accept... Pic attached!!