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Replacement head unit

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Sorry if this has been posted before but all my search enquiries couldn't find anything has anybody been replaced the head unit of the stereo system which has the fitted satnav unit mine has the Mark Levinson unit fitted and after a trip to  A local car stereo shop found that the replacement units are few and far between and a problem to put in have seen a replacement unit on eBay but I'm wondering before I take the plunge has anybody else replaced their unit and if so which one have they replaced it with thanks

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Assuming you are talking about 6CD changer / tape / radio section, I changed mine over literally just over a week ago. The original one in my 2006 car (part 86120-48A90) was replaced with the unit from a 2005 car (part number 86120-48610). The only noticeable difference between the 2 is the older unit can't play DVD's on the front screen - but that only works when parked so not really needed! 

I would check your radio part number and ideally replace like for like, should be able to find the odd unit on eBay (or ask on here - I was lucky enough to get mine from a fellow forum member). I understand that newer cars units have different connections at the back to the older cars.


The actual job of replacing was remarkably simple, even with a lot of faffing around took me less than 30mins - you can google video's of it but in short:

- Remove the trim surrounding the gear stick using a soft plastic lever (I used a bicycle tyre remover) TIP - lever from the bottom on each side, I tried the top and chipped a bit of the laminate off.

- Use shift lock release button to move it into drive then remove the panel with the cigarette lighter / seat heaters etc. in it. This panel can be either pushed to the side or unclipped depending how much space you want.

- Underneath the head unit are 4 bolts (I used a no.10 hex head) to remove - 2 directly underneath and 2 slightly deeper and diagonally upwards from each bottom corner. Be very careful at this stage, if you drop the bolt (or hex head) it will drop into the oblivion beneath the radio never to be seen again! If you have a magnetic hex head even better to help avoid this.

- The unit should just pull out with a gentle tug. Unplug all the wiring from the back and then reverse everything above to put it all back together again.

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Hi thanks for your reply am trying to update to a unit so can use Bluetooth and connect my iPhone am using a belkin cassette adapter at moment but find have to really up the volume will do a search and see if there is a factory fit unit I could use have seen some of the vids about removal and some other posts about how the heater system quits when head unit replaced the car audio shop I went to has been around for decades and the guys know there stuff and didn't even know of a suitable adapter they could fit ? Thanks again Bob

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I think Bluetooth adapting can be done, though seems it may not be the most simple / cheap thing to do - this thread that I read a while back has some information / links on it you might find useful:


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Hi looked at the post and have seen a unit in Bassjunkies which should do the trick thanks

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