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It's time to say goodbye to this channel and move next door - my blue NX300h F-Sport arrives on Tuesday evening to replace my black IS300h Lux.

Fingers crossed!

I'll of course pop by; and am always happy to answer any queries about the IS - I warmly recommend it; we just needed something a little bigger.

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Congrats on the NX, nice to hear your staying within the fold :)


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The NX F-Sport is an absolute thing of beauty. Glad you are not leaving the brand! Hope you enjoy the new car

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Very kind both!

I really like the brand, so there was no fear of me leaving really. I considered a facelifted IS and in madder moments even an RC, but the NX seems the sensible family option. 

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    • By joelfigueira
      Hi all,
      can an anyone recommend a good replacement gear knob for is220d. Got quoted from Lexus £150 quid for a new one. Just wanting to know if anyone has replace there’s and if so what with.
    • By Lexatlast
      Just joined up having had our first Lexus (coming from years of Mercs & interesting Customer service!) for 4 months.
      I want to get a Dash Cam fitted and have been told by our local dealer (Tunbridge Wells) that they only fit it to the cigarette socket.
      My question is this, should it be wired via the fuse board so that it is powered constantly?  We have had the car scratched several times & would like to be able to pick up movement near the car when parked up.
      The car is great (NX300h Luxury) but there seem to be very jealous people out there.
    • By Ian J. Parsley
      I'm not keen on car reviews really but Carwow's do have an interesting aspect of "five likes and dislikes", which are often fun and quirky. 
      If we maybe limit it to three for each model, what are ours?
      For my recently handed over 3rd generation IS, I would say...
      The boot lid is just awful; a big thing you have to slam down, often with a double dose of elbow on the way. Not premium!
      There are too many similar buttons in the centre, so you really have to look (for example to check you're clearing the windscreen rather than turning on the rear demister).
      The parking sensor on notification on the dash appears on the main display but to one side, leaving it asymmetrical and torturing anyone with even a hint of OCD...
      The turning circle is outstanding; this is a shorter car than most of its rivals and when it comes to U-turns, well, these are U-turns rather than three-point turns...
      One of the USB ports works as an ideal key holder - stick a USB stick on your house keys (and your car key in your pocket), leave them here, and you'll never lose them (and you can play music or transfer routes to your nav while you're at it).
      The change in dials in sports mode is just cool!
      Over to other owners...
    • By Ian J. Parsley
      I'm not keen on car reviews really but Carwow's do have an interesting aspect of "five likes and dislikes", which are often fun and quirky. 
      If we maybe limit it to three for each model, what are ours?
      For my NX after 1000 miles, I would say:
      The auto tailgate is unbelievably slow, meaning I am always far enough away from it upon closing that I need the key to lock the car (rendering the keyless bit pointless). 
      The remote control for the infotainment is too keen to think you are swiping and pinching when you are merely moving. 
      The front pillars are too broad, limiting visibility at corners. 
      The nav distinguishes between expressways and regular dual carriageways, which may be useful in unfamiliar locations but in particular shows a fine attention to detail. 
      The adaptive cruise control maintains current speed until you straighten up - this is an excellent detail as it enables you to follow a car on windy roads without attempting to speed back up to the straightaway speed. 
      There is a beautifully finished handrest in the centre console. 
      Over to other owners...
    • By Ian J. Parsley
      My household is theoretically the owner of three current Lexus models until the end of the month (see signature). I thought I'd do a brief review of each on the relevant thread, essentially aimed at helping people considering.
      This is the current (pre-impending facelift) NX300h F Sport with premium nav.
      This gets it most of the good stuff - sport styling/leather, radar/sensors/pre-crash, auto tailgate, electric adjustment on steering wheel and seats, and so on. Missing are some of the safety aids such as HUD and BLIS, and I have no sunroof of any kind. 
      The interior will divide opinion. I think it is superb, but I can see why others are less enthused. 
      Firstly, there is quality everywhere. There is plenty of leather and some excellent padding all round. Nothing in here feels cheap at all. No one would dispute that. 
      Secondly, I like the way the driver's side feels like a cockpit. Unlike most SUVs (including the RX), the centre panel is set inwards, essentially enveloping you (and mimicking, cleverly in my view, the basic outline of the grille). 
      Thirdly, there are some nice touches (like touch sensor light switches), some pleasant touches (like knee padding), and some frankly bizarre touches (like a centre console cover which, when lifted out and turned over, is also a mirror). 
      I also have the Qi charger - adaptors to enable the iPhone to work on this typically cost less than a tenner. 
      Again, this will split opinion. Some will suggest it looks like any modern Japanese SUV. Some will suggest it is a literally outstanding proposition. Needless to say I'm in the latter, particularly with the F Sport.
      The auto tailgate is slow, but can be stopped with any of the buttons depressed briefly. It is useful that the car can be locked or unlocked via any door, but why not also the boot?
      It looks pleasant from the back, outstanding from the side, and like a Samurai from the front. Take your pick!
      A bit of a niggle here - the logbook still hasn't arrived so I cannot register it on "My Lexus", thus the premium nav still isn't working despite the fact I'm paying for it. Ugh!
      Let's not get too upset, but it is true infotainment remains a weak link for Lexus. I am still not yet comfortable with the laptop-mouse-style controller, which is too easy to depress. That could, seriously, be a deal breaker for some. 
      That said, there are a few nice touches; for example, the Nav now distinguishes between an outright expressway (a dual carriageway with left exit only) and a regular dual carriageway - that is potentially quite useful. The screen is good quality too, although gathers dust too easily. 
      One really good point is the audio. This is not ML is the F Sport but it has extra speakers and is really good, even in the back and even over Bluetooth. Although I believe the car lacks volume control, it barely needs it.
      This has been a very pleasant surprise. Certainly I miss the IS's turning circle and its comparative pace, but the NX is absolutely no slouch and I find it almost as good. The steering is direct, the ride is smooth (even if bumps do cause too much of a crash in the F Sport), and bar the odd mis-step the radar cruise is sublime (I have managed 20 miles using only he steering wheel and cruise lever with decent consumption levels).
      It is too early to say but this thing feels like it is built like a brick. I am currently on around 37mpg (over 40mpg since last fill, mind, so I'll keep watching that!)
      The truth is I wondered about this car at the start because it is so different and there were so many aspects to get used to. 
      However, with 1000 miles on the board I am now totally enthused. Getting the premium nav working would complete the set and, assuming it operates as it did in the IS, I would have no hesitation in recommending at least a test drive.