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Hi all.

I've been away from the owners club for a little while, after selling my beloved is200 against my will, I couldn't face the pain and jealousy :)

I've just pulled the trigger on a low mileage 2007 RX400h, I've got my eyes on a dog guard (part number PZ483K212000) but I'm struggling to find the other accessory which splits the bootspace down the middle. I'd like to keep the dog seperate from the rest of the luggage (mainly the weekly food shop!)

I can find the equivalent part for a 450 and the NX. I'm hoping such an accessory was available for the 400 also. Can anyone confirm such a thing exists, photos or a part number would be even better.

It won't be an is200 but if I can keep my dog safe and travel from place to place in reliable Japanese luxury it's the next best thing :)

Many thanks




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So after further research and finding the parts sticky at the top of the forum, it turns out that  PZ483K212000 is not the correct part for the 400h.

I need the following, my local dealer has GBNGA-4G146-01 at a price which is not beyond criminal. I just need to try and find used or old stock for the divider. I'm not fussed on colour but would prefer black. Obviously I need to get the divider before the guard as if I can't get a divider I'll have to go for a third-party system (which I'd prefer not to). My other option is having something modified to fit.

Back in my IS days, someone found some mats for me in a warehouse in NL. Here's hoping! I've got an eBay search setup but if anyone has any contacts, I would be very grateful.




Dog Guard (Ivory)......................................................GBNGA-4G146-05

Divider (Ivory)............................................................GBNGA-4G147-05

Dog guard (Black)......................................................GBNGA-4G146-01

Divider (Black)............................................................GBNGA-4G147-01

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