GS 300h engine problem

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Time ago I began to feel my car vibrating, especially at low revs. Driving another car with same engine confirmed this, older IS 300h was much quieter. I've noticed my car's engine start up is much harder than before, it feels like there is some resistance. Usually i drive only in urban areas, speeds below 100km/h. Today i drove on a highway and  it was really problem to keep 130 km/h. My car for sure has lost a lot of power, or there really is some part making serious resistance in the drivetrain.

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hi Rado , I had the same feeling that something was holding me back . I did a few checks and came up with the hold button was active even when I had set off,[I thought it self released] I pressed the button again and the car speeded up ?. I tried it again same thing. don't no if yours will react the same but worth a try  

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It looks like hold button is not in game, as I don't use it. I've checked it but it is not source of problems. I'm thinking about something like Dual mass flywheel, but I'm not sure if this car has such part.

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