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radio cutting out after 10 minutes

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hi all,

I started to encounter this problem yesterday.

the radio cut off after 10 minutes of playing yesterday.   I left it overnight and this morning it was working. then after another 10 minutes it turned off.

here are some observations:

radio plays, receives radio stations, volume works. speakers work but after 10 minutes shuts off

no power

after turning radio on and off light around on off and vol comes on, but no sound, cd also does not work at this point, does not load when you feed CD in

any ideas?

thanks in advance



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It sounds like a poor electrical connection breaking down when the unit warms up, could be a dry solder joint.

Have you tried gently tapping the head unit when the fault occurs to see if this restores operation?

Not sure where the amplifier is located onthe IS250 but appears to be in the side of the boot so if you can access this also give it a tap and waggle the plugs to it.

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thanks steve, driving home yesterday I put the radio on. after 10 minutes it cut. I happen to see a friend whilst driving, I pulled over and had a chat. after 5 mins the radio just came back to life ! it stayed on for the duration of the conversation and the journey home! i'll monitor it again today. I might pull the unit out and check the connections are seated properly


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hi all


just to close this thread. issue resolved. the power connector was not seated in properly. all working fine now

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