New IS220D owner advice required

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Hello all, 

I've just become the proud owner of an IS220D SE-L with 116,000 miles on the clock. One interesting thing i haven't investigated further is that the fuses have been removed for the heated seats and also for the ABS system. Can anyone advise why this may have been, as i intend to replace with the correct fuses as it would have been before. 

Previous owner didn't even know they were missing!


Thanks all, 


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    • By TurboDoozer
      I was changing the low beam headlight on the driver side which is a bit awkward to get to. It probably would have been easier if I had completely removed the filter housing but I didn't. Anyway, got the old bulb out, put a new bulb in and just loosely put it through the hole. I switched the lights on at this point to test that everything was working and it was fine. Now I should have put the lights off but I didn't, instead I went in to rotate the bulb to lock it in place. It fell out slightly, the glass of the bulb shattered and there was a bit of a bang. I put another bulb in and tested it but it didn't work. I tested with a second bulb and it didn't work. Turns out there is no voltage at the connector, I assume there was a short when the bulb smashed and it has blown a fuse.
      My Lexus is a IS220D 57 plate and has the type A engine compartment fuse box. According to this the left and right headlights are on the same 30A fuse, but my passenger side light is working fine. Is there another fuse somewhere that just controls the driver side? I wouldn't have thought there would be two fuses in line. Any other ideas? 
      Any help much appreciated as I can't seem to find anything online.
    • By Amardeep
      Happy new year all,
      Just joined as I'm finally glad to become an owner of a 2014 NX300h Premier, so happy with the car!
      The first thing I plan to do is hardwire a dash cam. I've found the fusebox in the passenger side footwell, but I don't seem to be able to find a detailed description of all the fuses anywhere. There are some fuses which seem to feed a variety of circuits, and some fuses seem specific to certain function in the car. Does anyone have a clue, for example, what the "ECU-IG NO.1-5" fuses actually feed?
      Also, has anyone found a grounding point/screw near their fusebox? I saw a screw near the fusebox but its screwed into black plastic and I'm not sure if it is actually grounded. I don't have a multimeter either, so before I buy one I thought I'd see if anyone here knows for sure.
    • By Daniellmoisa
      Hi! I am experiencing something that is rather annoing! I start the car and select first to drive off! All normal! Then i select second and as the revs go up just after 1800rpm there is this rattle sound that i can feel in the steering wheel and vibration! When it gets over 2000rpm it stops and then changing to third is the same going after 1800 rpm when picking up speed the vibration comes back until it goes past 2000 rpm...
      In this time i can feel the car vibrating like it struggles around this rev... all normal when 4th is selected! 
      If i rev the engine when parked i dont get that! 
      I recently cleaned egr and maf and after using shell v-power for months i put a tank of bp to see how it feels! Car accelerates and drives fine but i get that judder/vibration at that rev cound when picking up speed! 
      It is something like a BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
      Lexus is220d 2007 
    • By joelfigueira
      Hi all,
      Since it's Friday i thought lets have some fun, so who has the most miles on there Lexus IS200D?
      I am currently on 94k on a 08 Plate. 
    • By joelfigueira
      Hi all,
      winter is fast approaching what do people do to there cars to stop the windows misting up as soon as you get in the car?