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    • By First_Lexus
      I had the genuine Lexus side protectors fitted on Friday, painted to match the car. I can't decide whether I like them or not. Part of me likes the fact that they break up the rather 'slab-sided' looks. The other part of me thinks they spoil the overall design and they aren't in line with the looks the designers intended! 
      Regardless, the car is parked in a work car park every day, so these are an essential to try and avoid damage. I can't see that any other members have these - thoughts? 

    • By ds001
      Had my car a couple of months now and been generally very impressed, I don't know why these cars are not more popular, a lot of car for £5,000 !
      Anyway, the boot will not open using the button in the car or the latch on the boot itself (it will open with the key)
      I have checked the switch in the glove box and I assume the fuse is ok as the fuel filler cap still works and according to the manual it is the same fuse.
      Anyone got any ideas or come across this before?
      I did take out the Lexus warranty, would this sort of thing be covered?
      Many thanks..... 
    • By Keleko
      I've got a 2012 GS450h F-Sport and I have to pull the boot lid pretty hard to close it, should it have a soft close boot like my 2008 GS450h did?
    • By Ian J. Parsley
      Just to quick queries long-term owners may be able to answer. 
      1. When I set a destination on the satnav, on both my previous IS and my wife's CT, it was not necessary to click "Start" - after a short delay to allow you to add further destinations to the route, the navigation started anyway. However, it appears the NX requires this (and it cannot be done by voice control).  
      Is this correct? Or is there a setting which allows this to be changed?
      2. The boot is automatic (so far so good), but it has to close all the way before you can lock the car. As it takes a while, I can see this getting slightly irritating.
      Can this be set so the car is locked in advance of the boot closing?
    • By Normski
      Being tempted to change the car yet again...this time the GS300 is calling :) Series 3 facelift version (the one with the indicators in the mirrors).
      Has anyone please have a PDF doc of the main brochure and/or accessories available?
      Want to source some mats, boot protector and if you can some mud flaps! Plus want to have a nosey to see what else was available...