Lexus RC-F GT3 in International GT Open

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First off, mods I'm sorry for so many new posts; I'll stick to one for each series from now on.

Anyway, for a number of pathetic reasons, I have completely forgotten the International GT Open series this year.  Suffice to say, I've missed both of the two-race meetings so far - Estoril and Spa-Francorchamps - the first of which marked the RC-F's debut in a European international series (if you know what I mean). When I watched GT Open last year, it was a pretty small grid lacking variety but it was a nice surprise to see that in 2017 it is much improved. The grid will be 28 cars this weekend; no match for the Blancpain GT Endurance series, but pretty healthy none the less. And with the notable exception of the Audi R8s, most of the current GT3 cars are present. The field is immeasurably improved of course (!) by the presence of the 2017 débutante RC-Fs, one each for Farnbacher Racing and Emil Frey Racing, two very experienced teams. 

If like me you need to catch-up on the season so far, you can watch full coverage at the GT Open YouTube channel. But if you only watch one, watch Race 2 from Spa; anyone who has watched racing from that magnificent track will know how the Ardennes weather can enliven a race in the blink of an eye. I'll steer clear of letting slip any spoliers! 

If you can't wait to find how the Lexus did, the official site is here.

So to this weekend and the series has its third race of the year at Paul Ricard. Now, I'm assuming they will be using the same circuit layout as the Blancpain series have used in the past it should suit the strengths of the Lexus, as it has the similar front engined Bentley and Nissans before. If that's not the old Murray Walker curse, I don't know what is! Live streaming should be on the YouTube channel.

Good luck, Lexus!


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Many thanks for the GT Open Links have been looking for that. Mike.

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It's Round 4 of the International GT Open season this weekend at the Hungaroring. As usual, there will be two races, one today and one tomorrow. Live coverage is available on their YouTube channel at:

Saturday 01/07/17 15:00, Race 1

Sunday 02/07/17 13:00 Race 2

After a stunning start to the season, it was back down to earth with a bump at Paul Ricard for both the RC-Fs. Current free practice times (available on the GT Open home page) suggest it might be another tough weekend for Lexus, but you just never know, even if it is notoriously difficult to pass at the Hungaroring.

Also this weekend of course it is The Goodwood Festival Of Speed, with their live stream here. I'm sure there'll be at least the LC500 in the supercar run up the hill.

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It's the final round of the 2018 International GT Open series this weekend at Barcelona, Spain/Independent Republic of Catalonia. News and live timing is available on the official website while you can stream live qualifying and both races (one of each today, one of each tomorrow) through their YouTube channel

Emil Frey Racing - one of the two teams running the new GT3 specification RC-Fs -  are in with a decent shout for overall honours. Qualifying for race one has just finished with a strong showing by both Lexus teams, securing P1 and P4 on the grid for this afternoon's 70 minute race, due to start 1500 UK time. Pole by a scant 21/1000ths from the two Imperiale Racing Lamborghinis but I have a feeling the Lexus is kinder to its tyres and its driver over a race stint.   

Forza Lexus! (if that's not an unforgivable mixing of motoring cultures)

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    • By gdh300
      Finally! Apart from the curious 24h Dubai, its seems ages since any sort of motorsport action. And Lexus are in the first big race of the year, the Rolex 24 at Daytona this weekend. Qualifying is taking place as I write this post with 3GT Racing running - as they did in 2017 - two RC-Fs in GT3 spec in what IMSA categorize as 'GTD'. Cars 14 and 15 have strong driver line-ups (with some familiar faces from Blancpain and GT Open) in Kyle Marcelli, Bruno Junqueira, Dominik Baumann and Philipp Frommenwiler in #14, and David Heinemeier Hansson, Jack Hawksworth, Dominik Farnbacher and Scott Pruett in #15. Live streaming will be available at but as multiple category racing - with GTD the slowest - you'll need to be patient to catch sight of the electric blue Lexus. Hopefully though, they both be running for the full 24 hours each so plenty of opportunity... You can see catch some of the atmosphere from 'The Roar Before The 24' here on YouTube and an article on the Lexus Blog here.
      Elsewhere, Emil Frey Racing will be competing (probably ) in the GT Open series they did so well in last year, although they may be planning an assault in the Blancpain series. It's too early to be certain just who will be running the GT3 Lexus in Europe as both series won't be starting until April; more on those in due course.
      Also starting in April will be SuperGT in Japan with Lexus represented (as reigning champions) by the GT500 spec LC500s, and hopefully by GT3 spec RC-Fs in the GT300 category.
      Those of you looking forward to the rumoured LC500-F might like this article detailing the lightly modified LC500 that will compete in the ADAC 24H of Nurburgring. Will the road going version get that big rear wing, I wonder? 
      Finallly, next weekend is the hugely enjoyable Bathurst 12 hours, unfortunately without any Lexus involvement but always worth a look. Live streaming should be on their website. 
    • By gdh300
      Well, after a encouraging weekend at Silverstone (my GT Open fanboy post is here) an announcement on Wednesday by Emil Frey has got me more than a little bit excited. And as Lexus enthusiast, I think you should be too! In a nutshell - out of the blue - the Lexus RC-F will be competing in the next round of the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup at the Nürburgring.
      It's exciting for sure, but let's not get carried away and keep expectations down, much as Emil Frey are doing themselves. It looks very much a 'fact-finding exercise', but also a barely-disguised sign of a realistic intention to join the party full-time next season. Thus far, Emil Frey have exclusively concentrated on the Blancpain GT Endurance Series in 2017 with the ageing XK8, so you have to think may be the RC-F will be bound as a replacement for the Jaguar in the three hours races, rather than a permanent fixture in the 60 minute sprints (even if it aligns more closely with the GT Open series).
      Meanwhile, concentrating on the race at hand, the Balance Of Performance / Nürburgring combination will probably - on past performance - favour the mid-engined cars, specifically the plethora of factory backed Audi R8s (Audi being the only manufacturer named as a sponsor of the Sprint series, no comment required). The switch to Pirelli rubber will doubtless stymie the RC-Fs performance, but it will be fascinating to see how they measure-up against the best GT3 teams in the business. Albert Costa is an undoubted star, but his pairing with the mega-experienced and rapid Stéphane Ortelli shows commitment by the team, and likely hints at the long term retirement of the venerable XK8. 
      Live streaming will be at GT World. Forza Lexus! (or the Japanese equivalent...)
    • By gdh300
      I promised the mods I wouldn't start yet another Lexus motorsport thread, but I think this weekend's events warrants a renegement for us UK residents, namely... Lexus will be racing at Silverstone this weekend! 
      The GT Open series - after a bit of a break - returns for round five (of seven) this weekend at the famed old Northamptonshire/Buckinghamshire circuit. The two teams running a pair of RC-F each - Emil Frey and Farnbacher Racing - have been testing at Barcelona recently so the expected cool conditions at Silverstone should prove a contrast. However, the Balance Of Performance formula will have been reassessed before a wheel turns for free practice on Friday, and hopefully things will favour the RC-Fs a little more than has been evident in recent races. High speed corners at Silverstone may well play to the Lexus strengths if the pattern of the early season can be repeated.
      As is normal for GT Open, there will be two races this weekend, one on Saturday (70 minutes), one on Sunday (60 minutes). Both days have a qualifying session for the GT3s and support races of Radical European Master and Euroformula Open. Tickets are a bargain £15 for Saturday and £26 for Sunday; a ticket for both days on the gate costs £30. Of course, if you can't make it, there will be extensive streaming on the GT Open YouTube channel.
      I will be there both days, waving a flag for Lexus; may be see some of you there.