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IS 200

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On startup lately a faint tremble was felt, and idle rpm a bit high, now  idle getting to 2000 and rough, no lights show, also the footbrake lost its power assist,  (never came across where brakes had a connection with engine)  other than vaccuum.

Got home and it died but started again, bit loath going anywhere, suspect O2 sensor/s.

Be glad if anyone can shed some light.

FYI large chip used on NZ roads (Aufull noise) produced 86Db (cell phone app) so I found a noise reducing material  (seems to have 3 layers) -  noise now 65DB, nearly civilised.



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Strange no EML showing; even if it's not something being monitored you'd have thought the cat might complain and light it up. Got to suspect coil packs, plugs or MAF initially. Might be worth doing the simplest thing first; is the filler cap sealing properly? It should his when you go to fill after running down the tank. Then, any effect if you disconnect the battery for 30 minutes?

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Solved (Well, probably)

After a bit of thinking and talking with a friendly mechanic we decided the loss of vacuum caused the engine to run lean  thus increasing the  RPM and causing the computer to dither.

Happened again today, the change in engine behaviour was noticeable now that I was on the look out for it, so, it looks like a booster replacement/service .

Have to say it fixed itself after a few minutes.

Years ago I had a strange loss of power on an SD1 and after a very long time, whilst fiddling in the engine bay i re-noticed when opening the throttle a bit the engine canted  on the mountings which in turn pulled on the vacuum pipe at the booster thus letting in air - mixture went very lean causing loss of power until the pipe resealed itself - fixed with a hose clip.



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