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Boot hard to close

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I've been bothered for a while by the boot of my IS200 being difficult to close: it needs a real slamming, which looks odd given the doors close with the push of a finger. I'm assuming something is worn as I can't see any damage from an accident.

The only part slightly worn is the bracket, which is probably 1-2mm bent (see pic).

Alternatively, is there some adjustment elsewhere that I'm missing?



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Looking at that striker plate I would for the cost of around £6.00 replace it (part number 64621-53010) and then get some white spray grease on the catch.

See if the securing bolts on the striker and catch have elongated holes as these will allow some adjustment also.

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    • By andrewtayloruk
      I've just picked up my car (there'll be a longer post coming once I've got a few issues rectified) and the dealer supplied and fitted the rear dog guard (PZ483K212000) and the dog divider (PW2550E002). The divider splits the boot in half so the dog can occupy one side and the luggage the other. It attaches to PZ483K212000 which is the RX450h Full Height Dog Guard.
      You can see the divider in the image I've uploaded from Lexus.
      I was wondering if anyone had this installed already and could give me some feedback, mine appears to be too high up the rear guard, as a result, when I go over any kind of bump in the road, it rattles on the bottom supporting post. The supporting post doesn't screw in at all, it's just sitting on top of it and loose in the 'hole'. There's an adjustment collar that moves up and down the thread, but, this doesn't attach to the divider at all.
      I've tried moving the entire divider further down the rear guard, but,  at it's lowest point the brackets that fit to the rear guard can't be used due to the contour of the guard and the dividing bar.
      Very hard to describe, but, anyone who has one of these should be able to point me in the right direction.
      I'm not local to the supplying dealer or my preferred dealer and I'd like to get this resolved prior to the weekend when I need it for a camping trip. I've managed to find instructions for the rear dog guard on the tech portal, but, no fitting instructions for the divider which appears to be the issue.

    • By chr15gb
      Hi. My boot may as well have no dampers fitted, the boot slams with a vengeance unless you control it's decent until the final few inches, then drop it.
      I have had a dig around and I can't see any part numbers on either of the struts. There is a warning label with some unhelpful English but the rest Japanese.
      Ebay have plenty, but all from cars of a similar age to mine (2008) which may or may not work.
      I found http://www.sgs-engineering.com/car-boot-tailgate/lexus/is
      The problem is they only have an IS300 as the model, not an IS250. The picture looks the same but I don't know if they are identical or not.
      Does anyone know either the part number for an IS250 boot strut or know if the IS300 simply has a larger engine in the same body type?
    • By matt1982
      Hey just got an Rx400h and I am loving it and also this forum. It has already taught me quite a lot :D I was going to go for an GS450h but sadly i needed more boot storage space.
      One problem I have with it is I seem to have a bit of an issue with not being able to close the boot storage lids. They are popped open and I cant feel anything for them to latch onto. The lid has a type of hook on it but I cant feel anything below it that would seem to allow it to 'clasp' onto it to keep it down. 
      Any ideas would be great. I didn't really know what to google and I ended up just seeing a lot of boot liners and storage things.
      This isn't my car but i am not at hand to however this one shows them nice and shut :D

    • By Flutefriend
      I've nearly always unlocked the boot on my IS300 by pressing the button on the key rather than inserting the key in the lock. Recently there has been a steadily increasing delay before the lock responds, which I assume may be because the key fob battery is becoming flat. My problem is that when I insert the key in the boot barrel, the latter will not turn. I've tried lubricating it to no avail. Any ideas, please? I want to ensure that I can unlock the boot if the fob battery fails completely. 
    • By Caractacus
      Help, my spare wheel well was full of water and despite checking the seal (ok - but iv'e put a coat of Vaseline on anyway) and stripped the lid padding, i was hoping to adjust the closure mechanism but cannot see any way of doing this. Knowing Toyota thette must be a way of adjusting his, anyone know how please.  My Ls400 (1997) drives superb and looks great so i am keen to solve this, it's only problem
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