help required is 220d se

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Hi guys, i have had my car since 2011and have not had any problems at all until last week, i entered an address in the sat nav and fount the voice wasn't working,also the voice recognition isn't

working. I have gone through all the usual checks and can't find anything wrong. Has anyone else had a similar problem.

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Might want to ask in the IS220 forum

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    • By Nickyt211
      Hi everyone I've recently brought a lovely 2004 rx300 se-l. It's currently running its original 2004 sat nav disc, but I wanted to look into updating it. I've checked on Lexus maps Eu and I think mine is generation 1 the disc they sell is updated to 2011 they want €125 for it. ( I believe it can only be updated this far)
      My question is can I just buy a used disc off eBay? Is there a specific one I need If mine is gen 1? This is a photo of my current disc and the Lexus Eu update.
      My disc says 86271-24123
      And this.        86271- 70v313
      P.s I have a tom tom for use if I need to go anywhere major or on holiday, but I want to update cause it's nice to have it when I'm driving. If it won't cost the earth.
      any advice appreciated 

    • By wz1
      Hello, can someone help advise where or how I can update the maps on this please? Thank you for any help in advance 
    • By MikeIvanov
      Hi everyone! I have an issue with the sat nav! When i start the car i get a white screen with message saying "please wait while the system updates!" There is no DVD in the DVD-ROM on the back where the control unit is. I have then lexus navigation cds but when i try to insert any of the three i have with the car doesnt work! It takes the cd in then it brings it back out? Any thoughts how could i cancel this update or reset the navigation to its factory settings??  Im uploading a picture of the screen i get!

    • By Dougiec1984
      Hi guys need advice urgent as poss. I've found Lexus is300h f sport but dosent come with sat nav and reversing camera. It also has the standard stereo system in. 
      Can any of the above be retro fitted like sat nav or camera??? Also is the standard stereo system poor sound quality?? Thanks
    • By mfennell
      Hi Forum
      Just purchased an IS220D 2009 model and was wondering if anyone on here knew if it is possible to get UK speed camera alerts for the sat nav ?