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23 hours ago, rob_clio172 said:

Ah yeh you checked him out? Top man he is, that is sound out of this world. Thing i love about his channel is his videos from the 1st one he did are very indepth and show you so much, where as some people try to hide things or just not speak about them

Yes, that's it exactly, it was very easy to become absorbed in the videos. No ego trip, just proper enthusiasm, great explanation and very well crafted. Thanks for sharing. It takes me back to Soarer days and weighing up the idea of a 2JZ-GTE conversion. I wanted an Aristo to tweak too but settled for a GS430 whilst owning 2 Soarers and the itch for massive power faded. I think I'm completely over the need for speed now, the last car I looked at to replace the SC was a plain old RCF.

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Time for an update.

After setting up the bass drivers in the rear, the music system is beginning to sound pretty good so it's time to take it up a level with some Focal 3 way door speakers that I've had laying about for far too long. I did think about creating some door builds but instead will try to use the original positions and hide the focal mids and mid bass drivers behind the original ML covers. 


Examining the speaker positions within the door. The mid bass is an oval 6 x 9.



The tweeters and mids are attached to the door by metal brackets


Gathering together a few mounting brackets and spare tweeter housings. Prepping for a weekend install.



The 6.5 mid bass need an mdf baffle fitment and will no doubt shake the door so requiring some sound deadening.


First job complete, with a bit of a hack, the tweeters fit into the original pods.




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ICE forming.....the mids were going to sit behind the ML grills but they were recessed too far back so I'm now in the process of trimming the door panel to accept them.




Getting them in at the right angle, tilted slightly in and slightly up in equal measure, left and right 



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Thanks Rob, it's almost there. Took a quick look at the inside of the door this afternoon to see how much more sound deadening is required and also how much clearance there is for the mid bass magnet at the bottom of the door with the window down. I don't think there's quite enough to allow an enclosure to be built whilst retaining the original door trim speaker grill but it's close so I may try. A well secured and isolated mini bass box within the door might make a significant difference to the levels of unwanted door vibration.

Turning attention away for the ICE, I'm itching to add an X pipe into the exhaust system to help with the scavenging and flow and remove the last remaining restriction in the system. Science suggests a slightly bigger bore X may increase the power but there's no evidence of that for the SC that I can find, even in the states where a few owners are running PPE headers. My original target was anything over 300 bhp but having reached 307 I'll try for 315 bhp,  Low numbers compared to where you're heading but quite exciting for an SC430 with a 3UZ.:smile:

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In the course of rapidly re-assembling the car in time to attend the Kemble Grand Tour - RAF Cosford meet yesterday, I didn't record the process but here are a couple pics.

Building MDF speaker pods for the mid bass drivers and trial fitting them to check for clearance to the door glass in its lowest position. 85060.thumb.jpg.6f53b4ddf31dd12ea9e9c75b578fabd8.jpgRe85061.thumb.jpg.35588fecb7d0c20a0e0cba342b11e55d.jpg 

Refitting the door cards. The tweeters were a very tight fit but they are in, secure and working, without the need to add any further fixing. Not the most subtle of installs but when I have time to set it up properly, I think it's going to sound okay.



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