Sounds of Creaking Rubber Over Bumps

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I recently had all my wheels off to do a brake check/lubing.  I jacked up on the sill and allowed each wheel to hang on the suspension one at a time to do this. 

Since then I have an awful creaking over speed humps. I wonder, should I not have let the suspension hang for whatever reason? Is there a particular bush that may have been damaged? What might be a remedie?

Thanks guys,


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It's perfectly acceptable to let it all hang out. 

The suspension doesn't take much to resettle and I wonder if some grease or dirt has been dislodged and moved where it's not welcome.

You don't mention your mileage and if or when any suspension work has been done.

It may disappear or might have unsettled a worn out bush or joint. 

My wife'a car developed post MOT a dreadful clatter front end. Dutifully I removed the front wheels and did a visual inspection, pushed and pulled, spun the discs and saw nothing amiss.

No more noise. Bonkers.

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She's an old girl with 154000 miles on her. I replaced the front anti roll bar bushes a few months ago but that's all. All was well after that. The creaking came immediately after I had lubed the brake pad carriers and sliders. Most annoying.

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