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    • By hybridbatterysolutions
      Just a quick heads up - I hope this post does not fall foul of the rules - I will be selling my new set of Fox fx004 rims soon as seen on my profile - everybody I met said they really liked them but I "just didn't " I prefered the originals a purely personal view so I have put them back on, so i now have no use for the Fox ones, they are only a couple of months old & as good as new, I have even got the chrome ( "L" ) centres for them which are included too.
      Just wanted to give LOC members first choice before advertising to public.
      So if you are interested then please message me.
      I will wait 3 weeks from this post before advertising elsewhere.

    • By Prince Bob
      I'm told the tpms batteries in the sensors are all dead and it's £360 to get them coded and fitted. This sounds very expensive to me considering I have seen sensors for £25 each, unless Lexus use special ones. What's the going rate for a job like this? 
    • By BigMartin
      On my LS460 2008, I've always had one tyre that slowly deflates. It took weeks to go from 36psi down to about 28psi, so it didn't really both me too much. I just assumed it was leaking around the bead and it hadn't got any worse in 2 years.
      So, new tyres needed and fitted ..... Next drive, I could see the pressure slowly falling on the same tyre while I was driving down the M4, I lost about 8psi in 50 miles. After a few days away I had lost a bit more pressure, but not as much as I lost on the original 50 mile drive. I pumped the tyre up and drove the same 50 miles home again, losing a similar amount of pressure.
      I took it back to the tyre supplier this morning and they diagnosed the valve leaking around the stem and said they couldn't do anything with it, but if I bought a new one they would fit it for me. I drove 30 miles this afternoon and it seems to be going down faster now.
      So tonight I have changed the wheel for the spare and that should give me more time to fix this. However, after changing I noticed the two tyres stayed in the same places on the list on the dashboard (Still 2nd and 5th) - So I have to assume that they are individually coded on the wheel and not on the car. That's where my concern starts.
      I have to replace the sensor but how can I be sure it is coded for "Position 5" and appears in the right place in the list?
      Is the wisdom on a 9 year old, 60K miles car, that I should change them all now? If so, what's the best option?
    • By jabster1979
      I have just bought a gs300 and have just found out the tpms sensors were removed on every wheel when it had some 450h alloys fitted! Does anyone know of anywhere in North Wales, Wirral, Merseyside that are able to fit and programme after market sensors.... ??
      Are there any lexus specialist around the above areas??
    • By doro708
      Hi to everyone ,
      I have a Lexus Gs 450h from 2006 and recently i changed my alloys and i tried to swap the TPMS on new alloys but one of them it was really bad corroded and it snapped so i had to source another one so i have searched everywhere to find a cheaper alternative than Lexus dealers and also to match with our European frequency 433 MHz and i have found a company called RL automotive here in UK , very friendly and helpful which sell the sensors for £58.20 each including VAT and delivery which i think is pretty decent. Here is the email between me and the sales person from there :
      Good morning,

      We have two sensors that are compatible with the GS but depending on what frequency;

      TCD 1204 433Mhz £44.75
      TCD 7002 315Mhz £39.00

      I imagine that if the car is from the UK it would work on 433Mhz but it would be best to make sure.

      All prices are plus VAT and £5.00 delivery inside the UK, please provide full address details for international shipping quote.

      Many thanks,

      Wez Burns
      Sales Administrator

      Park 34 Southmead Industrial Estate
      OX11 7WB

      Tel: 01235 818 777
      Fax: 0870 850 8824
      ​After i received the sensor i just got it fitted on the new alloy and with the mini VCI and Toyota techstream i have registered in the tpms ecu and everything was fine , no more tpms light on dash.
      I have no intention to post this as an advert . It is your choice if you want to ever buy the tpms from there or not . I have just tried to help others spend less money rather than pay too much at the dealers + tpms registration .