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Recommendation for the best OBD Dongle for Hybrid assistant required. I got a cheep one from amazon and it looks like it doesn't work with Hybrid Assistant. I looked on their website and the one recommended is £100 and I don't fancy shelling out that amount of cash, especially as I need two, One for the Yaris and one for the Lexus.

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    • By mep
      Hi everyone. It's not Xmas but might as well be.
      I had a problem with a worn rear wheel bearing. The car had been used to tow around an exhibition trailer in its early life and at 175,000 miles started to complain. I'm not complaining as 175K miles is still good value. To look at car is immaculate inside and out. Still gives 40MPG and I am still in love with car after 7 years of ownership.
      Changing the bearing I managed to damage the ABS sensor: and when trying to remove the broken sensor, I damaged the sensor ring. To make matters worse, thinking I could repair the ring, I removed the sensor ring.
      Duh! What was I thinking.
      The friend, whose garage I was using to do the work, suddenly needed his garage and so I had to move. I drove the car home and parked up.  On the way home. No Speedo. P/S Red light on even though power steering feels okay.  ABS light on. Engine light on. VSC complaining.
      So now I have a replacement hub, with ring, new ABS sensor fitted and all on the car.
      But all the lights still on.    I have tried removing the battery over night.  All lights still on except Engine light.
      Any one with any thoughts before I troll off to my Lexus dealer who will want more money than they value the car at to plug in their OBD reader. 
    • By Mybikes a cx500
      Seems like I got the basics in the title, after a weeks holiday I came back to a flat battery, it is 4 years old, so perhaps past its best, but I investigated and there is a 140ma drain with the car locked and alarmed, and left for 20 minutes with the bonnet lock closed with a screwdriver, but the bonnet up.
      Pulling fuses makes no difference except the OBD fuse, which drops the drain to a more reasonable 50ma.
      I also get a few beeps from somewhere in the engine compartment when I pull this fuse.
      So what is on the other end of the OBD fuse? I assume an OBD cpu, I will start looking this up, but anyone who has been here before, I'd be glad of any assistance
    • By munkinutz
      Hi guys, new to the forum and the Lexus club...
      I am having an issue with my 1999 IS200. I bought the car around 2 weeks ago and everything was running smoothly up until a couple of days ago.
      I went to go out in the car and have lost acceleration, the engine management light is on, TCS light is flashing and my scantool is giving me error code P1633: ECM Malfunction (ETCS Circuit). I have tried clearing the code but as soon as I start the car the fault code comes back.
      I'm hoping someone can shed some light on what might be going wrong. Has anyone else had this problem and has anyone managed to solve the problem? I have googled for hours and hours but can't seem to find any kind of guide or information on how to solve this issue.
      I hope some one is able to help and apologise if this has been discussed in a previous thread.
    • By kela
      Hi all,
      I join this forum in desperate search of information...
      My beloved IS 200 worked like a charm for over ten year, and suddenly failed while idling in the traffic jam.
      The engine vibrates as if it were unbalanced. The check engine light is on.
      I've plugged an OBD2 reader and all I can get is a P031C code.
      I've searched the net and found nothing helpful. Nothing either in the IS200 Diagnostics manual from Lexus.
      Does anyone have a clue?