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OK, which of you hooligans was it?

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Come on, who was it? Anyone here? :biggrin:

I've found myself watching these dashcam compilations like hazard awareness training videos; always something to learn. Like (if you don't know already), keep away from BMWs, Audis, VWs and "sh*tting Peugeots!". Lexus drivers hardly ever appear, Drift Kings excepted... :wink3:.

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LOL this entertained me whilst I was walking the dog. Approx 8:20 for the hooligan Lexus. :smile:

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    • By olliesgrandad
      Well at last the V5c arrived today for my new toy and I wasted no time in going online and allocating my private plate to my GS300h. A quick phone call and I was at Lexus Cheltenham where they swiftly made up and fitted a new set of plates gratis together with supplying a free touch up paint set. I have now been able to register the car on the  online portal and see the full history stored. When I have a bit of time I will go through it. 
    • By wezsleigh
      Hello im looking to get install a turbo into and IS200 and looking through this forum and various other forums I've not really found a clear answer to my question. Can you just install a turbo onto the is200 without having to buy this £2300 kit? For example, could I just change the manifold and install a turbo without having to spend all that money. I understand that some stock internals may need to be upgraded however e.g. flywheel, manifold and such. 
    • By joelfigueira
      Hi all,
      Has anyone updated there factory SATNAV to the latest version? Without having to pay a fortune for the disc does anyone know where best to get hold of one??
    • By Ian J. Parsley
      It's time to say goodbye to this channel and move next door - my blue NX300h F-Sport arrives on Tuesday evening to replace my black IS300h Lux.
      Fingers crossed!
      I'll of course pop by; and am always happy to answer any queries about the IS - I warmly recommend it; we just needed something a little bigger.
    • By olliesgrandad
      Well I've recently got my F sport back. Had its first MOT today at 28,500 miles. Over the past few days I noticed my dealer in Cheltenham had a 2015 GS300H Luxury for sale with 11,000 miles.
      To cut a long story short drove it this morning and did a deal on it. . was pleasantly surprised to find that although not advertised it had the Mark Levinson sound option.
      Hopefully picking it up Friday. Must say the ride and seats are much softer than my IS which is my main reason for changing now and not in a few months time. I have been getting backache for a while and am hoping the softer seats and ride will help.
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